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Hello there and congratz for this awesome theme. I need some help with an issue i have with the profiles of the members. For some strange reason the profile fileds in the right (from the image) have disspear but the ones under it are still there and kicking. I would like to ask what option did i turn off and did that.

Also i have another question. What the difference of the “manage sing ups” and the “user panels” what im looking to do is to have clients ask for a register to our private website but when i try to register a user from “manage sing ups” the profile never appears and the information of the user like name, email etc is never stored (tried with register form active). but if i do it manual from the “add users” tab it all appear wel (im asking because there is a chance i will need the register form fully function in the future)

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Hi, it’s impossible for me to import something from the woocommerce demo.

This is failing on every commands.

Do you have any ideas or solutions to make it works ?

Thank you

Please direct me to which file is used to style the pop up login. I need to change colors, etc.

Using he Sweetdate-child theme.

Thank you.


Are there any sites out there running this that I could look at as an example? Thanks!


Also, are members able to search for other members via a mileage radius?

Trying to resolve a problem with my Facebook integration. Facebook App ID/integration procedures have been completed.

But when a visitor clicks the Log in with Facebook link, it does not pop up.


Hello we have had no response from the theme support team regarding the issues we are trying to resolve, please can you respond to us regarding the below questions.

1) The Add Friend, Private Message buttons, I want to independently stylise each button,

2) Default values don’t seem to work in the user profile fields. Unless someone selects the value in front end, only then it will appear in the profile tabs next to the profile image. I need to be able to have default values set so the tabs next to profile image show up with all the profile fields I’ve created. This will encourage users to edit their profile info.

3) Reasons to Join page, the 3 images, I don’t want these to open in a light-box, I want them just static not a link.

4) I have put an image in the header which doesn’t work well on mobile. Is there code so I can say on a mobile device don’t load the header image?

5) Where can I change this text… “Your avatar will be used on your profile and throughout the site. If there is a Gravatar associated with your account email we will use that, or you can upload an image from your computer.”