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Hi, I’m a graphic designer this theme is perfect for me, just some questions :

- Woocommerce ready ? with your theme, only need to instal it ? - Can i add some ratings on my products and FB, Twitter, etc… ? - Can i purchase over 1000 products (pictures)... I want to pass via Fetchapp ? What about the menu ?




Hi Denis, all questions regarding Woocommerce would need to be directed to them, we only styled for the plugin and display that test/styling on the live preview.

Hello, I bought this theme and in a process of setting up blog. I can add posts but i am unable to see any blog post in blog page. Can you help on this? Faisal

Greetings and thanks for the purchase! It sounds like you possibly didn’t set your reading settings for your blog front page in WordPress – if you continue to have issues please use the support center as per your documentation, the profile page, my profile page etc. here’s a link also:

Many thanks


HI guys, beautiful typography – very clean! Just one question, the portfolio overview shows a 2 column layout which makes the page quite long if more items shall be displayed. And on top there are only 2 items visible without scrolling. Is there any option for a 4-column layout with smaller preview thumbnails?


Hi – no we took the decision of a 2 column layout for a specific reason to display your items without the need for a magnifying lens ;) I prefer the 2 column look – as for the page, it’s a post and therefore has pagination which is set normally in WordPress for your reading settings – set it at 6 or 8 and then pagination will kick in etc.

Many thanks


Thanks for the quick answer Jonathan, – I see the reasons for your approach.

I like the bold and minimal look of this and would like to use this as a site and store. A couple pre purchase questions:

1) Can recent or featured shop products be displayed on the Home page under the image? Like say three or four products across in a horizontal fashion And can featured blog posts show with images on the home page as well?

2) Can a layer slide or revolution slider be placed where the image is on Home versions 2 and 3?

Thanks again! I Am liking this and am trying to figure if it will fit for what I need it. I’ll have to show it to my friend. But your answers help.

My friend wanted to know if the Blog Index page could have a smaller text font and include a featured type image for each post similar to a traditional blog index page and along with that having the recent posts widget on the Home page then show a featured image along with the title of each post? Also, is Home page version 3 the widgetized home page version? If so, he wanted to know if the Latest Works section could be featured products using a woocommerce widget?

I’m trying to convince him about this design but I think he thinks it is too out of the box and has too big of images and text. He also asked about the idea of a Boxed version instead of full width.

All customizations would need to be done by yourself – everything is possible but depends on your skill level. We can offer pricing for customization work if you decide to go that route however.


This is a really nice theme. The only drawback I find is that if I want to use a white background, I need to override the colour picker. Any plans to split out the colour picker options more?

Greetings – not really no sorry – but as you said you have a way to do this that really isn’t that hard ;)

Very beautiful theme, thank you :) 2 questions: 1) When I put a text-widget in the footer and type something, the colour of the text matches the background (so you cannot see it). 2) How do I remove all social links for the staff members. Currently I cannot delete the last one, so there is an empty square.

Hi and thanks for the purchase. If you could please open a ticket at the support center and offer a link to your site so I can assist better – the link is on the item page, my profile page and also in your documentation PDF file under the support section.


My apologies. I’ve now created a ticket in support :)

I really love this theme. It is beautiful, exquisite work. I have a few questions: 1) Any chance of a pricing table in an update? I know I could add one myself, but I’m sure I’d prefer your styling/aesthetic, however you might choose to do this; 2) I would love to see a Social Share function on portfolio pages. Again, I know I could add this, but I’d surely prefer your aesthetic; 3) Similarly, perhaps a “Like” or heart based rating function on portfolio pages. Just to give a discrete level of interactivity. 4) Finally, the shortcodes you have in your plugin, are they distinctly named/classed? What I mean is that with some other themes that come with shortcodes I have found conflicts with shortcode classes in other plugins (like Shortcodes Ultimate, for example, which has really improved as a plugin with fontawesome integration and other tweaks). When two shortcodes have the same name (e.g, [accordion] or [tab] ... ) this can create difficulties. Thanks for your time and for creating such a great theme.

Hi, thanks for the kind comments and the purchase! :)

There are no plans to update the theme in the immediate future with the first 3 questions. But we will keep it in mind. For the shortcodes, yes, they are uniquely named so there should be no conflicts.

Please remember to use the support system with any further questions.


