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Surplus is a great site!

I had one problem that I hope somebody could give me a helping hand with. This has to do with getting 8 portfolio items on the frontpage. For some reason, it creates white space between these items and cannot get rid of these. I am referring here to this site: http://www.mattipohjonen.com/demosite/

Any tips about what might be the issue?



Hi Matti,

The white space is due to the fact that your images are not all the same sizes. Some featured images might be too small. You can clear your divs using a little CSS (this will be added in the next future update).

#home-portfolio .portfolio-item:nth-child(4n+5) { clear: both; }

You can paste this at the end of your style.css file.


Great loooking theme. A couple of pre-buy questions:

1) In the demo site where you have the surpluss header/logo, could I use that space for a full width header/banner. Basically an image of whatever I want and adjust the size as needed?

2) Instead of images for each page I want to insert videos in their place (and use them in portfolio pages). Is this possible?

3) Can I do a full width page blog post?

And all of this without coding!



1) You can upload a custom image logo and it can be any size you want. And you can adjust the size/look as needed via CSS.

2) The portfolio items do have a video embed code. But on the archives/homepage it will show the featured image. The video should only display on the actual post. This option will eventually turn into an oEmbed option in the next update (no eta atm).

3) Not via any theme option. This would need to be done via CSS or creating a unique/custom template for use with your theme

Hi Man,

I have to relaunch the client site I used Surplus. Is it possibly to have a Sticky Header?

Many thanks for you answer. Werner


Yes. But you’ll need to add some custom code to your site for this. Here is a tutorial for that – http://ruturaj.net/automatic-header-stick-to-scroll-with-jquery/

ENGEOIT Purchased

Hi There,

I just purchased your theme earlier this week. It is very awesome and doing great things for my firm’s website.

I have a question regarding adding a title underneath the portfolio items in the toggle or filter landing page. I see from a previous question that I would need to add ’<?php the_title( ‘

’, ‘

’ ); ?>’ to accomplish a heading three title beneath the photo, but I am having trouble getting this to work. Does it matter where exactly I put it after the php title tag? Right now I have it immediately following the photo and before ’</article>’.

Also I’d prefer to use the filter page but I do not see the article container with a class of “portfolio-item” anywhere. in the php file.

Any thoughts/advice you have is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

nielsp Purchased

When I load additional images under the ‘Portfolio with toggles’ I am getting extra rows (blank Lines, many) for each image loaded after the first 4 are in. There was no problem with the first category. But for the 2nd category when I added images 5-8 then there are spaces between the next row (aprox 4 image rows of blank lines. This did not go away when I added the 3rd category.

See web site (http://ottawaphotogrid.ca/?page_id=54) Portfolio with toggles.



Hi Niels,

Sorry I’m not quite understanding the issue. I tried going to your site but its not loading. ;(

nielsp Purchased

I found out what the problem is for comment above (extra spacing) The use of ‘slingpic’ for photo sharing. It was added after the first category was uploaded and only affected the remaining. Once I deactivated the plugin it went back to normal/ Niels

nielsp Purchased

Is it possible to un-attach or attach to another page/portfolio etc?

IS it possible to replace an image (upload) with another image?




Do you mean un-attach or attach images? To un-attach an image you will have to either delete it while on the post or find a plugin that lets you un-attach them.

To attach images already in the library just go to your media library, any image not currently attached an be attached to a post – you should see a link next to it. If not, then its attached. In WordPress images can only be attached to 1 post at a time.

nielsp Purchased

How do I get more than 2 rows of images under portfolio with toggles for each of the categories? thanks Niels


As long as you have more then 4 posts for a given category it should make more rows. The template should display all posts for that category.

nielsp Purchased

I had a friend find the data. Under ‘Portfolio – With Toggles Page Template’. line ‘numberposts’ => ‘8’, was set to 8 which is only 2 rows of 4. I changed it to 16 and now have 4 rows.


Oh cool. It really should be -1 not 8. Which is what I was assuming I had done.

I’ll make sure to update the theme. Thanks for that & sorry for the initial careless reply (was not in the office at the time)!

nielsp Purchased

I find the the ‘home page highlights’ page sets the image larger than actual. I set the image size in ‘Theme-functions to ‘add_image_size( ‘slider’, 475, 300, true ); but still scales up to 980 wide. I tried using the thumbnail regenerater; deleting image and uploading with correct size, but still they remain large. I check image info (RIGHT CLICK) and it says rescaled to this larger size.

nielsp Purchased

For my setup the issue is that the theme up-sizes my photos not to their original size but to a width of 780.

