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Great looking theme Tyler. Good luck with sales :)


Thank you! :)

Awesome! =O



Elegant graphic work, congrats :)

great work, glws mate! ;)

Looks great. Is there a option for a boxed layout with scalable background picture. And can this be made unbranded in the backend? I hope to buy for a new project but client is leaning towards these features.


Thanks! There’s not a boxed layout option at this point, no. But the backend is completely unbranded. To clarify, when I say unbranded, I mean we have no branding of our own. Wordpress is of course still there.

Good work! have more sales :)

Really like the theme. ;)

Great design with nature.

Amazing work Tyler, good luck with sales ;)

Thanks for the compliments, everyone! Really appreciate them.

Great theme, but it’s a bit strange at my screen, the slider doesn’t cover the whole screen width, it is not full width at a 24” wide screen:


and in full:



That’s correct. Due to loading times and cropping, it’s limited to 1500 pixels wide, however that can easily be changed in the code by changing one number, which I can point you to if you decide to purchase.

We built the slider to give the illusion of full width at 1500 pixels, so that on, say a 2560 pixel width screen, the image didn’t look blurry and out of proportion. But as I said, that can certainly be changed.

debux Purchased

Nice Work!!!

Please let me know how to remove the “search this site” on the right top of the site (in the header)

Thanks and Kind regards debux


Thanks for the purchase and compliment!

To hide that search field, log in to the Wordpress admin, then go to Appearance, then Theme Options. Then select Advanced Styling and scroll to the bottom to the Custom CSS field. Then paste this into that field:

.searchbox {
display: none;

Then Save Changes (blue button, bottom right). And that will hide the search box.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

I love everything about this theme except the circle frames on the front page. Can this page be eliminated and either the blog or the porfolio be the front page?


You bet, those are just shortcodes, so no need for them if you don’t want them. And yes, you can set any page as the front page.

Hi, is there an easy way to change the slide order?


You bet. You just change the date/time that it was published. By default, Wordpress displays post types in the order that they were published.

You can do this on the Sliders page, then choose Quick Edit for the slide you’d like to change, then alter the Date then click the blue Update button.


Thanks, we tried this, but for us it didn’t work, weird… Ended up recreating the slides in reverse order.

Be cool if you could drag and drop to change slide order ;)

Also we need 7 slides, but 5 seems to be the max….


“slide timings function”—

Concerning the time that a slide stays on the screen, or the speed in which they make their transition?


Concerning the time that a slide stays on the screen


Ok, tracked down the problem. You’re right. We’ll fix this in the 1.0.2 update as well, but for now, here’s how you can fix it.

In the ‘theme-functions.php’ file under the ‘framework’ folder, go to line 866 and look for this:

slideSpeed: '.$global_slide_display_time.',

And replace it with this:

slideshowSpeed: '.$global_slide_display_time.',

That should take care of the problem. Thanks for notifying us of it!

Lovely theme! I am new to WP and very much appreciate the User Guide. Could you help me with a few questions?

1. In the footer, how do I remove the “latest Tweet” that seems to be leftover from the demo content? I can’t find a widget or code for it.

2. In the header and footer, how do I omit and/or customize the group of social media icons? I will only need a couple of them.

3. On the contact page, I can’t seem to get rid of the Google Map image from the demo—there’s nothing showing in Featured Image for that page.

Thank you so much!


It sounds like your third column shortcode may not be marked as “_last”. For instance, your first two columns would be:

[one_third] first column content... [/one_third] [one_third] second column content... [/one_third]

However the final column should be:

[one_third_last] third column content... [/one_third_last]

Notice the “_last” part, that indicates that it’s the final column of the three and adjusts the padding properly so that it doesn’t drop to the next line.

You can read more about it on Page 31 of the User Guide, but I think that’s probably the problem.


Aha, that did it! Thanks, I had (obviously) overlooked that bit in the user guide. I really, really appreciate the awesome support.


No problem! Glad I could help!

Downloaded your theme then uploaded the content and settings. Total mess. It is looking for images in folders that are not there.. it never uploaded the actual files.. just folders, not even all the folders.. it is looking for 07 when only 10 is there, but empty… Should not take this long just to get started. Enjoy your $45.


As you can clearly see, there have been 20 purchases before you, none having this problem. So before getting frustrated, let me see if I can help you.

When you imported the demo content, did you check the “Download and import file attachments” button so that it would download all of the files for the demo content?

Also, when you mention “not even all the folders… it is looking for 07 when only 10 is there” which folders are you talking about?

Is there a URL where I can see the site, to see what’s happening?

I’m going to setup the site myself from scratch right now, and double check that there are no problems in the demo content files. I want to help you, not just take your $45.

Yes.. your steps for loading the content where followed. I am frustrated because this is not our first website.. by far.. and there is nothing worse then wasting time on the basics. if you want send me your email and I will email you log in info for you to figure out what is happening.


You can send a message to me on my profile page, on the middle, right side of the page. That will go directly to my email address.


I did just install it from scratch, and everything imported correctly except the round images, in the 3 columns on the homepage. I see what you’re saying about the 07 folder. This must be a new problem with v1.0.2 we just released yesterday. I’m going to look into it and issue a fix.

But yes, send me a message and I’ll log in to your site and see what’s going on.

You have a responsibility to make sure your themes work even when you upload new releases. Themes are purchased to move forward quickly, not to spend our $45 to work out your bugs. Deleting and moving forward. Good luck


I see one small bug in the Wordpress Export XML file that’s preventing 3 images from loading, not a “Total mess.” And as I said, there are 20 other purchases that obviously didn’t have total messes either, otherwise this theme would have never been approved. I responded within 30 minutes of your original post and I’ve offered to log in and fix your problem. If that’s not good enough, then I don’t know what is.

Wordpress theme’s with 1000’s of lines of code are going to have small bugs, that’s the nature of web development as a whole, and the nature of any product you buy – a developer can only test so many scenarios. What counts after the purchase is having a developer (support) who’s ready to own the problem and help, which I have been.

Sorry we didn’t meet your expectations, but unfortunately no, we are not super-humans and do miss things occasionally.