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Lili_3D Purchased

Hi Sergio,

Thanks again for all the time and help in the last years, so much appreciated. This model is still perfect through the years, even better with your updates. So thank you!

I have a question about the mobile version. Is it possible to change the color of the navigation icon (3 white lines, top right corner)? When I’m on Android mobile, I can’t see the icon because it’s white, like the background. It becomes a little complicated to navigate in the menus because of that. Here is the link: elianepregent.com

Have a great day! :) Éliane


Hi Éliane,

I’m happy to hear the theme has proved useful to you all this time :)

You will have to edit the image sprites for the theme to change the icon color. Open the provided `sprite.psd` in Photoshop. The menu icon should be the third one on the second row. Change its color to black or something dark. Hide the background layer, and using the “Save for Web” command, export the sprite as a PNG image with transparency. Do the same for the hires sprite (sprite@2x.psd).

Once you have exported the PNGs you need to upload them on the customizer using the fields “Sprite” and “Sprite Hires”.

I noticed your logo is a little on the long side and is pushing the menu underneath the header on tablets. When the logo is displayed as text it shows the blog title. If you want to keep the blog title as it is and shorten your logo, find the following code, on line 1108 or so:

<span class="logo_text">{Title}</span>

and change it to this:

<span class="logo_text">Éliane Prégent</span>

If you encounter any problems send me a message using the form on my profile page.



Lili_3D Purchased

Thank you for everything! That works perfectly. :)


Glad to hear that! Cheers!

Hi there!

Would I be able to disable the “Ask Me Anything Form” on the Site Footer?


Hey there, thanks for your purchase!

I guess you already found the option, but just in case, you can show or hide the Ask Widget on the footer by toggling the option Enable Footer Ask Widget. You can enable one of the photo stream widgets on its place.

Let me know if you need help with anything else.



Yes! Such a wonderful theme,I am so excited to customize it,I will comment again soon so you can take a looksie and see what your skills hooked me up with :)

For the most part,your customization options are a big help,thank you. I would like to know,if the slider could be replaced with a video? If so,what can I do to tweak this? It would be a youtube video. If this is possible..awesome!!


Hi there,

Thanks for the kind words :)

It’s possible to create a video slide inside the homepage slider, leaving the others as they are in case you want to use them as well. Here’s what to do to accomplish that:

Around line 1211 the slides wrapper begins:

<ul class="slides">

You should insert the code for the video slide right below, in between that and {block:IfSlide1Image}:

    <figure class="slide video-slide">
        <div class="slide-video-wrapper">
            <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/DeumyOzKqgI?showinfo=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
</li><!-- /.slide -->

Of course, changing the embed code to your own video. Should look something like this http://i.imgur.com/4FjhIoH.png

I used the following CSS to style the slide http://pastebin.com/MLyDsc29 — copy the RAW data and paste it on “Advanced options > Add Custom CSS”. If you have set your header’s height to something other than 72, you may want to change padding-top: 72px; to reflect that.

Now you need a little JavaScript to make the video responsive. Towards the end of the theme markup, around line 2312 and before <!-- GOOGLE FONT LOADER -->, paste the following:

<script>$( '.slide-video-wrapper' ).fitVids();</script>

If you’re using multiple slides, make sure “Enable Slider Smooth Height” is on, and set “Slider Animation” to “slide”. Also, the field “Slider Maximum Height” should be empty, otherwise the video will be clipped.

Let me know if you have trouble with any of the steps.

Hope that helps!

ikkow Purchased

I liked it and purchased a theme very much.

I delete “the random” of the navigation menu, and what should I do to add a new menu?

A menu called “the management of the page” is added automatically when I add it by an “addition function of the page” of tumblr, and a menu is given to the bottom for dislocation.

You add it newly and put it out, and how can you do it?

ikkow Purchased

“The management of the page” was changed by the change of the navigation label.

Can you delete the menu of the random?

Is the part of “Supple” of the title changed?

ikkow Purchased

I tried it

It was settled


Hello there, and thanks for your purchase!

I’m not really sure what’s the issue with the menu. The theme has two dropdown menus you can enable, one for post tags or filters, the other one for pages. Are you trying to add an additional dropdown menu?

Please share a link to your site so I can take a look.

To hide the “Random” item on the menu, just switch off the option “Enable Navigation Random Button”.

“Supple” is part of the logo which is an image. You can upload your own images for your logo (standard and retina versions, see “Logo” and “Logo Hires”), or you can simply use plain text if you toggle the option “Enable Text Logo”.



Hey hello, im recently update my blog to version 1.4, and im trying to catch up whit the new Android L, Material design look, and i beggin squishyn all, but my logo go offset, can you help me out? also, how i can get the footer closer to the body of my portfolio? thanx in advance this is my blog http://theblackshark.com/

You could apply the same value to the top padding, or set it to 1px to bring it really close:

#portfolio_index {
    padding-top: 10px !important;

Cheers :)


it works! im only need to get rid of the load button, and activated the infinit scroll. thanx.


You’re welcome! You can just hide the whole pagination block, with the load-more button inside, with the following snippet:

#pagination {
    display: none;

Hello hello!

When I size down my page to mobile size, the slider header and sub-header randomly disappears on a few slides. I deleted the CSS to avoid squishing as I want my slides to be responsive. But this messed up the captions. Either they’ll flicker or the slides will change before the caption slides in. Tiernandesign.com


Thanks! That did the trick for the speed issue, but the header/sub-header are still only showing up on the first and fourth slides, skipping the second and third.


Only on mobile, I should have added*


Thank you,

Ok, the issue seems to be CSS related. At such small screen sizes, the sub-header become too wide and the whole caption is pushed underneath the slide.

Please add the following to “Advanced options > Add Custom CSS” and let me know if that helps things:

#top_banner .slider_caption {
    max-width: 98%;


Awesome, thanks so much! That did just the trick.


Thanks for letting me know. I’ll submit an update with the small fix shortly. Cheers!

Ahndz Purchased


Thanks for making a great template, I love it.

I was wondering how to disable the slider when showing tagged posts (after using the browse option).

I don’t want to disable the slider completely, I need to use it on the home page, but not when showing tagged posts. Just like you did in the live preview, The slider shows only on home page: http://pixelmoxie-supple.tumblr.com/tagged/photo For some reason I have the slider on all my pages.

And also, if I update to a newer version will I have to customize everything again or will tumblr remember my settings?

Thank you for your help! Keep up the good work.