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How do you change the caption that pop’s up in the slide. so instead of it saying welcome to sweet cake it say’s whatever I want ex. welcome to **. other than that thank you this is a great work of art :)

Alright when I open the files in PS. it says “Some text layers contain fonts that are missing. these layers will need to have the missing fonts replaced before they can be used for vector base output” should i ignore that or is that a problem? and also can you do this same thing with the logo?

Sorry I got it just had to install the font’s duh! thanks you for the help and great theme!

Perfect :)

Hello, my there not show the google maps :( sorry fir y bad english.


I believe that the google API have changed. You solve the problem with this change in the footer:

This code:

<script src="js/google-api.js?sensor=true"></script> <!-- Google Map API -->


<script src=""></script> <!-- Google Map API -->

Let me know.


Hi, I bought this theme, so i’ve these section name:

navigationmenu, sectionslide, services ….

but i need to translate them in Italian, how can i do?

Thanks for help


what do you mean? They are just css class names. Nobody sees these names


Hi, i would like that my menu items ( ‘programma’, ‘corsi’, and so on) have url like ‘programma’, ‘corsi’ and not ‘testimonial’, as it is now here thanks


ho visto che hai comprato la versione WordPress del tema, qui siamo sui commenti della versione HTML. Comunque come ti dicevo gli utenti non dovrebbero vedere il nome nell’url. Non è possibile cambiare l’url perchè regola tutta la grafica della sezione, dovresti essere un programmatore esperto per modificare questo. Comunque in Appearance -> Menu in alto a destra clicca su “Screen Options” ed abilita la visualizzazione dei “campi css” poi in ogni label che contiene un link nella stessa pagina inserisci la classe “internal-link” così facendo avrai l’effetto animato della pagina che scorre verso il basso e non avrai più il nome della sezione nell’url.

Fammi sapere se ci sono problemi :)


Hello, my gallery pictures are not loading properly. They do display fine in the thumbnail section but when i click to enlarge the picture, the picture loads raw without a frame. Unlike your online sample with the little “x” to close the picture


thanks you for purchasing my theme. Can you send me the link to your site? That way I can see the code and help you.


Hi! The theme is really nice and professional but I want to ask you something: I purchased the HTML version only because I thought that it was going to be like a template that I can upload on my blog on and only change some things in the code. I have a domain that is linked to the blog. Can you please tell me if there is something I can do with the HTML version? I mean do you know any easy method to upload it to my website instead of using Wordpress (which I think I can’t link to my domain without paying extra fees).

Thank you! Have a nice day! :)


thank you for purchasing my theme and thanks for your nice words :)

I’m sorry for your situation.

The HTML version does not have the blog (as you can see in my demo). To get the blog with my theme the only way is wordpress.

I do not know how integrate a html with blogspot and I can not give you the necessary information.

I am very sorry.

Bye :)


Me and my team we take a break to start again on 18th of August.

If you have any problems with my work you can do these things:

-consult the frequently asked questions in the support forum.

-see the ticket in the support forum

-open a ticket that I will answer on 18th and 19th of August (the ticket is more quickly than comment to get a reply)

-see the comments section of the theme that you bought

Bye :)

I am unable to open a ticket for the sweet cake HTML version.

Here is my issue:

It seems some features of the site are no longer working. I had customized the site and thought there was an issue with my code but I just recently re uploaded it and the slider and other features appear to be broken.


thank you for your patience! I was on holiday. Now I added in the forum also the HTML version.

Try to see if this answer can be helpful for you:

For any other problem I’am available on support forum

Bye :)

Hello Nicdark, how’re you?

I wan’t to know if in this theme is possible to have a blog below the content or at least a dedicated blog page, in fact, the main purpose is the fixed content, so, the blog will have less highlight, also, this theme has a search form?

Thank you Nic, I’m willing in buying this theme if you answer my simple questions, have a nice weekend.


The home page is as you see it in my demo. You can change the contents (text and images) and insert your own.

You can create simple pages and you can create your blog. The blog demo is present at this address:

If there are any questions feel free to make them.

Bye :)

Hello Nicdark, how’re you?

Fine, I liked the blog, it’s awesome, but I have one more simple question, can I edit one of the menu’s items, for example, “Our Team” and exchange and put “Blog” instead of “Our Team” or any other item in menu? Cause I saw the blog link only in the upper right corner, I prefer it on menu.


you can manage the menu and change the labels. You can remove the blog link ribbon on the top right side.

You can remove the sections of the home page, if you want to remove the team section you can do it.

Thank you for your interest.

Bye :)

Using the HTML version I am struggling trying to have two different “sectionportfolio” in the same page. Even creating a different section id when applying “filters” will affect all sections in index.html Is it possible to have two section on one page filtered with differnt data-option-value ?? Thank you!

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I purchase your theme Sweet Cake HTML, nice works, I love it.

My problem is I have a lot of image in portfolio section. Can I change the code to just show example 12 works in categorie All

I don’t like what it show per default because we need to scroll all of my works to go down

If you can give me a code to show only 12 works in all, you can make a guy happy

Thanks and very nice theme again


thanks for buying my theme and thank you for your words. I know that some users have already done this.

