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Hi Guys,

Massive problem.. when new members sign up no one is receiving an activation email and therefore cannot log into the website???

please help asap! :s


I have noticed that people who have a hotmail account are not receiving their activation emails.. other new members all have different email accounts such as google etc.. its only not sending activation emails to hotmail??? please advise


Hi, that is not related to the theme since it is not responsible with email sending :) Try looking at the logs on your server

kolabooks Purchased

I have installed Buddypress 2.0.2 and Any time I activate it my website disappears. What should i do?

Hi Seventhqueen,

I see membership levels as part of the demo but when registering a payment option doesn’t come up. Is this part of the live version?

Can the currency be changed to £ ?

Can the purchaser have the monthly payments taken from their VISA or DEBIT accounts?


vidideas Purchased

I just bought the theme and allA going well just do not know How I can activate the chat? I do not see in any menu thanks

Hi there,

SeventhQueen, do you perhaps offer a installation and setup service? I would like to purchase Sweet Date for Wordpress but would require assistance with installation and setup…thanks