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How do I change the text color? How do I add a logo? How do you make the Site name two different fonts?


Log in to the Wordpress admin, then go to Appearance, then Theme Options.

From there, to change the text color, select Advanced Styling, then navigate to Content Text Color, click the text box, then select your color.

Also under Theme Options, go to General, then the Website Logo section to upload your logo.

The site name can’t be two different fonts, it only looks that way in the demo because of the logo. You can however change the Heading font (which is what the site title is when no logo has been uploaded), under the Theme Options, Styling and Layout, and then Heading Font.

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Do you have a costum CSS for putting the Website Logo on the right?

Thanks in advance! debux


Unfortunately, no. It’s possible in the code, that starts on line 767 in header.php and finishes on line 871. It would take some shifting of the ‘logo’, ‘headerRight’ and ‘searchbox’ DIV ’s and the CSS for them.

Sorry I can’t give more specific instructions, but that’s the code you’d need to change around. Hope that helps get you started.

Hi Tyler, I think I may have found a little bug? In Appearance/Theme Options/Advanced Style, the options to upload overlay patterns for header & footer seem to be switched. They both work, but the box marked “header” sends the pattern to the footer, and vice versa.

I am super happy with the theme & your support. Thanks!


Thanks Shannon! We had another user report that one the other day as well. It will be fixed in the 1.0.4 release that we’re working on.

Glad you’re happy with the theme!

love the theme!

One question on the slider at full width my slides are to the right and down . the pics are the right width and height. What have I missed?


Feature Image nevermind. Love the theme


Thanks for the purchase and I’m glad you’re happy with the theme!

I took a look at your site and the images appear to be aligning correctly. I’m assuming since you said ‘nevermind’ you were able to figure it out? Just wanted to double check.

I’m getting this error, behind the slider images, before they load:

Warning: getimagesize(beta/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/noimagerequired.png) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /hermes/bosweb/web208/b2081/ipw.ceramict/public_html/beta/wp-content/themes/summertime/framework/theme-functions.php on line 751

You can see it here: http://ceramictilesupplyonline.com/beta/

Any ideas?


I checked out your site and it doesn’t look like the error’s showing up there. It seems like it is/was having problems finding that ‘noimagerequired.png’ file.

Are you still having that problem?

Just worked it out. Thanks for the quick response. Love the theme!


Good to hear! Glad you love the theme!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

One more quick question… Can you randomize the order of the slider on the homepage?


Sorry, unfortunately not. It pulls them automatically in the order they were created.

Where is the file location of your tongue?


Sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. Tongue?


How do we put the theme? beautiful theme, compliments


Thank you for the compliment!

So you need help installing the theme?

First you’ll need a web host who will host your website on the internet. Then you’ll need Wordpress installed. Then you’ll install the theme in Wordpress—That’s outlined on page 3 of the included user guide.

Outstanding Theme

I am very happy with the theme and I am stoked to be finally launching my site. Keep up the good work guys, the support is GREAT ! Can’t wait to see what comes out next -Worth every penny!

Thank you!

I HAVE to make another comment… I really appreciate the extra time you guys put into this theme. I helped this n00b launch a site on a tight deadline! All the extra functions and shortcodes are fundamental! I wished more developers would put this much care and effort into their themes. I will be watching this developer for future themes! Thank you again!


Wow, thanks again for the really kind words!

Hi, First of all great theme. It is the first theme I saw that has can export your theme settings. Which comes in handy when working offline.

I wonder if there is a shortcode for a galpreview of a specific gallery id.


Thanks for the purchase and compliment!

There is a Gallery Preview shortcode. You can see it being used on the demo site’s homepage. It will pull a certain amount of images in, from your Gallery page.

You can read more about it on page 32, in the included User Guide.

Hi There – Just wanted to say I love your theme! But before I purchase this for my own use I wanted to ask, Is it possible for me to use a different slider, Id like to use one that automatically fades the images in and out, not one that you manually have to select the next image, is this possible? (such as the nivo slider??) Please let me know – thank you!


Thanks for the compliment!

Unfortunately, I’m not sure. We built Flexslider into the theme so we’ve not tested any other sliders. But given that we’ve designed the built in slider to be located behind the transparent header, makes me think that another slider wouldn’t work without some customization.

This is a GREAT theme! The support is seriously perfect. I have purchased quite a few themes from Themeforest and other premium themes from various developers but this is by FAR the best experience I’ve had with support and the theme is awesome. A+++


Thank you!! Glad I could help you get going!

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I am trying to link image to a page on my site. How do I disable the “lightbox” style overlay to allow this?


Go to /summertime/framework/js/main.js and delete line 17, replacing it with this:

if ( jQuery('.pageContent a').attr('target') != '_blank') { jQuery('.pageContent a').has('img').addClass('view'); };

This checks to see if you have a target of “_blank” on the link, which you most likely will for external links. If the link does, it doesn’t put the “view” class on it and doesn’t try to open it in a modal.

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THX for pointing me in the right direction! I commented out the entire line for now. I want to link to internal pages as well and really don’t need the overlay feature on this site.

Any way to remove the table formatting/css from a single part of the page. See the homepage here: http://ceramictilesupplyonline.com/ There should be no space between the 3 logos near the bottom right of the page. (eco, crossville, original style). It needs to be a tight table, where each of the three images are touching.

Please help. :) Thanks!


You could modify/remove the CSS for tables, it’s in the /summertime/styles/layout.css starting at line 90.

Or use DIV’s instead of tables.


How would I alter this with div tags? :) Help… :)

I don’t want to remove the table style for the rest of the site, just this one table….


Sorry, I’m not sure how to really explain it ;) You’ll just need to do some reading about how to create DIV’s.

I suppose you could also add a style tag inline to your table tag and add your own margins and such. So for instance

—That should override the default CSS.

kb6104 Purchased

embed video shortcode question: Instructions indicate that attributes can be added but no indication as to what they might be or how to format. I want to change the dimensions of the video. How do I type in these attributes? I tried attributes=”width:320px; height:240px” but that doesn’t work.

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I sent you an email on https://mashedthemes.zendesk.com/

best regards.

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Can this theme run on later versions of WP, like 3.7.1? I have to update some plugins and I’m concerned about conflicts.


It will run on the latest version of WP however you’ll need to make sure WP_DEBUG is set to false in your wp-config.php file, as there are some Standards errors that display otherwise. I’m working on correcting those errors, but haven’t gotten an update ready yet.

But as long as that’s set to false, it should function normally.

Hi there, Great theme, thank you. I have one problem – I am working on Wordpress 3.9.1 and the shortcode button in the editor is not there anymore. It was working on an older version of Wordpress and since upgrading, it does not appear. Any help would be greatly appreciated : )

Thank you


Thanks for the purchase!

I actually just fixed this a couple weeks ago. Have you downloaded my latest version of the theme from ThemeForest?


Thanks so much for your super quick reply, really appreciate it. I haven’t downloaded the latest version, but definitely will! Thanks again for your help!