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What links are broken in this second to last release mentioned in the comments above? If it is the custom navigation, that seems to be working for me.

There was a problem with post views other than default ‘fadeout’ animation type. It is fixed now.

Can you specify the actual files changes so I don’t have to update all files?

Hmm, there was some changes, it could be hard.. Can you read from raw git commit changes file (git diff)? I could send you that kind of data. Send me an email through my contact form.

You add the tags in the markdown (edit section) or as a tag post?

where do you establish the tag for the animation? where you write your content or in the post’s tag like “music, lifestyle”

You need to add special tags when you are editing your post (standard procedure). Logic is done in JavaScript and in Ghost templates (.hbs files).

I’ve noticed a strange behavior on my site (and summer.pxt.be as well) when viewing the site using Chrome on iPhone 6 & iPad. On the home page, only the first post loads. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and then back up to the top for them to display properly (most of the time).

Hi, I will try to test it soon. Thanks.

Hello. Love the theme – but just a few questions. First – I seem to have an issue with header images on posts. They are only showing at the top 50% of the screen, the rest remains white. I have a feeling it’s due to the fact I’ve changed the default animation type to intro-effect-sliced in post.hbs, but not sure. Any ideas?

Also, the first line of any post is standard text. All subsequent lines are bold, with the code suggesting that each paragraph is wrapped in quotations (they’re not in the editor). Is this something by your design, or a Ghost bug/feature? Many thanks for your help.

Both can be seen on this page

Hi, your ‘summer-post-header’ html structure is different, compare it with: http://summer.pxt.be/sliced-animation-type/ there is one ‘bg-img’ tag missing. Also the first paragraph has ‘font-weight: 300’, you can change it to ‘font-weight: normal’

Absolutely perfect. Thank you! Apologies – I hadn’t noticed the structure of the post.hbs file and had simply edited the first {{has}} block. I understand now and have restructured. All problems solved. Many thanks!

Any chance for adding some graceful degradation so that the theme has some basic navigation with JS disabled?

Hi, I will try to improve it somehow. Adding it to my todo list.

I have the theme installed on https://ghost.org/ and everything is working great. I just need to edit the social icons in the footer…how can i do this?

Hi, you can do this in the ‘partials/footer.hbs’ file


I liked the Demo Contact page (Profile pic aside thet Text). I tried to mimic that one from Markdown editor but not sure how to get something similar… any clue how did you reach that? Thx

Hey you have an example of code used for this. You need to use html and Foundation 5 classes to achieve this. You can paste it in the Markdown editor input. Here is the example code: http://summer.pxt.be/contact-with-us/#codeusedintheghostmarkdowneditor

Lol, I tought that code was part of the example, I meant, example you could show code as well… thanks a lot