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Hey. I bought the Theme, it’s amazing. How do I edit the google map, and the live feed?

Thanks, Matt

simple just visit google maps and input your address, now once your address is shown in the map click on the “link” that you see on the top right corner of your screen. once you click on that, you will find codes that are generated for you instantly. Now just copy that code and paste it into the theme’s xhtml file where our similar dummy address code is integrated.

Once you do this and resave the doc you will now see your address.

Hope this helps but if not please do email us at: “9dlabs@gmail.com” so we can assist you better by sending some screenshots to describe you better…

Thanks & Regards

the layout seems bad.. and the twitter thing isnt working

the layout is all messed up too

replied you. :)

replied you. :)

Hello! Very nice template, thank you for the excellent work.

One issue and a question…

ISSUE : In IE9 on my Windows 7 Enterprise (x64) system, H1/H4 tag content on “Home” and H2 tag content on all the other pages does not display unless viewed in compatibility mode. Could you please address this and offer a fix? I realize that you do not list IE9 as a compatible browser but I would imagine that you want this fixed. I verified this issue on your live previews so I know it’s nothing I caused during my customizations.

QUESTION : Could I get any other social network icons which you have formatted for use with this template? Right now, my main needs are Digg and MySpace.

Thank You!

Okay lets check up your issues, Please kindly send us some screenshots showing the errors and we can then trace up the problems that you are facing.

We will see if we have the similar icon sets for Digg and MySpace and if available we can send all those to you in the email attachments. :)

Our email: “helpdesk@9dlabs.net

Hope this helps you…


Do you happen to have any social network icons for google +. I love the way the icons are so perfectly formatted and would love one for google + as well.

Hi SamirJ,

We were under maintenance so become late to reply.

Yes we do have Google+ icon of almost a similar kind. :)

Hope this clears up, please let us know if you want that after you have purchased the vcard.


Hi from germany! (sorry about my english) What a great looking vCard! Its amazing!! I love it!

I have only one question: (I searched for hours but i cant find the right jquery command for it)

the page should switch to a subpage (div, f.e.: ‘about me’) when its loaded with ’/#about_me’. i think i have to work with $(’#content’).cycle, but i dont know the correct parameters. maybe you can give me a cue.

thank you! great job!


Sure we can help you out, could you please email your questions at: 9dlabs@gmail.com

This helps us to forward your question to our proper technical team who can guide you in no time. :)

Thank you

Headings aren’t working in IE9 . Neither in the preview, nor the download.

Thanks for your patience, incase your problems is not solved yet just update the cufon js and it will work fine with IE9 …

If you need the file please email us and we will send you the updated file right away.

Thanks for buying our theme and supporting 9dlabs.


The version of Cufon distributed with this theme needs to be updated from “1.09” to “1.09i”

Glad to know that your problem was resolved. :)

Additionally please do feel free to email us at: “9dlabs@gmail.com” incase you need any other help/support and we are always there to help you.

It generally takes only 1-2 business days to have a support reply from us so we request you to kindly keep patience and we will be back with an answer asap…

Thanks Again


I am having issues playing a Youtube video from My Showcase tab. Please help

Okay, please email us some screenshots of what problem you are exactly facing and we can try helping you out asap. :)

Our email: 9dlabs@gmail.com

Thanks & Regards

Hello from Germany, thank you for the best vcard.

I have 3 small questions to which I have unfortunately found no answer in the documentation - How can I add more pictures in showcas? - There is the possibility to use the CAPTCHA contact area? - I do not need the social network, can I on this page simple text as in “abaut my” write

thanks for the help and the perfect template

sorry for the bad english – google has translated

When I edit the PSD to include my logo and etc., how do I export that to replace the defaults?


run with wordpress 3.3?


This is a site template and NOT wordpress version.

If you need wordpress version, visit this link:

However, be sure that it is available to run smoothly under Wordpress Version 3.0


hi does lightbox support vimeo and youtube videos?


yes it does supports both of them :)

Hello! Very nice template, excellent work. I like it, but i have two questions. First: It is possible write there something more – Is there something like srollbar? Second: Can i put to gallery videos (from vimeo) and description? Thank you.

If I buy the theme and provide a background graphic and all content (small amount) linked in url and some feeds from a blog, are you available for implementing the site?

I know nothing about web development thanks

Corey USA 805/722-8340

Hello 9dlabs,

How do I display a flash (swf) file in my showcase. I do not see any documentation explaining how to do this.

Disregard my last message. I figured it out.

ref:(How do I display a flash (swf) file in my showcase. I do not see any documentation explaining how to do this.)


Do you have tutorial anwhere?

okay dumb question – do these just work on a website or can you use them in email?


(newbie alert)


Like your template. Is it a vcard for email, WP theme or both?

Need vcard template ASAP. Ready to buy.

Is this customizable without any other program?

Need vcard for email template now.

Thanks, and await your kind & prompt reply!