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Regarding cuffon characters, issue has been corrected in the x1.3 version, but, a new issue appears regarding the question mark in html heading (h1, h2, h3, etc..).

I emailed you regarding that problem (_).

I did not drew attention to this. Seems like this is by default. Check this:

You can try to download another font here: and follow the steps from download package to change it.

Or generate a custom script here :

Please let me know if you can do that.


Thank you, yes I’ve just done the updated and it works ok.

But now with the new version there are two color for the backgrounds, i already changed de general background. But i would like to change the background inside the box. Thank you

But I would like to change the background inside the box.

What do you mean with this?

If you have modified something in css files, use yours, and do not update from v1.3. All what you need to do is to change only the cufon and leave everything like it was.

If I did not answered your question, please be more descriptive.

I just started my web with the last version. And the only thing i want is the background white, that’s all. I already changed the background in config.css and it works but not in the 960px box? I don’t know if i explained well…

Add this in config.css. Change #eee to any HEX color(ex white: #fff)
.wrap_block {
    background: #eee;

Cheers :)

Great!! Thanks a lot

I really like all your templates, but love specially this one. Thank you so much for this beautiful template!

How do I add side by side menu with small icons in drop down menu?

This require additional work. Now is not possible.

Thanks for fast reply. I did not found any supporting files for from.html and also for latest tweets, How do I use them?

Forms and flick photos are not working. They are only for demonstrative purpose.

Anyway, you can get your photos from Flickr very easy. Use this script:

Hey thanks for Flickr but you forgot to tell me about latest tweets?

Okay. Here is the script for latest tweets. It’s very easy to implement.

Hey how to show menu item as selected when i’m on that page?


I just bought this theme. I am facing the following issues -

- Not able to add the sidebar in the home page - The quality of the images displayed in the slider on the home page is not good. (It is a bit unsharp) - How to add images to the portfolio or gallery. It is a photographer site so need a gallery to add images fast. - Is there a way to add widgets in the main area. If you have any detailed documentation which I can refer please let me know. I checked the documentation with the zip file, but need some more details.

Please help.


Hi. I think you purchased this theme:

But, OK.
Not able to add the sidebar in the home page
Sorry, but this is not possible for homepage layout.

The quality of the images displayed in the slider on the home page is not good.
Please, when you upload the image, select “Full Size” option.
Screenshot ->

How to add images to the portfolio or gallery.
Like blog posts. Set the featured image( Don’t forget to use “Full Size” option ).
Screenshot ->

It is a photographer site so need a gallery to add images fast. – Is there a way to add widgets in the main area.

Sorry, but you can’t.


This is my site link –

If you see the quality of the images in the slider is not good. Also I would like to display more content in the home page, please let me know how to add it.

Hey Smartik, you haven’t replied to my question so far?

Sorry, this is just a HTML template. This can’t be done automaticaly. To this you must add your custom css class for current page item.

Could you also add a pricing list with for example 4 products beside each other and the features under it?

Hello, Thanks for clean and cool design template.

I have one doubt, hope you will help me out with this. I am using “ThumbScroll” on my html page. But i want images to be scrolling automatically on page load (and not only on mouse movement). Can you help me out with this please?

ThumbScroll works only on mouse hover. Autoplay is not possible.

Does the theme come with the form elements? Can I use the .CSS that make these form elements to make custom forms for my website?

You can use these styls to create your custom forms.

URGENT !!! I purchased your theme and for some reason it does not work on internet explorer. I even enabled the css for ie7 and ie8 and the javascript for ie but still no luck. Please let me know what can I do to make it work on internet explorer.

Hey Smartik,

I love this theme, I’ve had zero issues with it thus far and found it amazingly simple to edit, customize, edit the PSDs, etc. Can’t wait for you to author another one!!!

Haha anyway I have run into a bizaare issue… I customized and designed all my pages for the site I am building that will use the Suppose template. I put them all online to test out / preview. Checked everything in IE8 , IE9, Firefox, Chrome, etc. and all looked perfect.

I then re-uploaded all of the HTML pages after adding a favicon as a finishing touch. The addition of the favicon (which does display properly and as it should), is the ONLY thing I changed…. and suddenly, the template doesn’t work in Firefox. This is nuts, I know, considering IE is the one that is temperamental, but in IE and Chrome it still looks flawless. Have you heard of anything like this happening?

I used the Developer tool / Error console thing in Firefox and there were dozens and dozens of errors being triggered from the typography.css file… lots of errors that said ‘declaration unknown, dropped’ and stuff like that – but I didn’t really make any CSS changes to the template at all. So odd, please help – I (was) just about ready for a final launch til this happened! :-)

Maybe you have missed a tag or something similar. I think can help you but only if send me a demo link or source code via email. So, I can try to debug this for you. My email: smartik89 [at]

Sorry for delayed answer.

Regards. :)

Just purchased this great theme. Would love to be able to integrate it in a multi langage way. Is there an option you can suggest that is both sexy and seo compliant ?

thanks in advance.

Any word on going responsive with this theme?