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Your theme looks cool! Great! But I still have some questions:

- Is the theme multi-language ready? (e.g. WPML) - Can I easily integrate another (touch) slider (e.g. Royalslider, iosSlider)? - Do you plan on a full-width version?


Yes the theme is WPML ready.

We have never tried the theme with those sliders, but it comes bundled with Revolution Slider


lakyei Purchased

Hello oxygenna,

Some icons on my websites just disappeared a few weeks ago.

Eg. icon-phone

What might be the possible cause?

The latest update upgraded font awesome to the latest version so this could be it Please open a ticket in our support forum

Hi! Incredible theme! Just bought and cant find revolution slider. Thanks!

Goto Appearance -> Install Plugins and you can install it from there.

Hi there!

Cant we have a blog-page with just ONE post-category displayed and A sidebar?

- global blog settings do not allow for one category to be selected - masonry recent posts shortcode display is overlapping the sidebar

cant think of anything else

thank you

You would need to edit the theme code to do this. Please open a ticket in our support forum


Velev Purchased

Hi there,

Is any way to change the services url-s. Instead of website{dot}com/our-services/service1 I want a customization website{dot}com/MYURL/service1


Velev Purchased

Hi, Thanks for the reply,but when i change the permalink from our-services to other all the services pages give me a 404 error.

Have you tried saving your permalinks after making the change? Goto Settings -> Permalinks and save

I just purchased this theme and no PSD files were supplied. Furthermore, the help docs are missing all the videos and links??? Very sad. False advertising. This is supposed to be an “Elite” author yet his package does not include whats promised??

Hi there

The help docs include links to the videos, probably you couldn’t see them when you opened them locally?

The docs videos are online here and as you can see they work.

There is also a youtube playlist of all the videos

Please open a ticket in our support forum and our designer will sort you out a copy of the PSD

i opened a ticket via your website

Pre Sale: Which theme has more features? I’m torn between swatch and angle. Which one do you think has more features and thus can become a little more original? Thanks

Both themes have lots of features so its difficult to answer, Angle I would say has the most different look to other sites because of the decorations you can use between sections.


I am wanting to modify the color-swatches.css stylesheet. I don’t want to lose my modifications when updating the theme, and therefore would like to modify this stylesheet in my swatch child theme. Could you please advise on how to do this.


Please open a ticket in our support forum

Hi! Can I add more than one location in the map?

Yes you can :)

How can I do it?

Hi Wazabi,

Please open up a ticket in our support forum: https://oxygenna.ticksy.com


Este tema contiene visual composer?

Swatch doesn’t use the visual composer plugin


Jennetm Purchased

I’m a Wordpress virgin, I don’t understand anything of it…HELP I want a page the same as HOME > minimal, but my HTML language is not that good.

Please open a ticket in our support forum


Jennetm Purchased


I want to change the colors of the main navigation, where can I do this?


You can do this by changing the swatch that the navigation is using.

If you need any more assistance. Please open a ticket in our support forum

Hi There,

Superb theme which I’m just getting to grips with. I really like the table feature, but how do you create one from scratch? I looked through the documents but could not find anything detailing this component.


Please open a ticket in our support forum


This looks a really great theme. Just a couple of pre-sales questions:

1) Can Vimeo videos be embedded in the homepage slider (I don’t mean as a background video – I know that’s possible).

2) Can portfolio items have mixed content? Can a portfolio item include video and images?


1) Yes you can using revolution slider 2) No Portfolio items are either video gallery or image posts.

Ok, thanks.

Great theme, thanks for it!

Thanks for buying it victorcampeanu ;)

Please tell me how can i hide the big title in categories? thanks

Please open a ticket in our support forum


4v Purchased

Hi, I would like to ask you if it is possible to have your Swatch theme in boxed version. Thank you for your reply. 4v

Yes there is an option for the boxed version

I have a very big problem. I purchased this theme for my website there are about two years. I need to make the latest update because I am still at version 1.0 However, I can not find with what account I bought the theme. Could not find him. :( I can do no update. There he has another option to do my updates please? It’s been several months I’m looking without success. thx you very much

You are probably best to contact envato support about this.


Could you show us some examples of actual websites designed using the Swatch theme? Thanks!

We don’t have a list of sites that use swatch sorry.