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Can i us royalslider with your template?

Thank you


You can use any slider plugin in any WordPress theme – there’s no support required.


hi, I copied the folder woocommerce inside my web space, but do not see it as a plugin .. what should I do to activate woocommerce? Thanks.

Hi – please open a ticket in the support area for support as per your documentation, but I would say if you are having trouble with the WooCommerce plugin, you should contact them. All you really need to do is go to Plugins > Add New and in the search box type WooCommerce and install/activate from there.

Hi! Would it be possible to use the awesome portfolio filter/sorting functionality to sort woocommerce products by category? I assume not, but that would be so amazing. I’m looking to setup my music shop and I’d love to sort by genre in this slick fashion.

Hi and thanks for the kind comments, you could but you would have to build your own template and customize the theme.

Hi Jonathan01,

When is this going to be compatible with the WooCommerce 2.2.4 plugin? Thank you.

Thank you Jonathan01.

No problem at all – FYI I have asked Envato to keep version numbers up to date, but it seems it is low on their list unfortunately. Not good as it is confusing and not accurate for buyers.

I’ll keep pushing for it tho :)


Thanks again Jonathan01. I appreciate it.

Fantastic theme Jonathan and CR3ATIV team, I bought it and I am liking it. I do have a question/request. I remember seeing a mostly white background style for this SWISS theme. Is there a way you’d share how to accomplish this? Is there a quick CSS that would allow me to set a white background, including the top nav/menu?

Hi and first many thanks for the purchase, so happy you are enjoying the theme – we actually provide color pickers in the theme options and then you can also add some more custom css in the custom css box in the admin panel to fine tune things – that’s all we did for our site – however since then we have also extensively added more things to our site and it’s styling.

As I mentioned, the color pickers will get you most (if not all) the way.

Don’t forget that support is offered via the support center (listed in your help doc, the support tab of the item, the item description and also my profile page) if you have further questions feel free to open a ticket :)


Real nice! Just curious,...when you click a project in the portfolio, is there an option to have the portfolio grid load at the bottom of the project page rather than having to back out of the project page to get back to the grid? Thanks!

You could possibly use a related posts plugin.

Thanks – I’ll check into that now!

Just wanted to say that this is really a masterpiece of timeless design. It shines through layout and typo and does not need big photos to look good and convincing. Professional simplicity.

Well thank you very much for those super kind words! We really appreciate you taking the time to leave such a glowing comment like that! :)


deus62 Purchased

Thanks for the update, Jonathan. :) Great to see the attention to detail you afford your themes (as always). Kudos!

Thanks buddy – appreciate the support as always! :)