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Super dude. Nqmash spirka :)

Awesome pagee glws at! :)


Can you send over the PSD for the logo text that says ‘Sweet-Page’



Yes, I can. Please send me an email from my profile page. :)

delray Purchased

having trouble installing …getting the message ...Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Any advice?


Hi, this is not WP Theme. This is HTML landing page.

Would it be possible for you to make a few customizations to the page? I really like it, but in my particular case I need a couple of things moved around so it completely fits what I’m trying to do.

Please let me know, F.


Yes, I can. Please emeil me from my profile page.


Hi there, I sent you and email a couple of days ago. Did you get it? I would like to go over the edits to see if we can do them.

Thanks! (you can contact me at faborito at gmail dot com)

I can’t figure out how to install this template. No instructions in the documentation pdf.

Any help?


Hello jakofclubz, This is HTML Template. No installation. If you have a question please send me email from my profil page.

Thanks and Best Regards

tylerc66 Purchased

The subscribe email form at the bottom of the page does not work?

Can the subscribe form be easily moved to main header graphic?


Hi, Yes it is easy:) just copy/paste html subscribe lines

I thought it was a wordpress theme. Is there any way to make this work with wordpress?

Hi! I love this template- thanks so much! I just have 2 issues, though:

1) When I try to change the title of the page, the entire framework collapses…I can’t figure out why that is.

2) How do I format the subscribe?

Thank you! You can see it here: http://gowithglo.net/clients/test/pi/


Please send me email from my profile page. And I will help you to do this.


Hi Martin. I’m just checking in…I sent an email through your profile page a few days ago. Just wanted to make sure you received it! :)

Best, Glo


Hi Martin- my email address is glo@gowithglo.net I sent you a message from the profile page but never got a response. Would still really appreciate your help. Thanks so much! :)

Hello. I am unable to upload this theme into my wordpress dashboard. I have tried both through the wordpress theme upload portal as well as my FTP site. I continue to get an error that the .css file is not there. I have uploaded both .zip (for the wordpress portal) of the sweet-page file in the mail file as well as a .zip file of all the folders inside the sweet-page file. Looking forward to some insight into this issue. Thank you very much


Hi, thanks for your purchased! This is not WP theme. This is HTML Landing Page

glodine Purchased

Please help- I can’t get the email submission form at the bottom to work and I have to launch this page on December 4th.

glodine Purchased

when i click subscribe it takes me to this page but this file didn’t come with the template. please help


Any plans to make this responsive. That would be super helpful.

Melb7 Purchased


how do you make the newsletter form work? Already sent email but have not received response.

Thank you.