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estulin Purchased

v3…......still waiting….......no response from author in 7 months.

cagsean Purchased

Hello How do I make the button shortcode open up the link in a new window, such as target=” _blank”?

I tried to add in to the shortcode but it does not activate..


jes5970 Purchased

I bought this theme however I am have a number of issues with it. None of my custom css styles work no matter where I put them. The front page slider doesn’t work either. Can you please help asap?

What’s the status on the theme update? We really need to upgrade to WordPress 4.1, but I don’t want the site to break :-) You mentioned you were working on a fully revised version a while back, so I thought I’d check in on the status.


m. :-)

How do you turn your blog into that hybrid blog – 3 column displayed on the preview? Been trying to work it out for ages :/

Thank! :)

afeauto Purchased

Hi there,

I am getting an error message on my Blog. I tried to swap out the theme and the blog appears and error is gone; therefore, I believe it has to do with this theme. I checked all of the plugins and none are the cause of the issue.

The site is http://clienttest123.com

The error reads: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas04_data02/93/2368393/html/wp-content/themes/super-skeleton-2.0/element-flexslider.php on line 17

Please help. Thank you, Abby

Hello, I am having several problems with the site the home page slider has stopped working all together.

Also when viewing the site on a mobile or tablet the navigation menu is not working. the site is http://merlochicago.com

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

jd4285 Purchased

This theme doesn’t work with 4.1 – i didn’t know that. Can I get my money back?