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focode Purchased

Contact form not work, I sent email to you but I still don’t receive feedback from you

Hi focode,

Thank you for purchasing the HTML template 13 days ago. I don’t know if you have read the Item Description Page but if you haven’t please see that there is an announcement saying that support for the HTML has ended in October 2014.

Anyway, I have replied to your email indicating to verify a line in the PHP file for the contact form and make sure the line is identical with the original file. This means that if you have modified it you are blocking your own email.

Cheers, Mediacreed


focode Purchased

I follow your guide but I don’t recieved email, Please please please access my hosting to fix for me: - FTP Server: - Username: vin7530b - Password: PT*[WMiaKste

Hey, i just need to add a caption to the slides for 4 columns portofolio in javascript. Anybody knows how?

Hi mrdanson,

Replied to your email :).

Cheers, Mediacreed

Hello, i bought this item before i noticed you no longer support it, but if you can please help me out, then i would really appreciate it, once i move the cursor most times on the page, it freezes and no link works until i refresh the page, i already sent you mail but no reply. please help me out or send the the solution you sent to the people with this issue. thanks.

Hi kelvinfx,

Replied to your email.

Cheers, Mediacreed


Dev2840 Purchased

Hi there i wanted to change the size of pricing table as I want to add more description but i cannot add it and also i thought it is responsive. I looks worst in mobile devices is there any update on that or no?

Hello I emailed you about removing thumbs on the portfolio page. Please respond here or by email.

Please add me to your new wordpress release for synergy

I am aware this theme is no longer supported by the author but has anyone been able to add descriptions to the Project images? The side text area is great but I also would like to have a title below the image. Many thanks!!

Please, add me to the list of WP announcements!

Hi mediacreed, Just read your ‘behind the scenes’ post on your Synergy WP development. I am impressed with the HTML version, your ‘Synergy Visual Build’ sounds intriguing so put me on the list of folks interested in the WP version. I wish you great success in the project!!

Hi. i too bought this item before i noticed you no longer support it. perhaps you should move the support info to the top of the info page or remove the theme altogether. in any case, i’m having no end of trouble just trying to customize the menu. The documentation is vague and unhelpful. now that i think about it, removing the theme seems to be the best way to go. sorry.

6 months ago you provided a WP preview and said it would be available in ~10 days?

This is continuing from June 15 2013 where you said it would be available in a couple of days.

It’s now 2016. Any update on the WP version?

Hi, I know there’s no support, I was just wondering if there are any known issues with Chrome on Windows? We can’t see the musicplayer icons or the menu animations… Strange..

We purchased this product 6 months ago and need to download a copy again. Its not in our downloads so can you please email a link to redownload it asap.

Hi, how i can play loop video on portfolio using standalone video-type? thanks

Hi, Is there an easy way to hide the left nav all together? I would like to just set to land on the 3 column project.

I cannot remove submenus from the Home link. Why is that? What do I have to do?

I remove the # link and replace it with link to page. that works but when I remove the sub menus I get nothing…the page just keeps loading.

I uploaded the rank. Can I send you the code?

I merely do not want submenus. I am not using just the #....I put the page in and it works but when I remove the submenus..the page just keeps loading with the preloader which is really odd. I’ll reread the documentation again. Not sure whats up.