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The parallax effect is not working on iPad mini 2 with retina display! Have only checked in it, but I guess it doesn’t work in devices other than desktop and laptops! Please tell me how to make it happen!


Any chance we can have the responsive nav instead of the Tiny Nav on this one? I’ll buy if so… Thanks!

How do I make this image flushed to the top of the navigation bar? I don’t want the image to come through the bottom of the navigation bar.

http://tinypic.com/r/jgkro1/8 http://i58.tinypic.com/jgkro1.png

I’ve attached two images. Thanks

The YouTube video plays in IE & chrome, but not in Firefox 32.0.3. Does anyone know why? i-am-a-real-person.com Thanks, Cheryl


I just tried and it works fine for me in 32.0.3??


When it first tried to play in Firefox a bar popped up asking me to “Allow site to run nVidia 3D vision?”, and I foolishly clicked accept. I later wondered if this was the problem, as I didn’t accept it in the other browsers. I reset Firefox to it’s default and didn’t accept it next time it was offered and it worked! I can only assume it was the bizarre nVidia message that fouled it up. I can only hope noone else wants “3D vision”. Thanks

The Accordion is lovely BUT my text is long, and it breaks the “measurements” and it opens all over the place. How do I get it to open at the accordion heading? Thanks, Cheryl

Hi is there a way to add an external link to MOBILE MENU, i’ve already done to normal menu but i don’t find solution on your docs how to ADD Option to MOBILE MENU to link to my external shop e.g. Shop online—> http://www.tuscanleathershop.com my link PSSIBLE also to open a new web page ? can you help me please thanks


TRYED THIS but NOT WORK: Add this to the HTML code where the dropmenu is <select class=”dropmenu” name=”dropmenu” onchange=”location = this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;”>


<!- Start Dropmenu for mobile -> <!- <select class=”dropmenu” name=”dropmenu” onChange=”moveTo(this.value)”> -> <select class=”dropmenu” name=”dropmenu” onchange=”location = this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;”> <option value=”” selected=”selected”>Menu</option> <option value=”#homepage”>Home</option> <option value=”shoponline”>Shop Online</option> <option value=”#folio”>Collections</option> <option value=”#about”>About</option> <option value=”#services”>Philosophy</option> <option value=”#features”>Features</option> <option value=”#contact”>Contact</option> <option value=”http://www.tuscanleathershop.com/blog”>Blog</option> </select> <!- End Dropmenu for mobile ->


not work the raw alue=”shoponline”>Shop Online</option> <option> have the right link here not showed due to limitations post

The BLOG link did not work in the mobile version. I have introduced the change you suggested in one of the posts:

<select class="dropmenu" name="dropmenu" onchange="location = this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;">

That fixed the link. But now the page do not scroll smoothly whilst navigated through the mobile menu, it simply jumps from one section to another.

How can I fix that?


please send me a link and I can have a look for you.

The main address is following: http://www.kosmetykapoznan.pl And the link we are talking aboutis here: http://www.kosmetykapoznan.pl/ddp.html

Bare in mind that the effect I described relates only to mobile navigation used on mobile devices.

Also, the page and the link address were modified, but the same thing happens when I apply the thing you suggested to the original theme code.



Did you manage to have a look at it? Pretty much I literally can’t figure it out. And I very much need it to develop things further (for landing pages and for the blog itself).

Hello. Sorry I have a problem: using default Android browser on mobile phone, in the portfolio section, I don’t see text or zoom icon, so I can’t open vimeo video or images. Any suggestion? Thankyou


How can I change the mobile dropdown to a hamburger style menu?


Hi there… where do I customize the ‘our clients’ part of the website? I would like to change the title of that section and/or remove it altogether.

I need to put a video as one image more of my slideshow. Is it possible? Or is it possible to put it at the end of slideshow?

Hopefully this theme is still supported. Looked through the comments and found that in order to receive messages from the contact page, I have to enter in an email address in the contact_form.php file.

I did that, saved it and uploaded it to my server. Tested it twice, but still have not received the messages. I’ve checked my spam too.

Anything else I should check?

The last comment I see from the author was 2 months ago. I suppose this template is not being supported anymore.