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How can I remove the previous and next links on all my pages? CanĀ“t fint it?

BR Sandra


Sandra, I apologize for the delay! The best way to get in touch is via the form on my profile page. Go to Appearance > Editor and locate page.php on the right, then edit this file and just comment line 24:

<?php switch_content_nav(); ?>


Many thanks! :)

Hello, I recently installed your theme after having my site hacked and I seem to be having an issue getting everything to work again. It has been a while since I originally set up your template so it is possible I have forgotten a few things…so hopefully these will be easy questions to answer.

1. The slider is not showing up on my homepage. I have it set up correctly on the “home” page, but the slider area is blank.

2. My testimonials do not show up. I have three of them that used to cycle through, but now there is just a message displayed that says “No testimonials Found”. Again, it appears to be set up correctly.

My site is www.YourLowMortgage.ca if you would like to take a look. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Brad

One more question. I have a “Snippet Page” that does not seem to format correctly. No matter what I do one of the snippets does not align with the others. Please take a look and let me know if this is an easy fix.


I have tried full width as well as having a sidebar and neither of them formats correctly.

Thank you

Hello, I was wondering if you have had a chance to read my previous comments concerning the issues I am having with the slider on the homepage and snippets page?




Sorry I missed your comments here! I just replied via email. I think these are all related and should be easily fixed. Adrian

I updated to the latest wordpress and now I cannot access any of the features in the Theme Customize link; therefore, I am unable to change the look of the front page to the site. Do you have any recommendations?


Can you please contact me from my profile page with the URL and login details? Thanks! Adrian