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Any chance we will ever get the slider links to work?


When editing a slide, you can enter a “Slide link” under the Additional settings tab. This will enable the link for that slide.

Hope this helps :)


is there a way to display the logo and the tagline only on the frontpage? I´ve got several static pages where i do not want to display that information? Thank you.



Hi Chris,

It could be done. It will need some code adjustments, but I can point you in the right direction if you want :)


Nevermind, got it. I´ve used css and the body class.

Oh haha ok, allright ;)

is there a limit to the number of categories that show up on the portfolio page? i’ve got 11 categories, but can never get more than 7 to show up?

Me again,

to create a portfolio page you have to choose the portfolio view template on creating a new page but i do not see this template; only gallery view and blog view. Do i have to install this template?


No sorry, the gallery view is the portfolio view. It’s a mistake in our documentation ;)

Btw, I see you don’t have a purchased badge. Have you bought the theme with another acount?


Just a couple of questions, I have read through all the comments and didn’t see them addressed:

1. Is there any way to to make the slider a little taller so the bottom of my photos are not cu off they have a slightly different aspect ration than what is given standard.

2. Is there anyway to make the tag line appear above the slider?



Yes both can be done with a few changes in the code. What height do you want the slider to have?


Hi, thx for the reply.

Yes, the client bought the theme with his account and i´m doing the theme customizing. If there´s a problem please tell me how to do it right. Thank you

I have purchaced this excelent template but I have an issue mentioned on previous comments without answer. When adding portfolio page, I have the gallery view option instead of portfolio too. Also I am trying to add new portfolio pieces but I cannot find the way to. Can you please guide me with this?

Thank you

I have found the answer. All is happening through blog posts. Thanks

hi im getting this line in the bottom of my site but i cant seem to find where it originates from

“); pageTracker._trackPageview(); } catch(err) {}

the site is

also on the model index page the thumbnails appear over overlap when the page is first loaded crome but then separate once the page is loaded again

any ideas ont his

finally with your new update are the changes made across all your files or just a few as ive made some changes myself which i do not wish to overwrite


is it possible to make the shortcode button open the url in a new window?

Cool theme!

Everything works expect the Google analytics setting in the “Swerve settings”. I filled in my Google analytics ID but it doesn’t work. Delete my ID in the settings and then I added the Google analytics script to the header.php. Works fine but then the slides and the fancybox stoped working.

I filled in the Google analytics ID in this order. Should be right.


Whats wrong?

hi im trying to work out how to remove “posted on…...” on the gallerys

Hallo I am testing your wonderful theme at

because I want to use it as my future homepage theme at

Is there a solution to show uncropped vertical pictures in the gallery post?

I set the big picture size in the css to 600×600. But even when I upload pixtures with a size of 600×400 oder 400×600 the pix are centered and squeezed in. But i would like to show the whole picture. Example:

Which is a mixture of horizontal and vertical pictures.

I could not find the lines you recomende in jquery

The theme uses a jquery function to center all the images, and scale it down if needed. This way all images are centered perfectly (both vertical and horizontal) and filling up the image space. If you want to turn this off, open up the jquery.php file in your theme folder and go to line 51. This is where the centering is controled. Simply delete the classed of the images you don’t want centered. For the frontpage widget you have now, delete the following class: ”.rf_latest_posts_widget .postimage-container img”.
Thanks Daniel

how do you add pictures to the slide?? help!!


We’ve created a short tutorial on how to do this:

Hope this helps :)

Does this theme come with a fully layered index.psd file so that I can replace the content and customize it in Photoshop? So I can get my customization right before installing?


Yes this theme has a psd file of the theme. Though most design elements in the actual theme are made up with css. This makes the theme load a lot faster. The background is an image though so you actually can change that using photoshop ;)

Hope this helps!


I have a few little questions, i want in the portfolio, remove date and categorie, is this possible?


Idaniël – Netherlands ;)

Hi i was wondering if there was video option for the portfolio page? or a way of adding it

thank you

hi on the single portfolio page i seem to be getting a -300px top margin on the large image when the page first loads. on flipping between thumbnails it disapears

i was wonder how can i fix this

thank you

Hi I was wondering how to disable the gallery setup as it is, and just have the page be thumbnails that go into the fancybox when clicked on. it seems that currently there is an extra step in the process that i would like to disable.