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crepcon Purchased

Hello Sir, Yesterday I purchased this html template by mistake. actually I need the wordpress version. So please kindly help me to get the wordpress version. Its my request to that either refund my amount or adjust my amount when I buy the wordpress version.

Thanks & Regards

You will have to contact Envato – I can’t refund you.

Hello I purchased your template few months ago, but i have no reply with my issue : you tube background. email: best regards,

Finally, i contacted envato directly and downloaded the last version i purchased TWO years ago, i updated jquery.mb.YTPlayer.js but don’t how with the YTPLayer.css i dont find it in the last version… the video doesn’t loop.

The latest version has the CSS file, I will send you an email with instructions

I’m interested in buying your Wordpress template to use for my performer website. I’m a singer and would like to post all my videos in the slider, but your example only shows one video. Can you post multiple videos there? If so, is there a limit to the amount of videos that I can post in the slider?

The video option is only meant for one video

Hi Surreal Support team,

I am looking for a website template which does not require CMS/DB, will Surreal works as statics html pages? (with or without the blog section?)

Is it possible to let me check the documentation so I have an idea how possible to customize it to suit our needs?

Thanks & Regrads

Yes this will work fine without CMS/DB

Love the site design, I receive lots of positive comments on my website. One question keeps coming up, can I add “code” to the navigation buttons that will turn off the main video so it doesn’t continue to play when I’m on another part of the website? Thanks

No sure if you received this question yet?

Hello, i’m trying to edit some fields in Surreal for Drupal, but i can’t find how to do it, my question is:

Are the Stats Dynamic? If so, were can i update them? If not, is there a way to make them dynamic?

Thank you in advance, Cheers Nuno

Hello i’m writing again is there a right code to add to MOBILE version for alink to external page ?? ask other times without solutions PLEASE FIX thanks

duplicated posted same question 11 days ago, but still waiting for a reply from author


In the past, with different theme version I changed with your help the home page video behaviour. In the way that the video didn’t repeat and appears a background image after the video finished.

Now I update the theme version and it doesn’t work.

Can you help me?



Quick question how do i add the images on the home page like in demo that are activated by the arrows.

Thank You!

neve rmind i figured it out

no problem


JAZ50 Purchased

Hi, i bought your –wonderfull- ā€˛Surreal“ template, and working on it now (Surreal white slider). Just 2 questions:

- I want to place a logo in the nav bar on the left side. How do I fix this? - I want to change the text of the slidercaption, not delete this, how can I manage this? Where is the text hidden?

Thank you in advance for some information! All the best, Hans

You can update the text in the slider in the custom.js file to move logo to left, change in the css .logo to float left rather than right

Good afternoon . I do not have the contact_form.php File SURREAL template . Could someone provide the code for me? Thank you “