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I just have a quick pre-purchase question: Is the site setup in a way that I can integrate my own PHP SQL blog posting setup? My system is set up similarly like wordpress with logins, posting, and editing.

Hi mediacreed,

any news about the wordpress version? I’ve been waiting for it.


Ivan1903 Purchased

Hi mediacreed, please respond my message, Greetings!

So, no info about wordpress, its sad, i’m starting to think that wordpress version never coming out.

Hi Everybody,

i am really interested in buying this template and would like to know if it is possible to have the footer link opening a new text page inside the template. how easy is that to solve (without having an extra menu)? Answers are hopefully welcome :)

Best regards and sorry for my bad english. Marocqui

Hi; i bought your theme in today. However your web page is not working and web page show us a error message. Web page show google script error and google has block web page. I want the refund.

emrahell Purchased

Hello, I need to remove the picture description section (”full-width-preview-info-holder”), but if I delete these section, the picture doesn’t loads in and I got an empty screen. How can I remove this section properly?


afrttoh Purchased

Hi mediacreed, please respond my message about WP, Greetings!

Hi Mediacreed!
I just went through your 100’s of comments and truly full appreciation to you, the way you reply to each and individual comments. I am also one of the many customers who are waiting desperately for the wordpress version of the beautiful Synergy HTML Theme (my client has purchased this on my suggestion).
But from last 3 weeks, I see no update from your side. I accept that you are not telling anyone to wait. There might be some issues in approval or some bugs. It will be very kind human gesture of you if you kindly reply some true fact to the customers (all are here because we all loved your last work). Please please reply about wordpress update, will it ever release here or not? if it is ready in beta phase, let us know from where to buy?
Please be fair in your comments like before.
Thanks a lot! hoping to get back your reply soon.
Regards, zugnu


@sletts02 – I already mentioned in my comment, that I accept mediacreed is not asking anyone to wait.But I expect a reply from Mediacreed, so that users must be directed towards some path. Just seeking a professional reply.

@zugnu – “An exact date no. I am trying to release it around 15th of June 2013”

That’s what I received last year, I’d not hold your breath.

Hi; i bought your theme today. web site is not working and web page show us a error message. Web page show google script error and google has block web page.

JHGMEDIA Purchased

I can not test the site that sends me an error message from the Google API key, and create the key and insert “YOUR_API_KEY” could help me please. By the way I’m following step by step documentation.


Jorge Hernández/México City

JHGMEDIA Purchased

I installed the wampserver64 and the system sen this message: Apache/2.4.9 (Win64) PHP/5.5.12 Server at localhost Port 80

You can help me please


Jorge Hernández


and I could resolve, thanks any way

¿The music player work in mac?