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I have created a non hierarchical custom taxonomy in the projects post type that is generating empty results when I click on the corresponding tags in a tag cloud widget.

This is what I’ve changed so far:

1 – in cp_customposts.php:

A) I added the following below class DCC_ControlPanelCustomPosts extends DCC_ControlPanelBase:

const PT_PROJECT_TAG = 'palavra-chave'; 
const PT_PROJECT_TAG_REWRITE_SLUG = 'project-tag';

B) I also added this public function at the bottom of the same file:

 public function createProjectTaxonomy()

            self::PT_PROJECT_TAG, self::PT_PROJECT_POST,
                'hierarchical' => false,
                'public' => true,
                'show_ui' => true,
                'query_var' => true,
                'show_tagcloud' => true,
                'rewrite' => Array('slug' => self::PT_PROJECT_TAG_REWRITE_SLUG, 'with_front' => false),

                'labels' => Array(
                  'name' => 'Palavra Chave',
                  'singular_name' => 'Project Category',
                  'search_items' => 'Search Palavras Chave',
                  'popular_items' => 'Popular Palavras Chave',
                  'all_items' => 'All Palavras Chave',
                  'parent_item' => 'Parent Palavra Chave',
                  'parent_item_colon' => 'Parent Palavra Chave',
                  'edit_item' => 'Edit Palavra Chave',
                  'update_item' => 'Update Palavra Chave',
                  'add_new_item' => 'Add New Palavra Chave',
                  'new_item_name' => 'New Palavra Chave Name' 

                'label' => 'Palavra Chave'


2 – I created a taxonomy-dc-project_tag.php, by changing taxonomy-dc-project_category.php

If these steps are ok, What else I need to do and where?

Hello, I would like to ask you to update the Theme for the compatibility of Wordpress 4.0 please :(


The main problem shows the following issues:

URL for Reference:

The Homepage. The HomePage Gallery isn’t showing up properly and blackens out unless you hovered on it.


It’s already fixed :)



Thank you for the information :) I am not sure what was causing the problem and how exactly it looked on your site, but I see you resolved the problem and looks like it was not related to WordPress 4.0. However, if you would see any issue related to WordPress 4.0 update please set us know and we will check this and upload an update if needed.

I’m the admin for a client who have Osaka installed as their site’s theme.

The Lightbox effect has stopped working with images. Can you assist in troubleshooting why this might be? Its had been working up until the upgrade to wordpress 4.0





I just checked lightbox on Superior Osaka theme with WordPress 4.0 and the lightbox is working fine. I also made some test lately and for this moment we didn’t found any problem with WordPress 4.0 (besides a small issue with Lightbulb in Visual editor which will be fixed in next update).

As for your problem, it might be caused by some non theme plugin. Maybe some non theme plugin is not compatible with the latest WordPress version and this is breaking the JS functionality.

Also, please in future, for support questions, contact us only from account that was used to purchase our theme.


I like the Superior Osaka theme and want to purchase it, but, according to your notes, it hasn’t been updated in more than nine months and is compatible up to WordPress 3.9, although the demo is running only WordPress 3.7.1,

Could you please update the theme to the latest WordPress (version 4.0) and fix any incompatiblities if you haven’t already done so? It is the responsible thing to do.





Thank you for your interest.

We made some test lately on our test installations and for this moment we didn’t found any problem with WordPress 4.0, besides a small issue with Lightbulb in Visual editor which will be fixed in next update as soon as possible and after this we will change the description to compatible with WordPress 4.0.

Actually the theme is now compatible with WordPress 4.0, because Lightbulb can be used in Text editor, but we will change this description after we will make this adjustment and will be sure everything is working perfect.



Thank you for your prompt reply.

One more question, for now. There are no shortcodes for accordians, tables, and tabs in the shortcodes section of your demo, so presumably they are not available. Do you know if either of the popular Shortcode Ultimate (http://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcodes-ultimate/) or WordPress Shortcodes (http://wordpress.org/plugins/synved-shortcodes/) plugins are compatible with your theme?





Yes, for this moment these shrotcode are not available in the theme, but from what I tested the Shortcode Ultimate works fine with Superior Osaka. I didn’t check all the shortcodes and also didn’t made any detailed tests for all plugin options options, but looks like accordion, tables, tabs, slider and a few other fit and work great. I didn’t tested the second plugin you listed, but I think there also shouldn’t be any problem.