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Nice Design, GLWS :)



very nice :) GLWS


Thanks 4smart.

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I am the first buyer :) I must tell you, great work! +1


Thank you. Happy Holidays.

morganthx Purchased

Same to you, customized it easily both coder friendly and designer friendly, pretty neat and well coded. Cheers. :)


Thanks. Don’t forget to rate 5 Stars if you enjoy the product!

i love the style ! Very nice theme :)


Thanks. happy new year.

vrghub Purchased


I just bought it but how do I install the template?



Thank you vrghub.

This is a template and it can not need to install. You can setup your website with the template. Please follow the steps are listed:

1. Open index.html file from the template folder in any text editor then change the content.

2. Read the documentation for logo, background images, color schemes, count down timer, contact form, mailchimp and email setup etc.

3. Then copy all the content of template folder (i.e. css, fonts, img, js, php folders and html files) to public_html folder on the server.

4. That’s all.

For more information you can contact me from my themeforest profile.



Firstly, great template.

Only one question, is it possible to add more fields and drop down fields to the contact form?

Many thanks,



Thanks niteshnp2001,

Yes, You can add more fields and drop down fields to the contact form manually (yourself).

But you have good knowledge of HTML form fields and PHP programming.

Template use jQuery AJAX to submit filed value to server, (but you don’t need to change JavaScript file) and contact.php read the value using PHP $_POST.

Hi, uckhandla!

First, I want to say that I think it’s a great theme! :)

Unfortunately – and this brings me to second – I can’t get the contact form to work. I’ve followed the instructions in the documentation and I can’t find a problem. Nevertheless the contact form refuses to work.

Would you be so kind and help me with this? I’d provide you with all required informations via e-mail.

Thanks in advance,



Hi, dagomedia, Thank you for purchasing.

The PHP mail() function is used in the contact.php to send email. Please follow the instruction are listed.

1. Create an email address on your server named like username@domain.com then in contact.php line#46 replace ‘example@example.net’ with ‘username@domain.com’ and send a test email to any email address.

2. Please check the mail() function has to be enabled on your server for it to work.

You’d be best to check the system logs and possible the host you’re sending to who may be blocking or rejecting your tests.

3. Maybe only emails from YOURDOMAIN are sent.

For example when you send an email from username@yourdomain.com it is sent. When you send an email with from as username@yahoo.com or username@gmail.com the email is not sent.

When sending email from your hosting plan, you will want to ensure that that you send the email using a From email address that uses a domain name associated with your hosting plan.

4. It seems to get derailed by spam filters?

Maybe emails are going to the spam section.

5. Maybe emails are delayed.

If above options don’t solve the issue, please give me the site link and screenshot of modified contact.php [having your email] to me or give your e-mail address via themeforest profile.


love it always;