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Sorry to here the developer can’t deliver on wp version. Please find another developer you are missing out on a large following and payday!

:( i know, i’ve been waiting so long to have it published, it’s really a pitty, but I’m recruiting someone new in the team soon he’ll probably take care of it , weill keep you posted :)

fantastic site :) GLWS

will you have a wp version soon ?

hello! nice template, but its static :( can you make OpenCart version? need it!

Hi, unfortunately all the develoeprs that we contracted to perform the job never got the job done so we gave up, sorry that I don’t have better news

Hello, im in love!! with this template and i bought it, i was wondering how exactly do i get the shopping cart and registration feature working.

Hi Jibril, thank you for your purchase & kind words, I actually love it too just sad to see that sales were low :( as you know this is a HTML version so you basically would need to link the front-end to a back-end you can ask a developer to do it with magento, woocommerce, prestashop… cheers & thanks again UOU

I love your theme.

- Is it possible to change the green color that you used in the theme and how should I proceed? - Is it possible to use WooCommerce with this theme?

Hi thanks for your interest this is a template not a theme its static you would need to convert it to wp cheers uou

This beautiful template is for which CMS available? Magento? What else? OS Commerce too?


Hi thanks for your message this is only an html version …

How do I add functionality to the add to cart button in the first view on the category page? When I click on the add to cart button the event target is the inside div of

<div class="empty_cell redirect"><div class="add_to_cart_btn" /></div>

and not the actual button itself that I am trying to click on. I tried removing this div, which did result in the add to cart button working, but then the hover effect for each item went away. Thanks for your help.

Hello poonchy722,

We hope that you’re doing well. Thank you for your query. We have transferred your message to the developer. You will be provided with the solution soon.

Cheers UOU

Hello, why not in package page basket, transportation, payment?

When I buy a template, I want all the subpages.

Hi all the pages you see in the demo are in the package if a page from demo is missing please send us the url thanks uou

Pages cart, payment, transport are not in demo.

I thought it was a mistake.

When I buy a template shop and miss these pages, it is useless to me.


Is this still supported if there is any issue or doubts? the live preview has only screenshots, isnt there a proper demo site. I loved it and it fits almost in all aspects that I am looking at however need to know and look at the site before going ahead.

Pls confirm. Thanks!

hello thanks for your interest we changed servers and forgot to reupdate the html version but if you purchase it you’ll of course have the html version its available snd looks like the psd files cheers uou

Why I cant see all images in the source files? such as product images, slider images etc.

Salam, we are not allowed to include the images in the package and distribute threm if you need the images you can purchase them from photodune.net


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Hello, could you tell me please where can I see shop’s cart page?


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Thanks, but I already solved this problem, and now there was another :) I think it’s not so difficult for you :) How can I make categories menu collapsed if resolution of the screen <= 800px?I tried to do it myself with js $(document).ready(function(){ if (screen.width <= 800) { $(’#content .block_title’).addClass(‘collapsed’); $(’.categories_open’).removeClass(‘categories_open’).addClass(‘categories_closed’); }; }); script works, classes removes and adds but categories menu does not want to collapse. Where is may be the problem?

Hello, I have reported the issue to our front-end developer. He’ll be answering you.

Cheers. mahmud.


rz300 Purchased

Hi guys, any progress?

Hello, I think you have a really good start with but I tink you need to work on it. some pages missing, some pages not quiet complete, etc. Do you think to work on it?

Also I could’nt find the checkout pages? Do you have it?

Hello thank you for your purchase and message the template is one of our first and has been done by an ex-colleague so we’re aware that there’s still room for improvement. we were i tending to do the chexkout pages for the wp version but we didnt implement them

Hi. I love this template but as I can see a lot had a problem with the cart page so if you cant make a cart page at least can I see a design of it. I looked at your psd but I couldn’t find it.

hello thank you for your interest the coder who worked on this project 2 years ago is no longer working with us so there will be not enhancements for supermarket template sorry :(