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Very creative. Nice job.

great work 5* it was very easy for me to customise and i have almost no prior html knowledge. Plus its looks very nice.

Thanks guys :) I appreciate it.

@sonicsight, if you have any problems at all mocking up your version of this template, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

very nice graphics ;)

Is the phone number on the red sign customizable, or is that part of a header image?

The phone number image is separate from the sign itself, so you can write whatever you want (doesn’t have to be a phone number). The only reason the text is an image in the first place is the perspective and angle of the sign. However, the instructions for modifying that part are in the final file, but feel free to contact me if you have any problems customising it. If you have real problems tell me what the text is in an email and I’ll send you your custom sign text image.

Very creative design. great work! flips keep it up.

this looks very nice

Cheers guys, I appreciate the comments. Got more templates on the way, Just can’t find the time :)

Hi – i love your template- but i am having a big problem in internet explorer7. when i load a page – it shows me a sort of ‘site map’ first – and then goes to the page. almost like its not loading the css fast enuf.

the site looks fantastic in firefox and google chrome.

please help! thanks so much!

@MzCayotic, I’ve seen your email, reply has been sent, cheers.

Hi Flips, just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic “after sales service” !! and yip, its my laptop ~ nothing to worry about from your side. thanks again for the help.

Could you modify the sign in the ground for me to a real estate sign?

@centralcoastfun, please send all change requests through my contact form on my portfolio, thanks.


how do i change the links? i need different text to those given



Hi Luke,

Sorry for the late response I’ve been away. If you have photoshop you can use the included PSD to create more navigation items if not I can do that for you, just send me a private message with the exact text (and case) of each one that you would need.

Thanks, Jim