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Nice overall look. But still it shows outline dots and missing tables and lots of form controls calendar ,spin controls , progress bar , tables etc. But i can always find them. Also with banner small with some add space right. I know i am greedy i want all in one template so i can reuse and rebuy for different clients. Have to refine color work and more iconized (font-awesoem) buttons . So i can use ur template as base. Anyways good work for first template.


I sent you an email several days ago for some support with the logo and my attempt to increase the size of the logo and the problems it created when I did so. You responded to my initial request but have not responded to any subsequent emails.

I could really use an answer to the problem I described in my email. Can I get some help please?

supper awesome,best of luck;

I find your work very good, I’m considering buying a template but I detected a small detail when I see it from an iphone 5. When turning the phone to a horizontal format design is not properly sized . This happens only on the main page I think that is due to the slide show. To do this I have to minimize using my fingers until the correct dimension. If I turn the phone vertically the page format does not appear correctly.

I hope to have a reply you as soon as possible

Hi, thanks for liking my template. In the next update this issue will be fixed.

Hi, it seems some of the images in the theme folder are corrupt. Please check and fix…as its not displaying as in the live demo.

Also, I cant see the settings icon where i can change layout and color presets before final selection. Still observing other glitches in the downloaded theme file.

Expecting feedback soonest. Cheers

the php version doesnt load well too

i’m yet to hear from you on this…anyone here?

i’m yet to receive support 2 weeks after purchase/complaint. that’s really a bad way to treat one’s clients

Is there anyway to make sub menu come left side instead of right if the submenu go over screen when we resize browser window or zoom?. Emal me reply if you can. thanks

When its mobile phone size the submenu below submenu do not show. In example Features and it has header submenu. Please send me fix as soon as possible if you find solution. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately the big size menu isn’t displayed in the mobile/tablet version. Can you fix it please :)

*I’ve purchased it with an other acc

The navigation bar does not display properly on my iPad. How can I fix this?