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Hello error when doing subfolder refreshing auto up folder and site dont showing

my tree

www —index.html —sub - first.php – (this is your template index.html )

auto refreshing www/index.html i dont see your template

sub/first.php dont open auto refreshing upside index.html


Hi MWorkers,

Please read the Item Description carefully. HTML support has been stopped.

Converting HTML to PHP can be done, as I have seen on other users but it was done without my help.


Have Image Gallery Error !!

Everything good but HAVE BIG ERROR !

I added dynamicly image gallery items and working good but , When I clicked item 1 showing item1 images and continue item 2 item 3 images i want only show when i clicked item1 , item 1 images.

please turn me


1) Opened the Live Preview
2) Clicked on Menu: Galleries -> Image Gallery
3) Clicked on thumb 1: Giuseppe – GOOD ( I clicked Giuseppe right showing good but when clicked arrow right past Baseball Illustration loaded ? I didnt click Baseball Illustration Thumb ? I clicked Giuseppe Why right arrow past another item ( Baseball Illustration ) ?

Hi MWorkers,

Because this is how the gallery/galleries were build. Before purchasing you should have tested or dropped a question.

My guess is that you don’t want the arrows or you want multiple images support per thumb.

If multiple image per thumb is the answer the only answer I can give is that the Wordpress version that will be online in a few days will have that feature.

Other then that this is how the template was build.


Okay When your wordpress version released we check and fix it . I need this resolve important for me.


hello .. how to install this theme on wordpress? I Download the issue, i don´t install. thanks ..

hii. i bought synergy theme. i can’t open it ?

befor i copy assets, css, js folders in .net. and i add a default.aspx.

after copy the index.html to default.aspx.

where is wrong? Help me please.

Hi want to add the submenus into submenu…. Request you to help me its urgent… i try a lot but its not working.

Thanks in advance

Hi, Just following up on my email from 27/5/2013. You said the WordPress version would be ready on 15th of June 2013.

It’s been over two years, 763 days and still no WordPress version.

Is there any actual update on this? I assume it’s not coming.

Hi sletts02,

You are still interested in Synergy. That is really flattering for me.

Since the waiting is almost over, you don’t know that I know that, I think it is time for some explanations of what happened and what features does the Synergy comes with that took so long:

When I started working on Synergy Wordpress version I wanted to bring something new on the market. The market was growing so rapidly( still is ) that was hard to find the "thing" that will give me the pleasure of working on the project.

It was a long search and in the end I found it and got on the driving seat.

I started working with one designer and at some point the designer decided that he doesn’t want to work on the project. I was left alone with a project that required more than 4 people to be completed.

I had to decide if I quit or not. I decided that no matter what happens I will finish the project on my own.

Now, I said the project required more than 4 people?!!? Yes. How do I prove it? Well, the only thing I can do is count the features and post a screen with one of the main features( actually the feature that you and any other user will build any Synergy Theme and will build at a speed that you never seen before)

So features:

1) Synergy Visual Builder 4x times faster than Visual Composer ( Yes you heard me right and I will post videos with comparisons between them )

As an example on Visual Composer you can use around 30 – 50 rows with 4 columns and elements and after that it will crash.

On Synergy Visual Composer you can use around 300 rows with 4 elements and it will work.

Deleting on Visual Composer when using multiple elements takes around 2-3 seconds.

Deleting on Synergy Visual Builder will take around 0.05 seconds on normal usage and on 300 rows around 0.4-0.6 seconds.

See a screenshoot of the elements. Green elements are the surprise elements.

2) Synergy Mega Menu all themes have mega menu included

3) Synergy Zuper Framework Settings Panel redux didn’t allowed me to do things and I build one from scratch. Faster and slicker :)

4) Synergy Demo Panel Around 15 demos waiting to be installed on 1-click demo install

Now, Synergy Visual Builder awesome features:

- Grid Portfolio: build galleries in 1 minute top( Masonry, Normal, Flickr style )

- Blog: List, masonry, normal styles

- Photography: A special module for photography users

- Synergy Q-ards what is about? I saw a plugin that is sold for $99 ( 1 website ) and $199( 5 websites) I decided to create one from scratch

All of this takes time, all of this is done by one man, me, MT, mediacreed.

I know I have let many users waiting and I hope that at the end the waiting will be rewarded and as I said in other emails to other users:

The ones that will purchase it in the first 7 days will get a free request for a feature to be added in the Synergy Wordpress ( think of a feature like Synergy Q-ards )

Screen of elements in Synergy Visual Builder:

Accordion shortcode: ( Keeping the awesome features hidden until online )

Now, when it is going to be released? Well I am working on it for the week ahead. But there is an entire review envato issue as they had problems and the period for review may take over 10 days.

I don’t know what else to say other than, everything I worked on Synergy Wordpress version was done having two things in mind:

1) “How do I make a users life easier?”

2) “Everything the user builds must be done fast since time is money”

If the Synergy Visual Builder will ease your building process I guarantee you will never use another theme.

But this is for you to decide, in the end, you and the other buyers will put me down or you will put me up.

Hope this response will serve you and/or other buyers that are waiting! There are so many buyers I know ( You, Akram, Hackerup, jhgmed and others) and hopefully in the end it was all worth it.


Hi, mediacreed! I’m very interested in WordPress version of Synergy. Hope to buy it sooner!

Glad to hear that :) Added you to the list of announcements!

I want the Wordpress version, hope it will coming soon.

Awesome hackerkuper :), added you to the announcement list


damday Purchased

Hey Mediacreed relieved and happy to here that you are almost done with the Synergy Wordpress Version – Let me know its available – Sign me up :)

Hope everyone will love the Synergy Visual Builder( hope the speed of the builder will keep everyone hooked ) and also the Demos that are all build using the Synergy Visual Builder :). Added you to the list :)


dro305 Purchased

i want the wordpress version


dro305 Purchased

i want the wordpress version


dro305 Purchased

i want the wordpress version

Added you to the list dro305. :)

Bought the beautiful Synergy template despite warnings of no support. But got unexpected surprise about having to set up MAMP. Now, I cannot use it as I’m just working on sites on my desktop until ready to upload to host.

Hi tiiamaria,

Working on desktop means you are working on localhost. Since the template has intro animations that reveal the content and also since it is using Ajax, it is required to use MAMP for Mac or Wamp for Windows.

There is a video tutorial step by step on how to install and configure MAMP. Try it, it is really easy.

Cheers, Mediacreed

I want the Wordpress version.

Added you to the list :)

Hi mediacreed can you add me to WP list? Thanks.

Hi James,

Thank you for the patience, added you to the list.

Cheers, Mediacreed

I want the Wordpress version

Hi Robert,

I have added you to the list.

Cheers, Mediacreed


weylo Purchased

Is that wordpress version will contain the module woocommerce ?


1) Woocommerce = YES

2) Woocmmerce Full Ajax ( from add to cart, product page, checkout until payment ) = YES

Full Ajax Woocommerce is extremly fast when shopping

Cheers, Mediacreed


u111as Purchased

please may i also be added to the list?

Hi u111as,

Sure, added you to the list.

Cheers, Mediacreed


u111as Purchased



weylo Purchased

Thank you for your reply, I am interested by the Wordpress version. I hope the videos will be doing to help the French who have some difficulties with English like me.