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Great theme. – Out of curiosity, how much do you charge for a basic customization?


Hey Scottswnsn

It totally depends on the scope of customization, but the theme is pretty flexible and easy to edit, so most of the jobs so far didn’t exceed 100$. You can always shoot me an e-mail with specific question.

Take care, and happy new year to everyone!

Scottswnsn May I ask how you did resolve yoru problem? I have been having same problem with two other themes and I really want to buy Survive theme for a blog Im planning but Im afraid of that problem at moment :( Survive is a great looking theme by the way :)


Hi Trograin

this error shows up if you didn’t install optiontree plugin, install it and it all starts working.

take care


Thank you for the quick answer. I will be buying the theme when I get back home from work. Looking forward working on me blog :)

Happy new year :)

securicy Purchased

Excellent theme, I love it and the design rocks! The features are also comprehensive, keep up the great work!

jordivid Purchased

Hi again

First at all, I love your theme… I only have a little problem with Optiontree plugin.

When I click “save all changes” it appears “Theme Options could not be saved” I have latest versions of optiontree and wordpress. I reinstalled both… but not lucky

So, the project is stopped from several days help will be appreciated



Hi Jordivid

Make me an user account with admin privileges on you wordpress installation and send me the user/password on my email (you can find it on the top of the HELP file).

I’ll have a closer look on this.

take care

jordivid Purchased

Thanks for your excellent help.

Problem solved

Love this theme but have one question. Is it possible for the gallery when I click on “see details of this project” and it takes me to the project page that the featured imaged does not show up on the top?

In my gallery posts I’m inserting multipage images & my visitors will be able to click on the thumbnails of the images they want to see in larger size so having the featured image up top is confusing for my visitors because that image will also be in thumbnail form with the rest of the pictures in that post.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:



Hey Lovemarisol :)

thanks for kind words!

It can be done ye, I’ll see what I can do about it gimme a minute



Allright, so it requires little diving into php, but nothing too serious.

You will need to edit file named single.php

once you open it, at line 4 you will find this code:

$feat_img = get_option_tree( 'feat_img' );}

make it look like this:

$feat_img = get_option_tree( 'feat_img' );
                $gallery_categories = get_option_tree( 'gallery_categories', '', false, true, -1 );}

and then, at line 41 there is a code that goes like this:

if (!($feat_img === 'No');

and you need to replace it with

if ((!($feat_img === 'No') && (!(in_category($gallery_categories))))) :

it should work automaticly now, so all other posts will display the featured images but not the ones from your galleries :)

it works on my test server, but if anything, just shoot me emails, I’ll respond tommorow (3am here already :P)

take care


Thanks for your help. It worked.

Love the theme, great clean layout. Two things:

1. My background seems to be too short. I’ve adjusted it to be sure it’s tall enough, but it seems like it’s getting resized? Any ideas on that?

2. Would love to see more shortcodes for this theme. Columns, blockquotes floated left/right, images. That would really “beef up” the theme.

Thanks for your hard work in making the theme for the rest of us!


Hi Sven and thanks :)

1)The background is made of 2 parts, so maybe you’ve been cut off by the bottom one so it looks like it’s not tall enough? You can put just a blank “space” in the input url in optiontree for the footer background to turn it off.

2)I will release a small update in upcoming week with new page template and new sidebar so maybe I’ll find some time to put extra shortcodes there too :)


Thanks for the quick reply.

It’s obvious I just wasn’t looking hard enough – I didn’t notice that the background image for the footer had a light gray top border – I thought that was white showing through. My problem for not noticing, sorry I bothered you with such a trivial thing…

Looking forward to whatever goodies are coming our way with the update!


in the gallery or portfolio, can you have the pop up be a youtube video?


Currently not, but I’ll be working on it on a request of one of the buyers so I’ll add this functionality in next update too.



sweet! thanks, I love the template and want to buy it, but will wait until it has that feature

I’m having the hardest time with this template. For some reason the slider is not working and the option tree isn’t letting me change the background color.



Send me a mail with username and password to your wordpress installation and we will sort this out :)

take care


Think we got it working :)

If you guys want the background images to disappear completely and use simple color there, just put a blank “space” sign in the place in optiontree where the backgrounds can be uploaded. (So instead clicking “upload”, put a space in the input field and save the setting)


Thanks for all your help and getting the issue resolved so fast.

got a couple questions

1. Does the update happen automatically or do i have to install it again?

2. I’m trying to use disqus for my comments but when i activate it for some reason the “author” part after a blog post disappears. any idea why? and how can i fix that?


Hi Ricardo

When the update will be available (1.2), you will be able to download it throuh envato, and simply overwrite the updated files over the older ones on your server. I will specify which files were changed. :)

About the disqus plugin, it probably overrides the comments.php file and doesn’t have it’s own author box part. It might be somewhere in the plugin options, if not, you might also try to extract the part that calls for the author box in comments.php (lines 1-4 and 13-18) and put it directly into single.php into the loop after call for the content. Can’t guarantee it will work like that though.

take care

I was talking about the (1.1) update…i purchased the theme right before the update went live. What files do I need to replace?


Files that were updated: style.css, mainpage.php, functions.php, theme-options-2010-12-16.xml, sidebar-mainpage.php

If you didn’t change anything in style.css then simple overwrite should be fine. You will also want to import that new xml to optiontree, it should keep your previous settings, but will add a new tab.

mail me if you will have any problems



Done :)


wouldn’t be easier to provide people who have bought the theme with an automated message from you with the files and instructions for updates?

