Summer: Simple and Clean Ghost Theme

Summer is a Ghost theme which is very simple, clean and beautiful.
This theme is good for any blog.

Post covers animations

You can change animations type. You can choose between 4 types:
  • fadeout (default – no need to add tag name) Example: [demo]
  • push (add ‘push’ tag name) Example: [demo]
  • sliced (add ‘sliced’ tag name) Example: [demo]
  • simple (no animation – add ‘simple’ tag name) Example: [demo]
More info: ..and in the docs


Main Features:

You can set post image covers by using only Ghost narkdown editor just place something like this: ![cover-image](http://path-to-your-image.jpg)



12.03.2015 (v1.6.1)
- important bugfix mentioned in comments

07.03.2015 (v1.6.0)
- Ghost 0.5.9 adjustments (custom navigation:
- Ghost 0.5.10 ready
- problem with z-index fixed (mentioned in comments)

07.02.2015 (v1.5.2)
- problem with blog title on static pages fixed (mentioned in comments)

02.02.2015 (v1.5.1)
- Ghost 0.5.8 adjustments (tag posts list image covers)

02.01.2015 (v1.5.0)
- Latest Ghost version ready
- Search engine
- Reading time indicator
- Recent posts list
- some fixes

27.10.2014 (v1.4.1)
- Ghost 0.5.3 adjustments
- Foundation 5 update
- Better Code Highlighter

03.10.2014 (v1.4.0)
- Ghost 0.5.2 adjustments (post covers by settings panel)

01.09.2014 (v1.3.0)
- more posts covers animations (you can turn it on and off them on particular posts)
- code highlighter
- general fixes and cleaning
- docs update
- simplified turning on and off posts animations on index page

11.08.2014 (v1.2.0)
- Ghost 0.5.0 Multi-User ready!

29.07.2014 (v1.1.1)
- width variables in _settings.scss (on big screens) for content and images (post view)
- added missing foundation initialization 
- turning on and off index posts animations 
- documentation update

21.07.2014 (v1.1.0)
- simple post view - you can now disable animated post covers in some of your posts by adding 'simple' tag (simple tag will not be visible on tags lists)
- index page small changes
- Foundation update