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Hello, what’s the changelog of Surreal 25 April 15’s version? What about wordpress 4.2?


Hi, The update was for compatibility with WP 4.2


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I have found an incompatibility with the WordPress 4.2.2:

In MediaLibrary, filtering by media tags is broken. The reason is that empty parameter &s is present.

This is what helped me:

in the file /surreal/framework/php/PeTheme/PeThemeController.php commented out line #9:

// add_filter('pre_get_posts',array(&$this,"pre_get_posts_filter"));

Then it works fine, but more testing is needed.

Any comments on this?

Thanks for reporting this, we will investigate and update the theme as necessary.

Still des best designed theme what i ever bought. Please update it regularly with new features. I really love it.

I have the theme set to check for updates on my site but it isn’t detecting the new version to auto-update. Is it manual only even with that turned on?

Hi, The auto update function currently doesn’t work due to Envato’s API and WP class for updates. So you will need to do it manually. See this thread from our support forums for more info. http://support.pixelentity.com/threads/8226-WordPress-3-9-Themes-Update


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Video home page not working anymore.

Could you please verify.


we just submitted an update to fix this, you should get email from ThemeForest once it’s approved.

Hi, I’ve updated to the latest version of the Surreal theme and my homepage video is still not working?


please open a thread on our support forum and we will take a look there: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/39-Surreal-WordPress-Theme

Hi there,

When I change the slider images its blank on the homepage? Please help.


sorry to hear you are experiencing issues, please open a thread on our support forum and someone will take a look into it: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/39-Surreal-WordPress-Theme


Hello, can i change the theme color to light and dark to any other color.

The theme only contains a light/dark skin switcher, if you would like other colors you will need to create those yourself using custom css.

Thanks bitfade.

Can I Shift the main logo from right to left.

HI, Yes that can be done with a simple css snippet. Our support team can help you make that change post purchase via our support forums. Thanks

Hi! Id like purchase this theme but ive to add a booking plugin that works with woocommerce. Please let me know if you intend add woocommerce compatibility with your theme in future updates. Best regards Sam XS

Hi, There are no plans to add Woocommerce compatibility to this theme. Thanks.

Hello, My website url is www.indiabarinc.com and my problem is I want to add instagram link on my website. Also I want my social accounts links to open in different tab.

I want to know the banner images size as well for home page banner as well as parallax banners.


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/39-Surreal-WordPress-Theme

Video home page doesn’t show any video on a phone (looking on iphone 5) – is it supposed to work? thanks

Hi, Background video is not supported in mobile devices. However you can insert a fallback image which will show on mobile devices only.

Hey! I’ve posted for a support two days ago.. Yet no response..Please assist Thank you

Hi, if you have posted in our support forum, we’re working through a back log from the weekend (when the forums are not open). We’ll get to your issue soon. If you haven’t posted in our support forum, please do so now: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/39-Surreal-WordPress-Theme

Hello how to change the portfolio selector item”All” to french or local language

Hello how to have the contact form to work fine i get error when submit


Please check this thread from our support forum for this theme: http://support.pixelentity.com/threads/13138-Contact-form-email-not-working?highlight=contact

Hi there,

and many thanks for the nice Theme!

I’m just wondering is there a possibility to add more Portfolio filters than “All” + four more filters? And I would love to delete “All” filter. Can I do it some way? Maybe do I need to custom PeThemeProject.php file or something?

Many thanks! :)


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/39-Surreal-WordPress-Theme


Interested in this template for WP… but i’m confused about something…: can i host videos on the server and publish them with this template? If so, what’s the best format?

Do let me know. Cheers Joao

Thanks for the reply.

To clarify further… if i use a wp plug in with a video player, will that solve that issue? ie, to host videos and play them in a blog post.

Let me know. Thanks. J

Hi, If that plugin provides such a feature then yes, however make sure the plugin itself provides all of what you are seeking because our theme and a plugin will not work together to make it happen. Something which allows the playback of self-hosted mp4 & ogv videos including a player, to be placed into a blog post using a shortcode of direct embed code, would be the type of thing you would need. I don’t know of any such plugin, personally, but there’s surely one out there.

Hi! Could you help me here please? The video on my home page isn’t working. draftprosystems.com is the site and this is the video that should be there

http://www.draftprosystems.com/?video=home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uc4VCifX8tA&feature=youtu.be

Thank you!

Hi, Have you tried removing the “s” from “https” ?

Hi, I would like to buy this theme. Is it ok with worldpress 4.9 Thanks

sorry, wordpress 4.4 and not 4.9


yes, the theme works properly with the WordPress 4.4