Try to open a ticket here the developer will be able to help you as soon as possible. Remember to insert the link to your site.

Bye :)

Can i edit this with Corel Paint Pro Photoshop x2?

Just purchased this theme in HTML5. after downloading it i am so confused as to what to do next? HELP PLEASE!!

Another question: My website that i want to put this theme on, does it have to offer FTP service?

Yes you need a FTP for upload the files in the server.

For any other problem I’am available on support forum

Bye :)

ciao nicdark, ti scrivo in italiano perchè ho visto che uno dei tuoi post è in italiano.

vego al sodo: ho acquistato il tuo template e volevo integrarlo con bootstrap creare uno stile anche per i form, ma mi sono reso conto che i css non possono coesistere perchè la grafica si rompe. La mia domanda è questa: nel tuo template hai considerato uno stile anche per i form o me la devo cavare da solo?


Ciao Francesco,

grazie per il tuo acquisto, no, non è stato predisposto uno stile per le form. Se scrivi al forum forse i miei collaboratori posso creare un file psd grafico che se vuoi puoi seguire per realizzare l’html.


Grazie nicdark, avevo pensato di integrare bootstrap, ma va in conflitto. Cioè si distrugge la grafica del template SweetCake. Vedrò di escogitare qualche altro sistema.

ciao e buon lavoro

Buon lavoro :)

Hi, theme will be available in high resolution (in the demo already is)? Most of the picture, I already edited. See

Hi Maya, I just inserted the images in higher resolution and setting the fixed width, You can do it by replacing the images that you’ve already entered. I hope to be of help. Thank you :)

Hi There

Great theme. Just a quick one, is there any ways that if I remove some of the social link div codes (as seen below)

<div class="grid_2"> <a href="#"> <img class="rotate" alt="" src="img/section-oursocial/facebook.png" /> <!--you can edit image and insert the link--> </a> </div>

the remaining ones would be in the center, as appose to staying far left. As i now just have open space on the right where 4 social icons used to be.

Thanks a lot.

Don’t even worry about the above mention comment, I was being dumb…


Hi, love the theme but I’m trying to add a fifth team member in the team section. Because of the grid system the fifth team member is on a row of its own. If I try to separate the team members into two rows, with 3 on row number one and 2 on row number 2 using grid_4, etc., the elements aren’t centered in their columns so it looks weird. How can I manage an odd number of elements in a section? Thanks!


sorry but we can offer support only to those who bought the theme and have the license.


I have managed to contact my former colleague and get the license code. Please check the ticket I have opened. Thank you.

Perfect thanks :)

Hello, good afternoon , with projects like this , many would succeed in such a voracious market. Thanks !

Only two questions , my Slide no charge, that can happen? Does the map either? I thank you if you give me the new code if you have changed something.

Thank you very much for brevity in its response John


this is an automatic message to warn you that our team has a period of inactivity in the current month, June 2015.

Unfortunately or fortunately we are on honeymoon and we can return to work on 2 of July.

We have done everything possible to find a person who could work for us in the holiday but we could not, we hope not to make a big inconvenience to anyone and good month of June to all.


The team

cool template! i have plan to purchase it for my cake online store. Btw there is only for wordpress? or you can provide HTML+ js + css version only too?


thanks for your interest.

here you can purchase the HTML/js and css version:

here the wordpress theme:

are 2 different products.



artra Purchased

Hello, I have a question: an external link in the navigation does not work?

Please help!! Thanks


this is very strange!

You have removed the class “internal-link”?

Send me the link to your site please.


I would like to add 30 pictures in the products session, i can leave these hidden and only shows them if they are clicked in the filter menu?


sorry I did not understand what would you get.

You can explain it in other words?


In the work session on the site, I would like to add a large amount of pictures, some 30 photos or more. But I do not want them to appear when loading the site, it will be too long.

Is there any way I can hide these photos, and they appear only if selected in the filtering menu?

I just want to appear 8 photos. And the rest will only appear if they are selected in the filter menu.

Many users have used this trick, but you have to know a bit of jquery.

-remove “show all” button in portfolio section. -then you can add with jquery a simulated click on the first button.

Something like this:

jQuery(document).ready(function() { 
jQuery("#filters a[data-option-value='.the-pastry-man']" ).trigger("click"); 

Where the-pastry-man is the name of your first class.

You can try this trick, in this case when you open the site you will only see the photos of the first category.


Can you tell me how to get the photos to open within the lovely box instead of a plain page that shows the photo centered at the top?

I've compared the codes from the template to my clients index page and all looks the same. Does the size of the image dictate that? I've even resized the larger image to be small and have not had any success.


Sorry I did not understand your question, can you send me the link to your site? This way I can see the problem.



MariPatB Purchased

When you get to the site, click on the “My Works” and then click on any photo. Instead of the main page dimming and a nice boarded photo box opening (like on the template), a new page opens showing the photo—plain white with small photo centered on top of page.


I think there is an error in Google Maps.

I do not know how to fix it without access to your files, my advice is to download the theme again from your ThemeForest account, so you have the original version that works.