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Beautiful work :) I would buy this.

Ha Phoenix, thanks! :)

Great theme! Clean, modern, professional…

Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks!! :)

can comments be added to portfolio?


It’s not build in, but adding a single line of code is all it takes. If you need help with this, let me know :)


Our update has been approved, if you download the new version, you can turn on the comments on a portfolio page! Cheers! :-)

Love to see fresh templates like this one! Good luck!

Thanks! :)

Looks great, a couple of questions. Is it possible to have the lastest blog images instead of the 3 portfolios on the home page? And is it possible to have a fullsize image in the blog list, not a cropped version. I would like to have something like 630×420 in the blog list.


Mikael Svensson


Yes, you can set the latest posts on the frontpage! see this screenshot: If you want to have full width blogpost images just set the blogpage to fullwidth (so without a sidebar) cheers! :-)

Heya, I love your theme. I was wondering would it be possible for me to only use it as my blog? So the blog is the homepage… If so, could I then remove the top tool bar?


Hi, You can set any page as homepage, so you can also select the custom built-in blog pagetemplate. :-) What do you mean by toolbar? Cheers!

Brilliant. Oh and I mean the black Home, About, Portfolio, Blog bar at the top of the page….

Ahh yes, if you have some css/html knowledge, you can hide the topmenu :-)

This is quite an awesome theme! Just a couple of quick questions before I buy though;

If I were to upload a circular logo for my business as the logo, does the welcome bar (below it) re-position to fit?

Can I control the colours of the menu bar and the footer bar also?

Can I control the colour when I highlight the text and link text?

Thanks in advance :)

Thank you!

The bar below will re-position itself, your logo will always stay aligned! The colors of the menu bar and footer can be altered in the css style sheet of the theme. The highlight color and hyperlink color can be changed in de adminpanel of Swerve, this will be the same color though, if you want to give them separate colors, you can change this in the css style sheet of course! Hope this helps! :-)

Great looking theme.. had to buy! I’ll let you know if I have any questions.

Thank you :) And please do ask, we appreciate the feedback!


Love your theme.

Could you tell me … is it easy to add video to your theme?

I’m interested in adding both youtube and self hosted videos?

I’d appreciate your advice… thanks.



The widgets and portfolio in this theme are build with images in mind. But there are a lot (and this is an understatement) of widgets and pluging out there that can give you exactly what you want.

I just found this one on google, which seems to support a lot of websites for easy embedding:

Let me know how this turns out :)

Thanks very much.

Can’t seem to change to a custom sidebar on a page using Blog view? Only the standard one works.


Yes just noticed that too! Thanks for the feedback. An update is already in the queue :) Should be online within the day. Also added the option to hide comments on all posts or only on the gallery posts.


Our update has been approved, you can download a new version again! Make sure you make a backup of your recent setup!

Firstly thanks for the theme – lovin it!

But… I can’t work out how to get the portfolio and homepage slider to work! Help!


We have a few small tutorials online to help you on your way:

For the frontpage slider:

For the portfolio:

Hope this helps! :)

ps. Glad you like it! :)

First of all > thank you for this wonderful theme – I like it and bought it straight away :)

... but for some reason I cannot change the background / theme-color in the Swerve-Settings – whatever color I am putting in, I cannot notice any change on the site afterwards …

What do I do wrong / or is it a fixed background color and where can I change it in the CSS … haven’t found it …

Thank you!


Thanks :)

The theme color you can change in the settings is for the links, buttons and titles. The light background of the theme is fixed. You can easily change this though. The image we used can be found in “images/body_bg.png” in the theme folder. Simply replace it and you’re set :)

The black at the top and bottom can be changed by changing the body background in the style.css file in the theme folder. Look for ‘body’ at the top of the file and change its background from ’#000’ to whatever you like :)

Hope this helps!

Cheers! :) I noticed it a few minutes back that the background is a small image – thank you for the superquick reply, you helped a lot!

BEAUTIFUL theme – exactly what I was needing for our redesign! Thank you.

You’re welcome! Don’t forget to rate the theme!

Oh and please do share the finished work! :)


How do you create the “Swerve Tutorials” section on the demo’s frontpage?


Add a custom portfolio widget to the frontpage widget area, select a category, and select all the checkboxes except the image one. That’s it :)


Can the Cincopa plugin work with your theme? I would like to purchase your theme.


I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t. I can’t say for sure though. If you experience any problems, please let me know and I’ll take a look at it :)


Hello, Thank you for responding promptly. I am trying to access the documentation for this theme but the link in the top section of the .pdf goes to this URL I was able to view it here The link at the bottom of the .pdf is the correct one.

Is there a way that I can use the demo content that will default to the theme so that we can just change that out?

Great theme, mate.

But the slider is not working for me. I added two slides with photos and nothing appeared on the home page. Any ideas?


Have you added the image as a “Featured Image” of the slide? See step two of this short tutorial:


Yes, I’ve added the image as a featured image of the slide and followed all steps in your tutorial.

Hi Durian,

I see you got everything working now? I noticed that you used a static homepage instead of the default wordpress setting. This is what was causing the slider to be hidden. I created a custom widgetized frontpage with slider, which is used by default if there’s no static frontpage selected :)

Good luck on the website!