View info on 1st image in HP slider. (only one) and you’ll see that its been up-sized.

nielsp Purchased
I created a 100×100 pixel image. I set this as featured image for the Image slides. But when I view image info it is up-scaled to 980×980. http://nielsphenriksen.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Test-100-100.jpg Dimensions: 100px × 100px (scaled to 980px × 980px).

When I searched all docs with theme there were only 2 lines with the 980px Wrapper and Content slider.

My theme was downloaded 10 Sept. 2012.


In the original comment you mentioned the “home page highlights” which is what I was referring to.

Seems like you really were talking about the Image slider?

The Image slider does scale images to 100% wide because its a responsive slider and its just the way it works. Have a look at the demo: http://wpexplorer-demos.com/surplus/

The idea behind the slider is to have full-width images. If you were to upload a small one and it didn’t scale 100% then it would be a little image on the top left of the slider and look pretty bad.

I’m not sure what you need to accomplish with the slider, but if you need to have little images maybe you’ll want to try a 3rd party slider?

I will likely be adding Slider Revolution or LayerSlider to this theme in the future and removing the built-in sliders for the next update (when WP 3.6 comes out). Either way these are the 2 plugins I highly recommend.

If you have an example of what you are trying to accomplish with the slider, maybe I can provide you with a better idea ;)

kiwi7756 Purchased

Hello WPExplorer, I would like to make links to the portfolio page AND have a specific blog category toggle opened when landing on the page. I’ve tried to do things like “http: //www.kiwimage.com/portfolio/#print” but it doesn’t work, it’s always the first category that is opened by default. Is that possible ?


Hi there,

This isn’t possible by default and pretty complex stuff if you don’t know at least basic jQuery….I fiddled with the theme for about 10 minutes and I think I got something working, contact me via my profile page and I’ll send you my updated files and you can see if it helps you out.

Hi.. I really like your theme and would like to buy it for my client website. But just want to confirm does this theme can support latest WP version 3.5.x ?


Yes, all my themes are currently hosted on the latest version of WordPress (MS install). Of course there will be some updates though when 3.6 rolls out.

pricool Purchased

hi i got error while importing sample-data.xml. Seems can not import to media. Can help?

Failed to import Media “Kite Surfing” Failed to import Media “Golden Gate” Failed to import Media “River landscape” Failed to import Media “Sunrise Tuscany landscape” . . . . Failed to import Media “Trendy Young Man” Failed to import Media “wpexplorer.com screen capture 2012-4-13-9-56-23” Failed to import “Untitled”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form


If the images won’t import there are a few reasons why it could happen…

  • Server timed out
  • Your server permissions are too strict
  • My server was down
  • You did not select to import the images.

If you want to contact me via my profile page I can try giving you a new sample data and see if it helps.


I have just purchased this theme, but am having problems with the staff page. I have followed the directions accurately but none of the images are showing up. This is what I did:

1. I created a new page with the staff template selected. 2. I created a new staff dept. with members in it. 3. The members I created have a featured image (I just used a screenshot of the images you have in the demo to use as placeholders) and assigned them to the corresponding staff group in the staff department options on the right. 4. In the template options on the Staff page I have the correct staff directory selected.

Still I am getting no images to show up on the staff page, or the individual member pages.

Help please?


I responded to your last comment. Please look.

Purchased this theme last year and set it up for a client. Love it! One year later, I can’t seem to remember how to make changes to the sidebar :/

Help please!

Thanks, Sarah


Hi Sarah,

What sort of “changes” to do you mean? In terms of widgets you would just add them at Appearance->Widgets.


The twitter widget isn’t showing the most recent tweets. I went into widgets thinking that’s where I could manage the sidebar, but when I go to Appearance -> Widgets there are no sidebar options. I know it sounds crazy but, yes, this is my dilemma. Where oh where are my sidebar widgets?


The twitter widget included with the theme will no longer work because Twitter recently updated their API. I would recommend this plugin instead – http://wordpress.org/plugins/recent-tweets-widget/

Where are your sidebar widgets? Now that isn’t something I can magically help with without actually looking in your admin. I would suggest maybe first try de-activating any active plugins to see if one is causing the issue. If not, contact me via my profile page with your site/login details and I’ll have a look for you.

Can you add a custom section/field to do custom html on the homepage?


