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Can you please tell me whether your site has been updated – I noticed you mentioned an update 2, but there is no mention of it being updated in the main page (item details) containing the demo link.

Heya AMG – We’re midway through a series of OptionTree 2.0 updates right now – they’ll be posted between now and next Tuesday – each one adding a bit more functionality.


I would also like to know whether the version that I can download now from themeforest is the one with Fancybox?

Heya AMG – Nope – not yet ;) We had to push that big update back for the OptionTree 2.0 updates. Soon though!


hi, i want to stop main screen slide shows when click going bigger. i want to just slider not popup image how i change this


on contact form where i need to write my email for coming emials me ?

ok i found jquery.prettyPhoto.js 165. line

$.prettyPhoto.open(); if happen $.prettyPhoto.close(); its not working popup main slide

I am having trouble making a YouTube video appear on a page within my site, http://sculpturemobiles.com/video/youtubetest.html

8 months ago, DesignSQ wrote, “How do I apply a lightbox version for videos without compromising the current coding?” To which you replied, “You can drop in a YouTube, Vimeo or .MOV file URL into the Lightbox Link and thumbnails will launch videos that way.”

I tried this, maybe not correctly. I created a JPG image and placed it on the page. But, linking it to the YouTube video does just that. Takes one to YouTube. I want the video to play within the page on my site. I have tried embedding .MOV files, and now a YouTube link, and I cannot get either to appear on the page.

I have been successful with an .FLV file, http://sculpturemobiles.com/video/sculpturemobilesvid.html

But, I’d rather have the YouTube link work, because of iToys incompatibility with FLV , and play within my page.

Can you offer any help? Thanks, in advance.

I bought this theme yesterday & have been unable to upload it to WordPress. It says the upload failed b/c it doesn’t have a style.css file…

This is the message I get: “Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.”

Why is this happening? How can I upload the theme?


Read 10 pages of comments, hoping to see the same issue I have with no success..

I am using your template on a site that has subnav in the main navigation. Do you have any suggestions one something other that the Chozen plugin for iphone nav?

I need those sub menus in the dropdown, but I don’t know how to change what the content uses when the site is scaled down.

JS is my weakness… Help?

Epicera – just wanted to say thank you. This theme and the way you built it is truly epic. FIVE STARS and a promise to search your portfolio before looking else where for new designs.

Here is what I managed to do with it: http://www.crustycrabfishmarket.com – I couldn’t be happier with it.

Sweet! Nice work on that MtBinary, and thanks for the comments! :)


I was trying to locate the PHP file, but have been unsuccessful in doing that. Can you point me in the right direction??

Heya Marse! Which PHP file? B

php for the contact form

There’s actually no PHP for it – just the HTML /CSS styles – check out http://wufoo.com for free forms though :) B

I think you need to remove php from the purchase page.

First of all: beautiful design!!!

However, for some reason the hyperlink colors I specify are not being implemented universally across my website by the Typography Options page of the Appearance>Theme Options menu.

I’ve reviewed the HTML on pages where the hyperlink colors do work, such as this page, and compared it to the HTML on pages that aren’t working, such as this page and am unable to decipher why there is a discrepancy.

Additionally, on all pages of the website except for the Home page my navbar menu does not employ the nice jquery effect of the white box that “floats” behind the menu items.

Any assistance would awesome! Thanks!

Thanks for the heads up DrGumbo! Try out the latest update (2.0) that went up earlier this week – it should patch this up :) B

Hi there, I’m contemplating purchasing this template, looks marvelous! I have a basic working knowledge of html/css, and very little javascript…hoping this template will help me to learn more. I’m wondering if I will be able to work with this or if it will be above my pay-grade? :)

Further to that, I’d like to take advantage of the blog features and am wondering what is involved with setting up the backend for that? Not looking for an elaborate answer here, just asking if it’s something I’ll be able to figure out with the documentation provided.

Thanks for your time :)

Heya Bitsa!

This template should work out fine – it’s built more or less with developers in mind as a “sandbox” sort of theme – which means that it’s meant to be played with. Just stick close to the documentation and you’ll be fine :)

Cheers! B

Hi I’m working on our school music website on your template, it’s perfect and very clear, thanks for the great work! Everything worked well until today: I discover I caused a problem with filters, can you help me finding the bug? The page is here.

I’m not a programmer but I tried something basic as putting an alert in the function on skeleton-key.js where you set the action on click for a.button – also, I added a small js to switch the above paragraph content and it worked fine. Now the filters don’t work. I see you used noConflict: I wonder if some of the plugin I used brake it, still, so I deactivated them but things didn’t change. Anyway I installed:
  • single image widget
  • custom sidebar

looking forward to your answer, thanks again!

I’ve bought and I’m working with the HTML only version. My question is when the page isn’t filled why doesn’t the sub footer stick to the bottom of the page?! Can I have the CSS changes to ensure that it does. To make a point lets say you only have the slider, you don’t use a footer but you use a subfooter and you open a fullscreen window. The footer seems to just float in the centre of the page?!

Duplicate – see the other ticket :) B


I was wondering if there is an easy way to build a portfolio page with my own content. I would like to create a page that has static content and not related to the blog posts. Right now when I attempt to create the page by putting the content and structure in the page content area I get errors and the portfolio doesn’t fucntion. Any advice?

Hi Beckie!

I responded on your other post ;) In short though, this isn’t quite as simple as you might imagine as there’s a ton of corresponding code across the header, footer, and functions.php files… I suppose it’s technically possible, but it’s essentially outside of the scope of what I can support as it’d just take too much time on my end to work it out.

I’m here for basic theme questions if you’ve got them though :) B

Hi: Is there a way with this html version to specify the display order of the portfolios? That is I’d like my portfolio to initially (by default) display the detail version, with the option to show the layout second. Thanks

By far one of the best templates I have ever used. A+ Top Notch Etc Etc…

LOVE IT ! Instant mobile website!

Thanks for the kind words Crconsite!

Hi, Very nice theme. How come are some files placed outside the html-folder (assets)? I am confused how to link to these files from the index-file.

Best Rgds,


Hi Patrik,

We place some files, such as items within the assets folder, in sub-folders for organizational purposes. The theme files folder would be a mess otherwise. We are linking to the assets folder like this example:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”<?php echo WP_THEME_URL; ?>/assets/stylesheets/skin-clean.css” />

Cheers, Charlie

Sorry…Documentation I meant. How come is it placed outside the html-folder.

The Documentation is included in both the ‘help’ folder within the Theme Files folder & the main folder (the theme download package) for easy access for those new to our themes.

For some reason my Sliders on the home page have stopped Rotating. Only the first in the list shows and no others will rotate through.

Hi Stflbn,

Please repost this over at http://makedesign.ticksy.com – it takes just a minute and it’ll allow us to get back to you quickly (and you can post confidential stuff like login details if you need to without it being public). Oh, and you can also search all past questions, which means that you might not have to wait at all for an answer!

Why? We’ve been running our Ticksy forum for almost 6 months now, and it’s time to finally move over all support over there as it’s simply better for everyone involved.

Thanks, and we’ll look forward to hearing from ya over there! Brandon, Charlie & Chris (The MDNW Support Crew)