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Hi, how can I change the single word “Match” (italian version is “fiammifero” !!!!) that appear on Profiles matching?



Hi, Just translate the theme using a plugin like Codestyling Localization.


Hi guys ! Great theme, looking to buy it, but i would love to navigate like an user in your demo. I register but nothing happen … could you give me a ID and PASS of a test user please ?



Hi, thank you very much. Yes you can login with user demo and password demo

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About the loading time. I have testen my website with gtmetrix.com and they want me to minimize redirects.


Remove the following redirect chain if possible: http://www.upfriends.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/gray_pattern.gif https://www.upfriends.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/gray_pattern.gif

As you can see I have purchased an SSL certificate. I have everywhere in the Wordpress backend and named ‘https’ when the code snippet in .htacces didn’t do the job right.

However, I can;t seem to find the location where the redirect for the example link to the gif-image is located to I can manually edit this to https. Other redirects are the apple-touch-icon-14414490*90.png and some blogpost featured images.

I hope you can point me in the right direction in changing this.


Please I want to Buy the theme can you help customize the theme to African Feel and how to stop Bot User Registration that is always associated with Buddypress, I also want to customize it such that mails and possible match are sent out upon registration as recommendations. Please I will appreciate this Presale Support. Kind regards.

Hey there! Does anyone there know how to translate the bodypress search form-fields to german or how to rename them manually?

It’s possible to have forums in groups?


And search people by a specific group from the home page? Like the city field

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hi nice Very nice theme,

can you please provide me with the demo setup ? and the REV slider settings you have made in the demo is kinda cool tho


And another question:

Can I change the forum appearance with the bbpress.css file of another Wordpress theme?



I have few pre-sales questions . Please help me to understand .

1. Can we add more fields to member’s profile ?

2. Can we add a water mark for members profile image and all other images ?

3. can we hide the data of some most important fields ? Like Contact number. but there should be an option to “Ask” . Then if some one need to contact particular person he/she can request his/her contact number.

4. Can we get a copy of each email or whatever the info passing through the site to the site administrator? Then there would b a trace if we happened to face for fraud/misuse situation.

Appreciate it if you can feed back us ASAP.

Thank you.