The theme will actually be updated soon to use a static homepage instead of the default method, this way you could use the page used for the homepage to add in some HTML. I can send you the updated files, but it will also require you to reset your admin panel and the updates won’t be ready until at least next week.

The easiest for now would be to simply insert whatever code you want into index.php.

Hi there.. sorry to keep commenting. I am just having issues! None of the template options are working for any of the pages I create. The only one that seems to work is the default and blog template. The other templates are not loading any of the corresponding data that I have linked. (example: After I create a new page, I will select the “Portfolio” category template under the Page Attributes box on the left, and then under the Theme Options, I will select a portfolio category I created previously under the portfolio tab on the left. All of the portfolio items I created earlier have a title, featured image, content and are assigned to the category that I selected on the under the theme options in the page I was trying to make a portfolio page. This and most of the the other templates are not showing up on the pages I assign them to. Instead, the page just shows the page title and the rest is blank. Something isn’t working quite right and I am not sure if its me or something else. Help would be appreciated!

Also, I am using the most current version of Wordpress 3.5.2.


I would be glad to help, but its impossible for me to provide any assistance just via a comment. I would have to look at the back-end and make sure there isn’t any issues. Contact me via my profile page contact form with your site info and I”ll help you out.


Thank you for your response. I am working locally on my computer. Is there a way for you to access my backend if I am working locally? Or will I need to transfer the web?


Best if it were live. I have honestly never heard of templates not working…Have you tried searching for this issue at all?

have you tried turning on WP_Debug to see if there is an error – http://codex.wordpress.org/WP_DEBUG

Do all your portfolio items/staff items have featured images?

Is it possible to use multiple features from the various templates on one page- similar to how the home page is structured?

There are pages that I would like have a sidebar, as well as the service boxes, etc.


This would be impossible, there is no method of “fusing” templates together. You would have to create your own template file with all the code you want.


Makes sense. Thanks.


I’m a photographer and I’m thinking of buying this theme. Only one thing is not so clear. All my photos are on Flickr, categorized in different sets. Is it possible to integrate these sets on Flickr into my portfolio and/or blog in this Wordpress theme?

(What I mean is that one of the photos from a certain set is visible in the portfolio/blog. When you click on it, you will redirected to the relevant set on Flickr.)




What I mean is that I want to post my pictures directly from my Flickr account to my website, instead of uploading photos to my own webserver. This saves data traffic.


Oh gotcha. Unfortunately I don’t know how you can do this since I have never tried ;) There might be a plugin out there for this, but I’m not sure. A lot of themes will actually require you to have your images hosted on your server, because of security WordPress trims/crops/resizes images only on the same server.

Kolkkie Purchased

We try to find out if it’s possible, otherwise I’ll upload a photo and place the link in the article.

Rachie Purchased

Hi – I’ve asked this question before but I couldn’t find where! Sorry.

Just wondering if it’s possible to get rid of the header in the surplus theme at the top of each page? e.g. The bar underneath navigation bar which comes up with the name of each page when that page is open. I’m using different colours in the navigation bar so don’t want it to also come up on the top of each page what that page is.

Thanks – continuing to love this theme!


The best solution would be for you to actually duplicate page.php and rename to something like page-without-title.php then edit the code so you can have page template without a title…example:


That way you can still have pages with titles if you need them and also if you ever update the theme your file won’t be overwritten.

There is an option in the theme options panel if you want the blog entries to show the full posts instead of excerpts.

Rachie Purchased

Thanks AJ – tried that but it didn’t work for both issues. We did exactly as you suggested for the page without title but nothing changed. We’re pretty stumped on that one. Also, I already had the option for full post clicked and it still doesn’t show the tags and categories at the bottom – the read more button is still there with the post categories and tags hiding.


Contact me via my profile page with your logins and then a link to this comment thread – http://themeforest.net/author_dashboard#comment_4401830 – so I can see what has been done. It’s very hard to help you out without knowing what is going on exactly.

Hi WPExplorer

This is a brilliant theme and it is so easy to work with. I do have a question though.

The main navigation li isnt highlighted if I am in a page that is underneath that li dropdown. Is there something wrong with my custom css or is the theme that way? in the latter case.. is there someway i can change it to highlight the main li?? Thank you so much.


Glad you like it, thank you for the purchase!

The theme is that way by default. In order to highlight the parent you do need some extra CSS. I generally do not highlight it because people have always asked me to remove it.

The CSS for that should be something like…

.current-menu-parent > a,
.current_page_parent > a {
background: #000;
color: #fff;
border: none;