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Perhaps you should remove IE8 Compatibility from your specs. Just because it looks good on your computer in compatibility mode, there are still many people using IE8.

When purchasing do you include the files to use as a template that you created for the preview?

Thank you! Excellent work….


Hi donhorn,

You don’t get the images. everything else is there.


Is there any chance a WP version will be coming out as well for blogging format purposes? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.


It’s in development. ETA – 1 month.

The pretty image image light box isn’t working on mobile devices. It slices the screen in two parts and the image opens in a small box in which it can barely be seen.. Is there any king of patch in order to fix that? It also happens on the computer sometimes on certain window sizes.. Are you aware of that bug? Is there going to be any kind of fix?


Hi ,

Please use our new Support Forum at http://support.brankic1979.com when asking questions about themes / templates.

Hi i am hesitating between waiting for the WP version or have the HTML version be now converted into WP by a web developer. Is there any certainty of the WP release date?


If your web developer can do it for less than 50$, go for it :)

We’ll finish it for about 1 month…

Hi ,

Please use our new Support Forum at http://support.brankic1979.com when asking questions about themes / templates.

Wow, for an Elite Author I am really surprised at your take on the whole IE8 thing, while I totally appreciate that it works fine in compatibility mode, who is to say that users of the website will have compatibility mode on, especially if they are IE8 users.

Or maybe its the right attitude to take, who is to say … But regardless there are issue with IE8 rendering in IE8 engine

You could add X-UA-Compatible IE=edge but then you wouldn’t be able to claim W3C compliant files :-)

Other wise, great design, really fresh and clean … Would purchase, but unfortunately I got to accommodate old IE8 folk.

Hi I am waiting to download the wordpress version of supernova. May i know is it still 1 month going to be? thank you.

Dear Brankic1979,

please see my post on your support forum regarding the following bugs:

1. PrettyPhoto on mobile devices does not work properly PrettyPhoto does not work properly on mobile devices. I purchased this template in order to able to showcase my work on a tablet and it simply does not work. Your patch improved things a little bit in the vertical mode but when a mobile device is flipped to horizontal (landscape) mode, images are either too big and cut off or display with black transparent overlay (Android phones). I have tested on most devices, iPhone and iPad iOS7, Amazon Kindle, Samsung phones. Please don’t get me wrong but a responsive template should work flawlessly on these commonly used devices. Please provide a working patch ASAP.

2. Square Menu Icon on mobile devices The icon that represents the navigation menu on mobile devices gets distorted and has a different look and colors on different devices. iPhone shows color box with lines, Android shows strangely distorted black box with a rectangle inside, Kindle shows black box. It looks like a mistake. Please provide a fix.

3. Loading image icon in PrettyPhoto on mobile devices The icon for loading images in PrettyPhoto is very distorted and cut off on mobile devices. Looks like a mistake. Please provide a fix.

Thank you.

Nice work! I see from earlier comments last month, eta for the wordpress version was 1 month. How far away are you all from having this complete? Need it asap! Look forward to your reply.


It’s almost over, but now we have to test it and to meet new theme submission requirements which can be tricky

kmg1016 Purchased

Do you have a sense of how long that might take? Would be helpful to know whether it’s days, weeks or months. Thanks!

kmg1016 Purchased

Just checked “Send me an email if this comment receives any replies.”

Waiting for the WP version, do you have an estimated release date yet?

Good evening from California. I am evaluating several themes at the request of a client. To that end, I have a few quick questions that I hope you can answer for me:

  1. Single page scrolling templates are great for story telling segments but not for a whole site of this size. Is mixing story-style pages (single page, parallax) with standard single-page sections (page.php) supported?
  2. Is it possible to create multiple parallax sections or is that a home page only feature?
  3. Are bulky JS files conditionally called on a page? Loading up the entire library for LayerSlider on a single-post blog page is a waste of processing power.
  4. Does the theme use a hook/action model for child themeing or is it a get_template_part() model? Or is the code all inline in a few large files?

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Without access to the theme code, it can be difficult to evaluate the flexibility and quality of a commercial product before purchasing it.

Best Regards, Ian Armstrong / Imperative Ideas

Just a couple of notes here -
  • Is this a core file?
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://demo.brankic.net/supernovahtml/css/images/bx_loader.gif
    It fails to load on the front page.
  • I see conditional loading of assets, so that’s good.
  • I’m guessing the FB’s invalid app ID would go away once I entered the key & secret: http://demo.brankic.net/supernovahtml/blog-single.html
  • Is there a quick way to specify compressed assets for production?
Thanks again!

I see this is yet another “theme” that wasn’t a theme… that makes 3 that my client sent me. My apologies.

Beautiful Template. Just one question….where do I change the map settings?


This DOESN’T work with IE8. And IE8 is still (unfortunately) a requirement since many ppl still browse using XP. Almost 10% of internet users globally still use IE8.

You should remove IE8 from your Compatible Browsers.

Apart from this, its a lovely template really.


I’m hesitating between the BigBang and Supernova themes. Both seem to be pretty responsive when viewing on desktop when reducing window size but not on ipad nor iphone, is it simply because of settings of the live demo or is it so after purchase too?

I do prefer the supernova one though. Thus second question is: I have decent knowledge with HTML in DW and super basic close to none in responsive web design. How easy/difficult is it to customise this template in HTML compared to a WP version?

Thank you for your help.


If you have HMTL/JavaScript knowledge you’ll be able to edit it.

However, changing layout will not be the same.

Of course, there’s detailed help file which explains each feature of the site.

bengatley Purchased


I’ve bought the website and have installed it fine. One problem I’ve had is that I’ve replaced the menu for images, and subsequently when on a mobile, clicking the link briefly creates a no image box before loading. This doesn’t happen on a PC. Any hints? It’s www.gracegatleytextiles.co.uk.




Sometimes slider take a few seconds to load, other load perfectly. This already happens at download template. There are any bug?


Really load the slider, but is blocked by the page (until it moves down and looks)

hello, I am considering buying this item, however I have a question: - Is it possible to have this site in 2 languages with a switch button to them? - Can I update portfolio secion within a time? I mean uploading my work

Thanks, Zuzia