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The developer has abandoned its users. I would not bother with purchasing this theme. There are lots of great themes out there that actually offer support. This one unfortunately does not as you can see by the unanswered questions above.

just wanted to add: I just upgraded to wordpress 3.8 and the site is constantly erroring out with max memory usage and I would happily pay for a new version of the WP skin. As is, I think I’m F*ED!

tyndrgn Purchased

I can not upload to wordpress as there is no theme folder to upload

where is the wordpress version. this is hella shady.

o-leary Purchased

I was wondering where the textures came from. I have already purchased but really only want the textures. I’d like to use the linen ones behind avatars on forums and on related sites. (host1.blah, host2.blah), obviously if they are copyright I need permission as the template license does not allow for this.

MDNW Author

Hi oLeary – They are all from subtlepatterns.com :)

Its a good template i really liked. But i couldnt find how to arrange front page slider’s size. I mean i want the slider fixes the size of the pictures that i uploaded. Some pictures are big some are small. There have to be some section to adjust sizes of pictures, for example fix to all pictures. Please i couldnt find. Thanks


www.denizozdemir.com.tr This is my website

First off, thanks for making this theme. I love the simple look and the image slider on the home page. Now, I am experiencing a couple issues with my site. First, the image slider is only showing one image and not cycling through the images. Second, my navigation menu is not working on the mobile version. Thanks in advance for your help. I’d also like to add that I am not much of a programmer, and I have hacked a few things here and there over the years. To be honest, I can’t fully recall everything that I have modified, but the one thing that I definitely know I have modified is the social links. I am not exactly sure what broke the image slider and the mobile navigation, but I am pretty sure that the image slider was working up until a week ago when I added a link to the social icons. Anyways, here is a link to my site, please let me know if you can tell what I need to do to fix my issues.


James Here is a link to my site: http://jamesclarkmakesart.com/

Hello, we have the theme now been a while in use and have now asked us if we can update to the latest version of WordPress 4.1 Theme Easy and thus is still kompartibel? Thank you for an answer.