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Thanks for your reply. Given that the theme of the template was Real Estate, the icon palette suggestion to use from Font Awesome does not contain any real estate/property related icons. I have written to Font Awesome today to ask them to create a number of property related icons. However, we would have expected to use a relevant matching icon set when we bought this theme. Can you assist us in this matter and/or also perhaps ask Font Awesome to create these icons for us.

Sorry meant to add our reported issue numbers for Font Awesome are #5158, #5159, # 5160, #5161. Thank for your help.


How do i stop the header image repeating itself, also how do i reome the title image sweet home , how do i add the sliders


phpface Author Team


The header image does not repeat.

Could you show me where is “the title image sweet home”, I’m not sure I understand your mean.
also how do i reome the title image sweet home 

You have to setup the “SWH Property Slider” on “Header Sidebar” (image), also you would need to check “Featured” checkbox when submit the property, the slider will show the featured properties.

I hope that helps.