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K thanks

Great theme but I’m having issues trying to upload into the gallery and what not. Can you please explain where to upload images to view in the porfolio section? I see no option area to do so…

Hey Wade, just create new posts with featured images, and put them into the portfolio category/ies, it should be explained in the help file


How and where do I put the URL on a slide post?

Please help – I want to slider to link til pages on the website – But how do I do???

Hey, to add a link to a slide, edit the slide post, and add custom field named slide_url, then put the link itself(i.e. http://www.google.com) in value field.


Sorry – I do not understand what to do – Where do I put: slide_url And how do I make the custom field ?

It’s a wordpress feature, check this vid: http://wordpress.tv/2009/08/29/custom-fields-introduction/ he gets to the point around 1:25. If you don’t have the custom field box like he does, then click “screen options” in top right corner and check “custom fields” checkbox so wordpress starts displaying them.

Can I see a tutorial for this??

How can I get the slider to work with IE 9 ??? Need help!

Hi, try adding #slider{height:344px !important;} to the bottom of css file you will find in yourwordpressinstall/wp-content/themes/Survive_WP/css/style.css

(not the yourwordpressinstall/wp-content/themes/Survive_WP/style.css )

this should do it.


I do not have a file called style.css i that folder. I only have reset.css and an images folder But my folder is also called: yourwordpressinstall/wp-content/themes/wordpress_survive/css/

I do not have a file called style.css i that folder. I only have reset.css and an images folder

But my folder is also called: yourwordpressinstall/wp-content/themes/wordpress_survive/css/

ah ok then, you have the style.css in yourwordpressinstall/wp-content/themes/wordpress_survive/

How do i get this theme to work with the newest wordpress? I updated wordpress and it broke the Website.

just updated preview to 3.4.1 and works fine, so must be something else. Check if your plugins are up to date, best turn all of them off (except the ones that came with the theme) and turn them back one by one to find culprit.



this theme i superb, but if you can in next update solve the problem with navigation. For example. When you go to page like a this http://www.studio-zee.com/studio-zee-portfolio/ and click on the picture you expect to enter to gallery instead of this you just opening a featured image and you have to click on link “See details…”. Which is a bit confusing for users.

When you open category is same thing (for example: http://www.studio-zee.com/category/interiors/ )

And one more thing is slider. New post goes automatically to slider but there is no link for this post.

Just this two details and your theme will be perfect.

Great work and thank you for this amazing theme.


it’s supposed to work like that, the portfolio being a gallery itself :) but it can be changed, mail me your pass/acc and a link to wordpress, and if I’ll find a free minute I’ll do it for you

as for the slider – you need to treat the slider as completely separate being, just with slides “looking” like posts. So you need to specify the category of which the slider will be fed from in the option tree and then stick with that category only for posts.

You can always add a link to a slide by using custom fields, it’s described here: http://themeforest.net/item/survive-wordpress-businessblogportfolio/145363 just one note – you might not see the custom fields thing at first, you need to (when editing the post/slide) hit the top right button saying “screen options” and then check the checkbox with custom posts. Then they will appear on the bottom of the page


Hello EVgreen team, I’ve got a huge problem. After making the update to 3.4.2 my site went down and the only thnigs appear is : Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_option_tree() in /home/www/25a6568bafb1c4b66543885fcb44b1d6/web/wp-content/themes/wordpress_survive/header.php on line 18

do you have any idea ?

SOLVED Just need to Activate “option tree” again ;)

Sincerely, Antony

Hey Antony, I am one man team ;)

glad you got it


Hiya i’m having a couple of problems with the gallery, when i click a picture on http://www.petechapman.co.uk/gallery it opens as just the image file rather than in a nice frame, to exit the pic you have to click the back button… why? (I’d like the pic to open with the website still behind, click the outside of the pic to go back to the gallery ect)

Also can I get rid of the text which floats over the pic in the gallery (I don’t want any option for comments ect)

many thanks


hey Pete,

.box .cover{display:none} thrown into the bottom of the css should do the trick with removing the text

the prettyphoto not opening is caused by the wp-prettyphoto plugin that is stuck without updates for some time now, it uses older version of jquery, while the updated wordpress use much newer 1.7.2 which leads to conflict there. If you don’t use many other plugins you could try to go to appearance=>editor=>functions.php and replace this highlighted part: http://prntscr.com/im76y with http://prntscr.com/im7cd . Then just check if everything else on the site is working correctly :)

If that will cause some problems – we’d have to “uproot” the wp-prettyphoto plugin and replace it with something else (regular version of prettyphoto)


Hiya I’ve looked for http://prntscr.com/im76y in functions.php and its not there? Is this strange?

thanks again


hmm you mean the highlighted part is not there? or the whole part? the whole part must be there, it’s just at the beginning of the file, if you don’t have the enqueue tho, just add it like it is on screenshot

Hiya, the highlighted text isn’t there to replace?

then just make it look like from the second screenshot

Ahh yes sorry after a misunderstanding which was totally my fault its working fine now, I had to type the updated code in manually, gallery is working fine. I guess it could be a problem with future updates of WP.

Thanks again


ye I definitely will have to revisit the theme for upcoming wp 3.5. Glad it worked, cheers :)

Hi EvGreen,

I’ve been using your theme for my business website and I love it. I’d like to update WP from 3.3.1 to 3.5.1, and I’m wondering if I’ll experience any problems?

Sincerely, Isaiah

just updated the theme preview to 3.5.1 and everything seems to work :) a lot depends on the plugins that you use along with the theme. Happy easter!

Just bought this beautiful theme, installed it with the great step by step file, BUT my menu is not working. It’s showing in really small letters on the left side of the screen.. totally wrong. It was like that from the start. (before following the steps) Please help!! http://www.playfulmedia.nl/screen_wrongmenu.png

fixed it!

glad you did :) I guess it was that you needed to switch the wp3 menus on. Sorry for not replying, I just got back from my cusins wedding in Edinburgh :)



I’m trying to add the caption of the slide but I can not. I put the title in the picture featured with slide category but still does not show on the home. I am using the latest version of wordpress version (3.6), and is sounds like a version mismatch. Have any solution for this?

it really seems like it was a incompatibility. I had to change the js to get the “alt” and not the “title” and now is working.

You can do this update too ;)

Good afternoon

Updated my site to latest version of wordpress and now it does not open! displays the error: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_option_tree() in /home/m2imagen/public_html/wp-content/themes/wordpress_survive/header.php on line 18” know how I can fix this?

looks like your option tree plugin got deactivated in the process, try to re-activate it in plugins=>installed plugins


Hi. I have used this theme for several years now and love it. But after my last Wordpress update the captions aren’t showing up on my slider images. Do you have a fix?


might be some javascript conflict from the updated wp libraries, or with some updated plugin. If you could mail me a link to your site I’ll take a look.


Hello !

First of all Sorry for my English … I’m come from Belgium ;)

I wonder if is it possible to disable the opening of the image in the gallery. I want only the links on the texte “See details … “

Thank you

when uploading images to gallery – there should be an option where you select if it should link to something or not, it’s a dropdown selection box