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MrBloop Purchased

I see you recommend using “BuddyPress Security Check” how do I get this to display on the register/login pop up boxes?


I went to update my rev slider but my import of my original settings has gone wrong.. and no cant seem to get the correct layout for the rev slider for the theme – Date

Where can I import the demo rev slider from??


its ok I found it however now the rev slider is duplicating the slides..

so now you have the demo content showing and the same slider showing again beneath throwing the site off?

Please help

Hi SeventhQueen, my colleague bought this theme, with the intension to make people sign up/login and later use the search function provided by your theme to search for specific Personal Trainers (now this is gonna be a site about PTs, to help people to find their PTs to work out with.)

My question is: Is there a possible function to make for users to search for only PTs and not make it possible for them to see other users who created an account through your create-account function?

I may not be so good at explaining this, but I hope you understand. The site is meant for a user to only search for PTs and not care about other users.

Regards Silverbackmedia

‘Hello. How are you?

Please, can you send me any tutorial about how to change the language to spanish?

Thank you

Hi, i just want to ask if the following features have been added as native, before buying, as they are deal breakers for me.

- Virtual Gifts. - Membership levels with limits. - Simple live chat.


I want to buy this theme but I want to try it first, is there a trial version off Sweet Date???

heebeha Purchased

Is this compatible with WP 4.0?

maleniii Purchased


Is it possible for a user, who is registered to lets say mark a box on his profile – which is visible only to him which says something like: I am interested in finding a sex partner. When he clicks this, he is than “someone who is looking for a sex” and people who are interested in having sex to find each other? Does this require me to anyhow change DB?

piwai78 Purchased

Hello, I use WP 4.0 and I downloaded Sweet Date but it doesn’t work with the Zip folder, is it a problem of compatibility ? Thanks