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Pre-purchase question: Is this theme supporting color swatches on Woocommerce products directly or is it compatible with a plugin like this: http://www.woothemes.com/products/variation-swatches-and-photos/


You can create and assign any color swatch to the woocommerce pages

Yes, I understand but I’m not sure if the actually answers my question. Let me rephrase. On a Woocommerce variable product (say a T-shirt) you can choose which color you want to buy not via the default dropdown menu but rather by clicking on a picture showing the various colors available of that T-shirt.

Is this possibility included in the theme or can the theme support the plugin I linked to. Please also take a look at the plugin Livedemo to get a full understanding on my requirement.



We have not tested the theme with that particular plugin, but we will be happy to support you in getting this to work ( if it doesn’t work out of the box ) :)

Thanks. Could you tell a little more details on what that means?

Are you going to enhance your theme to support this plugin in case it doesn’t work or are you going to ask me to pay for development of the theme (which you can reuse in later releases)?


Erm, I meant what I said. We will be happy to support you to make the theme work with this plugin, if it doesn’t work already. This will be a good addition to the theme. When did I say anything about you having to pay for the development?


You didn’t, I was just asking. Anyhow, sounds good so I’ll try using your theme.

Hi!, I have some some questions:

1. Is it possible to add some links in the footer? Like Terms of Use, Privacity…

1a. Is it possible to add a menu in the footer different to the main menu? or the same menu?

2. On the main home page, main banner, Is there some way to add a button on the banner, Like “Download” button?

3. The theme comes with a child theme? Where is it?


Hi there, 1. Yes you can any type of widgets on the footer. Footer can have up to 4 widget areas so you can add anything there. 1.a. There is a widget for menus so yes you can add that too. 2. You can customize a menu link to look like a button. We can help you out with that. 3. The child theme is included in the downloadable files.

Hello i want to buy the theme but i have noticed Wordpress no longer support custom themes here is what they said:

“Because of the way WordPress.com’s technical infrastructure is designed, we are not able to support uploading of custom WordPress themes on our service.”

so my question is if i buy the them how am i going to install it? Also do you offer installation service?




HI there

We don’t offer an installation service at the moment. We will be happy to help you out if you have any problems via our support forum or you could take a look at Envato Studio there are many people there who offer this service.


Your theme looks great! I’m considering to buy it but i’ve one question: is this theme suitable for visual composer plugin? I want to classify each page in another way.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Nick


Hi there

Glad you like the theme

At the moment Swatch isn’t compatible with Visual Composer, only our other theme Angle has VC at the moment.

Love the theme guys – thanks!

Question: Is the imagery available anywhere on the web? I love the icons and flat illustrations. Is there a broader library in this style available for purchase anywhere?




Hi there, all of the images are available if you install the demo content. The icons are also included in the downloadable folder. The graphics were designed by us so let us know if you need anything else.

lakyei Purchased

how can I make a link to be opened in a new tab?


Could you open up a ticket in our support forum to help you out with that? http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/

Hey Author , Pre sale question if i’ll buy this will you be able to customize the flex slider for me !!

Like this http://tanshcreative.com/grepfrut-st-demo/index.html i want exactly like this with tab overlay ? Please reply asap



The theme doesn’t support that style of slider, perhaps you could find a plugin that offers such a style?

MrPanos Purchased

Hey! I have recently purchased this theme and I am very satisfied with it. I have a couple of questions.

A) How can I remove the tab “Pages” from the header and add the sub-tabs ( for example; Services, Pricing ) as different tabs? Like Blog, Portfolio and Contact. In addition, I want to do the same with the Home tab.

B ) Do you know why the text on the sliders doesn’t look like the demo? Take a look at the screenshot.



Please open a ticket in our support forum

Thanks for the awesome theme. I love using this and my visitors love the site as well.

Big question…will there ever be an update for WooCommerce 2.1.x? If so, when?

I’ve been watching this thread for months and just want to find out if I need to go ahead and convert if you’re not going to.

Please advise.


Hi Jeff

We will be looking into some updates for Swatch next week. The reason it is taking so long is, we already have a working theme implementation of WC 2.1 that we use for our other themes. But it is in Bootstrap 3. So to update Swatch to be able to use this we will have to update Swatch to Bootstrap 3, which is quite a big job. However we have started the process so hopefully will see some movement on this soon.

ibloon Purchased

Hello, when I try to add the revolution slider shorcode to the main page, I dont see it. Is there something special to insert the shortcode in the homepage?


Hi there, Could you open up a ticket in our support forum?


Hi… Are you planning on updating the WooCommerce files in the theme. I’ve installed the Swatch theme, but it ruined my WooCommerce checkout – and now its pretty useless…

got to upload the new WooCommerce (2.1) files – but now the layout in checkout is destroyed! :-(


Hi there

Please open a ticket in our support forum so we can take a look into fixing your woocommerce.

Nice theme. Good luck with it. But calling a masonry blog a grid blog is a little misleading. I can – still – not really understand, why people using masonry… masonry blogs offer the worst reading experience of all possible blog styles. Grids, real grids, are nice.. and list styles, accordion styles and other too.

Well.. apart from this it is a great theme and I wish you to have many customers.


Feel free to open up a ticket in our support forum if you need any help ;) Thanks

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this theme, but I need to verify a few things before. Does it support RTL laypout? Can I demo the Admin Panel? Thanks!


Hi there, Swatch is not supporting RTL at the moment and there is no online demo of the backend. Cheers

heltim Purchased

Dear Mrs/Mr.

We bought your swatch template, but have some troubles to get it work.

http://themeforest.net/item/swatch-flat-responsive-multipurpose-wp-theme/5562055 http://docs.oxygenna.com/swatch/

We want play with demo and setup our website. But; After installing the demo date and template we are missing the shop-demo-data and some functionalities are not working well.

We use the latest versio Wordpress and Woocommerce.

A view point of the longer list of not working items: - Revolution Slider works, but no images - Missing demo data webshop - V5- Eshop is missing in the menu

Can you please send complate demo data as a sql backup file and complate ftp backup website as a zip file than we can upload it and we can begin with our website.

Please help us today!

Thank you and best regards,

Hi Heltim, Could you open up a ticket in our support forum? http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/
heltim Purchased

Yes i opened a ticket but no solution everything works half.

I want just a site excat as http://docs.oxygenna.com/swatch/ because I bought it.

to create my own website i want play with the demo bu ti cant becouse i have not same website


having problems with your theme and woo commerce with the new update. When are you going to be updating the theme ?


Please open a ticket in our support forum


Before buy the template…

I want to know if I can change the social media share buttons on top of the themes. And also, put my phone number on top.

Thank you!! ;)


Yes you can change the icons and add text