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Hi Can you add pages and to the menu items?
or only thru section Excerpt?


Hello, trumoc!

In this theme it is possible to add new pages only using section Excerpt.

7 months later I have an answer…

Hi, is there any chance to have the main menu always visible also on smartphones?

Hello chiaraeffe,

Unfortunately no, there isn’t. This option available on other our theme Thanks for your question!

Hi Serzh,

I’d like to demo Swag, but it’s not working? It looks like the domain expired today and now the demo site is down.

I gotta see that Swag. ;)

Hello, patches.

Thank you for your attention and sorry for the inconvenience. We will fix it ASAP and you’ll be able to enjoy our theme.

Hi, are Video supported now? thx

Hello, rockngroll!

No, unfortunately theme doesn’t support video portfolio. It is possible to use YouTube or Vimeo video in main text editor of the page.


yeatii Purchased

Seems like the parallax effect is not working anymore on Chrome 40 ! This is very annoying and embarrassing, I’m waiting for a fix ASAP !

Hello, yeatii!

Sorry, it is bug. But you can contact us via support forum and we will help you Support team works 24/7.

Hi, . . .

My freelancer told me there should be ” Up Dates ” for this theme, as Word Press issued a security concern for ( April 2015 ).

But needs Up Version ?? None since 2013 . Questions :

1.) How does this work ( if no up date is given ) ? I’m a Mom not tech savvy.

2.) I went to the link you provided the other customer concerning a ( bug ) it’s just fine on Explorer but ( bug shows up in Chrome ) Can not Register to login to post a support ticket. . . to ask questions. Also I have given funds to my other freelancer to obtain this Theme ( he is no longer available) if I have to make another purchase to access support let me know,

Thank You, ~ Yvette

Hello, Icepink7! 1. Theme works properly with last version of the WordPress and it does not require an update. 2. We know about the issue in Chrome and we’ll fix it in the next update that you will be able download from themeforest. You should ask purchase code from your developer that purchased this theme or purchase it again.

Best regards GoGetTeamesTeam.

Ok, . . . Thank You. Have A Great Day ! ~ Yvette

Hello, Yvette! Thanks! Not at all, I hope you will decide your issue as best as possible. Best regards GoGetTeamesTeam.


this Theme works properly with latest version of the WordPress 4.2.2?


Hello, trumoc!

Yes, theme is compatible with WordPress 4.2.2.

Best regards GoGetTeamesTeam.


Ok, thanks!


You are welcome! :)