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Very clean theme, GLWS PT ! ;)

Peter Zickler

Thx, you too Peter! ;)

sukses gan buat template Wp nya, bersih n mantap…

sipp. hehe thx ;)

Clear and Crisp theme, good luck with sales mate :)

Clean. Sukses, mas!

terimakasih, matur suwun, tengkyuu..hehe

Your theme has good potential :)

Mangstraaaappp bror!

Glad you made it, welcome to Themeforest. BOOM !


Nice theme…Small and unimportanat detail but on your preview image browser address is google :) Not your page address.

aaahhh…thx a lot for ur correction, this is our debut on TF, bit of a hurry and we forget to notice those small detail :(

Amazing!!! The only issue I see is every time I load a new page… the menu appears in a list before revealing the horizontal menu once the page loads. Is it possible to make it load the menu first?


nice theme!

there is a problem with the menu, while the page loading i see the menu unstyled for 1 sec.

i see somebody already said that.

Hi I am having trouble with your theme, how can I contact you?

Hello Sandy, for support you can contact us at :, really really sorry for long reply because currently we’re in the process of returning from the “hiatus” TF activity :)