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mlajo Purchased

love this theme.. nice job :nerdy:


Thank you mlajo,

it was fun making it :)

syrakuz Purchased

When i switch to Sweetsunday Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /wp-content/themes/sweetsunday/functions.php on line 486


Hello Syrakuz,

please contact us via mail support on envatosupport@prospekt.hr or provide us with your mail address. We have to send you file.

Regards, ProspektDesign.

I bought this theme.. But i bought is specialy because of the Nature theme.. the purple version.. But now its gone?! Can i stille get it somewhere?


Answered via mail.

Hello Pleas urgent I want to buy this theme, but i don’t understand how to do, why do i have to make a deposit, what is deposit? can i pay directlu with credit card??


Hello Comet,

yes, you can buy theme both ways, First by making deposit on your Envato-Themeforest account and then paying theme from your balance or you can do it directly with credit card.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.


thank you, i tried with credit card doesn’t work, i tried with 3 different credit cards :(


I suggest you contact envato support, they should offer you some solution on this issue.

Kind regards, ProspektDesign.

I would have loved to purchase this theme, but you lack sexy images!!

If you believe you do not need to use images of naked human bodies to sell your theme, then you are wrong..

LOL sorry!! But the comment above is the best comedy I’ve read in a long time.

Good luck withe sales :) Love it

Znort Purchased

Hey man!

First of all, this theme is awesome! Sadly enough, I`ve got a problem with the background. It keeps giving me a broken picture and the background won’t change.

Could you help me on this one?

Regards, Kevin. ZnortComics.com

Znort Purchased

I don’t see any changes on my page. I’ll contact our hosting for further support.

Could you answer the other questions? “Another question : In the preview there’s a page called “shop”, how can I add this to the menu including all of the pages in the dropdown?

Last question : How can I add the categories underneath the menu, like in portfolio?”

I read the full documentation and it doesn’t explain these.

Thank you so much for your fast support!

Znort Purchased

I just found out that it was the “Watermark” plugin. I guess it doesn’t support this theme.

Thanks for the brilliant support! :)


No problem,

we are here to help :)

Zectron1 Purchased

Hi, Is it safe to upgrade to WordPress 4.0?




Hello Zectron,

yes it is safe ;)