I don’t come into themeforest.net that often, just saying.


Yes, it sure would :) Easiest way to do that would be to know the emails and just send a notification but.. well, I don’t know any data of the buyers, and themeforest doesn’t have any automated update notification for this :( which is a bummer really.

I will for sure add a script with autonotifiaction to the themes but for now, it would be much more work than the updates themselves :)

You can expect 1.2 update this week, most likely before weekend.


hey, thanks for a great theme, so far I have had no issues at all and the installation was smooth. I think your supporting documents are the best of any wordpress theme I have used from here or anywhere else.

I had a couple of questions though, probably quite simple but I can’t seem to get my head around it.

- I need to make the slogan text on the homepage Italic, is there a way to do this? I have tried using the code but it doesn’t work, is that cause of italics weren’t embedded in the cufon conversion?

- how can I remove all text under the slider? at the moment it appears to be a requirement that the media library uses it as a required field (the name) and then the theme uses that filename as a caption for the slider. I have added the text I want in the actual image so I don’t need it duplicated.

(also, thought for the above in future updates, maybe it’s best to feed the slider text area below from the description box instead of the filename, giving users the option to have it or not)

Anyway, thanks for a great theme, will keep an eye out on your other projects


hey Lee

aye, the bug you mentioned is a bug with textareas in optiontree plugin which does what you just described. Author of the plugin forgot to put some stripslashes() in the code, promised update but no word since 2 months :(

what you are looking for is a:

text-align: center;

from what I understood you just would want to put it in .widgets_mainpage_no_frame h2 around 892line of code in style.css and around 896line as well



Nope, that didn’t fix the problem, any other ideas?

thanks as ever


hmm send me an email with link to your site and I’ll have a closer look :)

hi I know nothing about anything to do with themes will this be easy for me to use? can I change the colour, add my logo and a few paypal buttons? How many pages can I have?



Hi there Melissa,

Well, it might be a question that only you could find the answer to :) In general, wordpress was made with unexperienced users in mind, it’s very easy to manage and edit, so if you could handle managing facebook account or anything like it, it pretty much means you will be fine with wordpress.

However, the process of installation is a bit more complicated matter, even though I tried my best to make it user friendly. You can send me a message via contact form on bottom right of this page and I will send you a copy of the documentation file so you can see if it is any difficult. Other then that, I also offer installations on customers server for 79$, that will make it look exactly like on theme preview, and be ready for your further adjustments.

And yes, you can change the logo, background colors and links colors very easily, you can have as many pages as you want (or till they fit in the menu), and adding paypal buttons shouldn’t be a big deal either :)


Hey guys, proud to announce there is 1.2 update coming to you, it just needs to go through themeforest update queue.

I’ve already updated the theme preview with new features:

Video support click the item on the top left to see a vid.

Page with sidebar and separate sidebar for it here

I’ll comment again once it’s deployed on the server.


hi thanks for the message

in terms of the paypal buttons how do I add them? you said it shouldnt be too hard…does that mean it is?

Also can i hot this on godaddy.com?


you can host wordpress and this theme on any server with mysql and php5, so godaddy is fine ofc

and paypal buttons are just pre-made scripts that you copy and paste so no difficulty in that :)

Love the theme so far! Got a quick question though. I may just missing the code but can you customize the width of the main menu instead of it being restricted by how many menu items are set up? I would like it to be the width of the body with the menu items floating left.

Thanks a lot!


ok, i was able to get the menu floating left and was able to change the width of the entire main menu bar.

but all of the menu items automatically adjusted relative to the width of the menu mar. I can’t figure how to keep all the menu items floating left instead of automatically spreading out along the entire menu bar.

http://twofishmediasolutions.com – I threw the site up on this domain real quick so you could see it if it helps any.


One more thing that I have run into. When displaying images in the gallery, how do you stop the “see more details” box from being functional when you scroll over the image thumbnail?


mhm, what you can do to “squeeze” those menu items would be: 1)removing the width you added to the .menu ul li a 2)removing the background property from .menu ul li 3)removing the background property from .menu ul 4)adding width property to the .menu (like width:950px;) 5)and changing the menu-right.png to not be just the right part of menu bar but a whole bar itself


and for the gallery, if you want to remove the “see the details of..” just put a space in the field named:

“Change the “See details of this project..” message on gallery items.”

in optiontree that is in “gallery” tab

I just tried to install and received this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_option_tree() in /home5/cornonth/public_html/badrhinoblog/wp-content/themes/wordpress_survive/header.php on line 18

What should I do to resolve and have the theme up and running?


you need to install the optiontree plugin and follow the guide I wrote :P

Thanks, I’m a newbie and not technical at all. I just installed the Optiontree plugin…

Where can I see the guide?



the guide is in the HELP folder, just open the index.html file there, grab a cup of coffee and start reading :)

have fun editing!

I can’t believe how simple it is! I’m having a lot of fun!

Thanks so much for this. I may have some more questions about set up.

We need have two separate Domains we want to run on this theme:

BadRhinoBlog.com and BadRhinoINC.com

One is a blog and one is our staffing agency/consulting firm.

BadRhinoBlog.com is what I’m working on launching first, and we want it to just have the traditional blog look to it.

BadRhinoINC.com will be our main company website.

Sorry, my brain is scattered. This is great!