Great theme, thanks!

:) thanks for the kind comments!

How do you create portfolios on this site, is it as simple as using the wordpress dashboard or is there a custom way like many other themes. Can you change the color of the theme so its not that pinkish red color?

Hi – yes as detailed on the item description page, screenshots etc you have color pickers for the theme. As for portfolios they are simply a custom post type using WP standard – therefore it’s no different than creating a post in WordPress :)



So in other words I can just I can just pick a photo from the WP Media Library and drop it in. Cause I am using Senna and its not as simple as what yours sounds like, its more custom then im used to, it looks cool when I can get it to work right but even with all the help they give me its still just way to hard then it should be, when your trying to put up many portfolios at once, making it easy to do is good thing to have

Exactly – you simply set your featured image – not the message about the portfolio however that your featured image ONLY shows on the portfolio index page and not on the individual post by design so you have full freedom.


Hi there,

Great theme. Love the minimal design. It will serve many of us well.

I have a question: Is your theme compatible with rev slider? Any thoughts of implementing the slider options you have in your Business Essentials theme (I own that theme as well) with this one? I think this theme could use a little interaction beyond a static .JPEG.

Keep making awesome stuff!

Hi – there should be no reason why any correctly coded plugin doesn’t work with our theme, but no, we have no plans to implement it in the near future.


How could I implement RevSlider on the homepage?

Another concern: I would like the “My Account” page to display the “Login” and “Register” the way your demo does, I can’t figure out how to get it to do that.


Thanks for your time Jonathan!


Greetings – this seems to be a question re WooThemes’ own plugin and not really the theme – i.e. setup of your plugin. I would check their tutorials and help guides on how to get things setup etc – however all your settings are within your plugin and it’s appropriate tabs etc not the theme.

As for implementing a slider – again it’s probably a question to ask the plugin creator and either use a widget or register a widget and use a short code if offered using that particular slider.

Also please note this is not the support forum – this is listed in your documentation, the item preview page, the support tab and also my profile page – here’s a link:

Many thanks


Hi there,

I am looking for a new clean theme for a professional (fashion) blog, and your themes look really great. However, I am looking for some key functionalities and I am wondering if one of your (latest) themes offer this. I have summarized these key functionalities below. Could you let me know if your themes have these and if so, which? Thanks Regards, Martin

Key functionalities: - homepage to show blog posts in full format (no excerpt) - homepage to show sidebar - change of main colors - portfolio with hoover functionality

Hi and thanks for the questions – we place quite detailed information on our products outlining the features, however I can say we do not create any themes with the full blog posts unfortunately. Most can change colors and portfolios are created in several ways and I’m not sure what you mean by a hover, again most have some hover of some sort but not entirely sure – we normally have individual pages once clicking unless it’s a masonry layout with a lightbox.

Many thanks


Does this work with WP 3.8?

Greetings! Yes as per the information on the page, directly under ‘theme features’ at the bottom of the page – we always run all our themes on the latest builds and test :)

Many Thanks


Hi, I’m considering purchasing your theme, but I need to know if all images in the theme are pinnable on Pinterest, including images in the slideshows & portfolio. It was difficult to decipher in the demo if the images had been blocked by you guys in general from being pinnable or if they were actually just not pinnable This is a requirement from my client, so I definitely need to know this ahead of time. If you can let me know, that would be great.


hi thanks, i understand. there are a lot of slideshows and galleries though that don’t work with pinning even with free plugins, so i need to check this. not trying to argue with you here. :) pinterest can be a real headache. i can’t seem to actually check the portfolio images. when i x out and try and check there, it takes me back to the home page.

anyway, it’s fine. thanks…

I now understand what you are trying to do – ok, well because our live demo is not a single domain that is probably why you are having issues – I just tried sharing via pinterest using a URL and because it’s a subdomain that is why it’s showing all images from the site and asking you to choose.

There shouldn’t be a reason why you cannot share via pinterest normally (on a single domain) as they are simply images as list items or embeds normally – and that should all be good!

Sorry for all the confusion :)


ok, thanks for letting me know. :)

Hello there.

I really like your theme and have just a few questions about it. What font type did you use and is it changeable? Is the font color changeable? Can the title bar made larger for a bigger logo? Is the background color changeable? I am new to wordpress but know some HTML/CSS basics. Am I able to change little things via source code?

