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I can’t get the Gallery to work properly in Chrome, the images bunch up together. Is there a fix for this please.

how can I set the page displayed in the menu responsive?

I was going to purchase this but notice no one has replied to questions for months. Have you stopped supporting this?

itwise Purchased

“Just about to purchase this template for a client and read some of these comments first…

When you remove the booking form it causes a Javascript error which prevents the slider from loading…

To fix this, simply comment out (or remove) the following code from the head section as follows… Carousel is now working again! :o)

<!--<script src="js/datepickr.js"></script>
    jQuery(function() {
    new datepickr('checkin');
    jQuery(function() {
    new datepickr('checkout');

Hope this helps!”

Hi, I bought the theme but gallery doesn’t work, photos are overlapped. How i can solve?

Hi, I have a problem with gallery: the images bunch up together. Is there a fix for this please.

Do you have or planning to build wordpress or joomla version of your template?


look my Sunshine website http://www.kolberg.pl

THX aveothemes

Hello, i can not understand why you write “booking form” as a feature of this template and after i bought this template i have to find out that there is no working “booking form” either no working “quick contact on the index”. you have to say that to your customer before purchase.

Is there a way that you update that template with working forms?

How can i slow down the slideshow in the home page? I want increase the time of each photo.

Qualcuno ha trovato una soluzione alle immagini che si sovrappongono?

Will this theme work on WordPress?

Sorry, i misunderstood

Can I see all icons in this template?

I would also need this theme as a wordpress template. Will it be available soon?

Hello good evening can be removed where it says BOOKING NOW: CHECK IN DATE CHECK OUT DATE, SELECT ROOM, NUMBER OF GUEST AND SUBMIT bone that can disable just leave the rest to see if I understand if it is possible to remove it …. thank you very much greetings

If you are having trouble with the gallery bunching up together add this to the class of the div of the gallery item:


It doesn’t come that way in the code but it is in the live preview here on theme forest. I hope this helps some people.


After that change line 18 in custom.js to the following: if($(’#gallery’).length > 0){ var jQuerycontainer = jQuery(’#gallery’).imagesLoaded(function(){ jQuerycontainer.isotope({ itemSelector: ’.item’, filter: ’*’, }); }); }

Hello; Good product, however… I can’t get the Gallery to work properly in all navigator, the images bunch up together. Is there a fix for this please.? Many people have this problem… That would be nice to help us… Thanks per advance PS : Thanks Himmerman, but your code don’t work….arfff

Sogoleh Purchased

I have just bought this item. I thought it would be a finished templates and I shall just change the photos and the text . I am not a web designer.. Have I missunderstood or ist so?

akinspire Purchased

when I clicked on the Calendar it pops out on the Top of the page rather than below. How to resolve it?