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Lol, I’m not sure why, but I really love the mellow tone / aesthetic value of Swiss! I bookmarked it for sure. Nice theme jonathan01!

I’m a huge fan also (if you can’t tell) – thx for the comment @noahjnet

very nice theme, GLWS ;-)

Thanks UntiedThemes!

Congrats on the launch!

May I suggest you place your Updates and changelog below your “Welcome to Swiss” section in the Item Details? That section needs to be seen first!

:) Thanks very much for the kind comments!

Nice work as always man!

thanks man! Appreciate it!

Well planned features are included in this theme. Good work.

thank for the kind comments!

Awesome theme as always!

thanks very much! Appreciate the kind comments!

nice work as usual.. good luck!

thanks codeex

Unique work is bulletproof.
Congrats, Jonathan!
Kind Regards,

:) thanks very much! appreciate the kind comments!

so nice. good luck

Hey. Nice theme.

Are those main featured images (glasses, pens, badges etc…) included in the theme?

Thanks :) Yes – The psd’s are included and yes, that image is in the pad’s.

Hi – sorry for the mix-up but no those are an item from GraphicRiver, I then used the elements to make the compositions. We are not allowed to distribute those files in any way but I can supply a link for you to purchase a copy yourself.

Great Theme! :)

Thanks! Appreciate the kind comments!

well this is very nice, good job!

:) thanks very much for the kind comments!

Hi There,

Could you offer me royal slider support on the homepage? full width about 400px height? or would it be easy for me to implement?

Thanks! Tom

one of the homepage templates has a fullwidth widget area, if the royal slider offers a shortcode for the slider, all you would need to do is dump the shortcode in the correct widget area.

Very nice theme, but IMHO it lacks some usability elements. Like next, previous post buttons in the single blog post page, post archive, post filtering, etc. That would make the theme superb.

thank you for your kind comments, we will take it into consideration for any possible updates in the future.

Damn! 2nd.


:) thanks man! appreciate it!

I have to say thanks for – once again – a well thought-out theme with lots of panache!

Now, let’s see if I get around to using it this year. Lots of other stuff to get done before that …

Keep up the great work and keep fighting the good fight.


thx again bud!

Gorgeous theme! Absolutely love it, my only grime would be to make the navigation header bar sticky and your theme would be 100% perfection!

I’m just not the biggest fan of sticky headers (anyone can do it by adding the css to fix the header if they really want) but the reduced viewing real estate on smartphones is hitting usability a little in the face.

We could always add an option in the theme to turn on sticky header if we get enough requests for sure.

Thx for the feedback @bleachryste – much appreciated!

Having the option for the sticky menu would be a great asset :)

If anyone wants to do this then contact me – it’s 2 lines of css that you can either input in to the custom css box or add directly to the style.css – we’ll see if we get more requests and if we do I can add in for a point release :)

Jonathan … put stuff like the “sticky” menu into the FAQ (that is hardly used most of the time). I often wonder why authors (not meaning you) don’t do that. Comment threads have a myriad of tips and solutions, but TF comments being non-searchable, those usually get lost …

Here’s a link to the FAQ on the support center

Very cool! Thanks!

no worries!

Very cool! Good luck, friend ! ;)

thanks man! :)