Thank you so much in advance. Regards.

Yes there is :) We have a link in your documentation, on the item preview page, the support tab for the item and also my profile page – here’s a link also ;)

Many thanks


Wow, great support!! Thank you very much. Keep on working on that great themes :)

thank you very much for the kind comments! :)

Will this theme work with multi site?

I don’t particularly see a reason why it shouldn’t work however it’s not tested so I cannot give you a solid guarantee unfortunately.


Jonathan, . . . I’m considering this theme for my own portfolio, but I can’t seem to tell how customizable it is. Do I have control over ALL the colors with css styling?

Thank you.

Hi again!

If you take a look at the screenshots (button on live preview) you can then see the admin panel options – we have multiple color selectors mapped to various elements – therefore altering one color will change several items (but each are grouped to a color picker meaning they all have ability to change) but we also include a custom css box for anything you wish to take more control over. We also allow you to upload your own full style sheet in the theme options (basically copy ours and alter then upload) and this takes over the regular style.css.

I do not create themes that have a color picker and font sizes, pick your slider from 6 types, and all the rest of the bloat – just useful options and ability to easily customize also – I hope that helps bud!


That is awesome Jonathan. I noticed these options and elements after I asked my original question. Sorry for jumping the gun.

I’m dealing with the worst theme commitment stress ever! LOL I’m dying for a refresh and I want it to count. Whether I choose one of yours for my site or not, I am itching to uy one and will be using one for one of my next clients.

Your designs are so unique and your support has already proven to be fast and personable. VERY rare my friend. :-)

Thank you again for the quick response.

Never a problem bud – if you have more questions feel free to type away at anytime :)


Dear Jonathan, one last question before buying your great theme. What about the “WooCommerce German Market” plugin? Is it supported when using the “Swiss” theme after having installed woocommerce? Thanks again for your fantastic support :)

Hi – as it’s a plugin we have tested I cannot confirm or deny – I can say however that we code our themes to WP standards, we have fully tested the WooCommerce plugin and no issues and everything is styled etc etc. If this is an extension to that plugin it should fall in without any issues. If it creates new features / pages etc it may need extra styling but that would only be if it produces new ‘things’ to WooCommerce.


Thank you again, Jonathan. Now I will be your client :)

no worries, happy to hear it! :)

I just bought the Swiss Theme Few days ago. I just wondering if is any way to make the Theme no responsive?

Greetings and many thanks for the purchase!

Yes absolutely – open the style.css and scroll all the way down where the comment is about responsive settings and either remove everything below that comment, or alternative (and safer) just comment the whole section out.

If you struggle just open a ticket for more clarification with the support center.

Many thanks


Hi there, A few days ago, a new woocommerce plugin (2.1) has been released. Do you know if there are some compatibility issues with your template? And if so, when a template update is programmed? I am saying this because I have encountered already some problems with other templates I am using and I had to downgrade the wc plugin. Tx Pascal

We only style for woocommerce, we don’t actually touch any of the functionality. So unless they have added new functionality that we didn’t ‘style’ for then you should be fine.

Ok I will make a check and give you a feedback if necessary.

Thank you that would be awesome – if you find anything that we are not aware of please just open a ticket at the support center and we will work with you :)


I asked a question through support weeks ago, but I never got a response from you guys.

It’s really dumb and it’s not really your problem. But I’m really struggling to change the colours of certain elements in the theme.

I get that they are all grouped together to make everything easier. But I need to single some out and change the colour of that individual element.

But I’ve got no idea how to do this. I can see roughly where it joins up in the stylesheet, but no clue how I would then add my own part on.

Do you have an easy work around through the custom html box? Or is it a case of I just need to go and learn how to code better?

As mentioned several times now (sorry to keep repeating myself, but you seem to be ignoring this request), please open a ticket I’m sure I can help but without a link to your live site it’s impossible :)

Also you may want to try adding a !important to ensure you over write the style sheet as these are pulled from your admin choices.


Hi Jonathan,

As predicted in the above this was an error on my behalf. Your instructions were spot on and this was completely user error.

To anyone thinking of purchasing this theme, it is absolutely perfect. The above issue I was having was purely down to my fault.

Thanks for your help Jonathan and your patience.


Thanks Tom! :)