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wow awesome template as usual..

Thanks Mabuc!

Any plans for a WordPress version… was in the WordPress category at first so was about to purchase.

Anyway awesome work :)

Yep! The full WP theme will be coming out in the next week or two – this is for anyone who wants to play around with a fully responsive framework at a more affordable price than the WP theme, which will likely be $20-$25 more, and a bit harder to modify for non-WP dev’s as it’ll include theme code.

Oh, and yes, I noticed that the reviewers mis-filed the template under WP initially, but we got it straightened out quickly. :)


Top notch Brandon! :)

btw why are you hiding behind that poster?

Thanks Fresh! Oh, that’s actually not even me behind the poster… it’s just stock that I used for a handmade book a while back. There’s plenty of pics of me around the interwebz though – I’m certainly not shy about it, haha ;)

Nice theme :) and love the first image in the slide. Is that your own creation? If so, you got mad skillz :D

Thanks! The slides are mostly all my creations, the skull is modified from a GoMedia Arsenal pack though as I’m a huge fan of some of their vectors (and they save a ton of time from creating them manually. ;)

Hello, just a question about your nice theme:

How to make the flexible lay-out work on iphone or ipad? Now it shows the full width. It’s not changing to small browser view.

Oh – just kill the demo frame using the X at the top right ;) That’ll re-enable the layout changes ;)

Thanks, it works! i will be your second customer.

Great work Brandon :)

Thanks Bluz!

great features!

:) Glad ya like it!

is the modified themes automatic? for it to switch to a cell phone, vs a website on a computer screen thank you great work! i will be getting them both, html 5 and wordpress when it happens!

Yep – the layout adapts (responds) automatically, based on the screen size. So, if load it up on a big screen, it’ll show the largest possible layout… but if you load up on an iphone, it’ll load up the smallest layout (it will go even smaller than an iphone actually).

Additionally, if you load it up on a big browser and resize it down, it will adapt to fit whatever size the browser becomes. You get the idea, it’s responsive. It has a layout prepped and ready to go for whatever screen size you throw at it.


Well done,I like it yep will have fun working with it. Thanks

Thanks Innerclick – holler if you have any questions!

Nice… great job! I like the simplicity of this design. Hopefully WP edition will be here soon. :D

ill wait for the wp version as per usual ;)

:) Thanks Chris – WP version is right around the corner… probably a week or two.

Nice theme! :) the WP version will be next week? :) looking forward on this.. :)

GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another beauty from the master! Quick question-is the contact form working?


As for the contact form – Nope – I’ve purposefully left the form without any functional PHP /JS/AJAX code so that users can add their own. I’ve added contact forms in the past… but in 99% of the cases, they cause more headaches than they help… so I’m going to recommend that you simply plugin one of the many free (like Wufoo.com) or premium (like those on CodeCanyon) contact form scripts that fits your own custom needs. Contact forms are a dime a dozen nowadays, but finding the one that works for you or your client is a bit trickier than just adding it to a template like this that’s intended to be about the layouts ;)


Though I personally like having a working contact form, you make some very good points-especially in terms of this theme, and you are right there are a lot of good stand-alone options out there. As always-looking forward to seeing more from you, Brandon. Thanks for the quick response!

My pleasure! The funny thing about including all sorts of extra bells and whistles with a template is that they can often be the weak-link that breaks the usefulness of a product. A year ago, I was of the mindset that “more is always better”, but after seeing some absurdities on here at TF (who really needs 1,000 color options?! Isn’t easier to just properly document your code so people can customize it on their own?). Add that to the fact that including lots of “out of the box” options usually just adds feature-bloat that experienced dev’s need to weed through to get to the good stuff, and you’ll understand why I’m starting to strip some of my products back to the core-features without adding unnecessary addons. Anyways, I digress!

How do I apply my twitter account to this template?

https://dev.twitter.com/docs http://twitter.com/about/resources/widgets


There’s a whole API for connecting with Twitter, the WP version of this theme will likely include a plugin for this, but for the HTML template, its up to individual users to hook it up.

I want to ask you why in title is

Super Skeleton | Responsive, Minimal, Beautiful… for WordPress ? This is HTML theme + footer logo


- Awesome theme, five stars added :)

That’s actually just the placeholder logo at the moment – the full WP theme is coming out next week, and I happened to slide in the WP logo for the dark version, but this is by all means not the WP version yet ;) You’ll notice in the rest of the demo that the regular HTML version of the logo is used.


Thanks for making all of my devices so happy – in portrait or landscape to boot! You’ve just helped make the web more beautiful and less frustrating – excellent work – 6/5 (if there was that option)

Thanks Stickyfeet! That’s some outstanding feedback :)

Yeah.. great work! possible to stop the on screen keyboard from showing when the nav drop down is clicked(Android)? Cheers AL.

Heya A – I’ll actually have to check into that – it’s intended to fire up to help sort through lots of pages… but I can see an argument for wanting it closed in some cases… Let me do a little searching and see what turns up ;)