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Very attractive. Good luck with your sales :)


Beautiful template!!!!! I love your work my friend!!!! ;) Wish you many sales!!!! ;)


Good job!Good luck :)


He does always nice work….:)


Foundation templates always get a plus from me! But this one is really amazing :)!


Quite impressive! Congrats and good luck with your sales!


Looks nice ! GLWS :)


Great template. I have a query though.

When clicked on a portfolio image, I want the lightbox to have multiple images instead of just one. Is it possible?

yes possible, you have to define fancybox-group

Looks really nice. Can you tell me if i can make a vimeo Video play when i click the portfolio items? And is there a limit of how many portfolio items i can do?

you can do this by iframe in portfolio item.

the portfolio item is not limited you can add as much you want.

Nice Work! Good luck!


Great, glws ;)


Nice… but not responsive :( on window width from 1076px to 859px – browser’s horisontal scrollbar

let me fix

Round images of explore our works section appear to be square and not rounded, in my download, and now also in the themeforest page, while I have a previously preview page opened in other computher that remains rounded. What’s happening ? It’s a fault upload of a new version ? I cannot explain this behavior.

let me check and fix this issue, may be a browser problem

Hi, Nice Work and very attractive :) I want to buy this template, but I need a menu “pricing” :( can you make for me this menu? I pay

ok, i will give you this support, message me from profile

I agree this looks beautiful and has some nifty ideas I’d like but…

As alex_mc said it is NOT responsive:

- Ginormous empty spots at the bottom of each section with any reasonably sized desktop browser - News section on narrow width cannot be scrolled and goes off the page on the right - Sliders at the top do not scale their items so half of the text is off the screen or clipped - constant scrollbar appearance if you test the theme on desktop and narrow the browser to phone or tablet width

I have added this to my collection of wants and will check back time-to-time in hopes of an update. Really liked that you chose Foundation, great CSS3 effects…but until I never see a horizontal scrollbar I’ll keep waiting.

thanks for suggestions

crashes on m ipad…would LOVE this template, but concerned it is not properly repsonsive. Please let us know when this may change.

In my collection to keep an eye on!

wait, let me have an update

hello please give me solution for following :

in the “blog” slider—i want to remove that animation effect on hover. any thoughts about the same.

kindly check and go to WORKS section and then check the animation on image HOVER (before clicking on that image). I WANT TO REMOVE THAT ANIMATION.

hi when I change the name of portfolio filters by inspector … it doesn’t work anymore ! ... why ? and how to fix ?