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Wish you all a wonderful 2015!

I will reply to all comments that have not been responded in about 12 hours.

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POST No. 1

After reading carefully all the latest comments it is fair to say that a statement is a must( Thank you zugnu! )

The Wordpress was postponed due to multiple factors. While I can’t disclose some of the factors I can do that on others:

1) While working on the Wordpress I had to search for another designer to help me on the work, because of some incompatibility with the previous one.

2) The designer search and until I found a new designer lead to a massive delay, changes and other work related stuff.

3) Preparing for Upcoming VAT Changes: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/preparing-for-upcoming-vat-changes/151408 This was the latest announcement from Envato. This also caused a delay because I had to see where it was going and what were the necessary steps for me.

4) From the first moment I started to work on the Wordpress version I had one goal in mind: “Create a theme that offers all the tools for the final user so that when he creates a website for the client he will do it fast and really easy”

Having this in mind, it seemed that each time a feature was in the developing process other features came into my mind. While working I was also seeing comments from different users all asking about the release and when and again when and so on.

While almost everyone on this market creates themes rushing the developing process in order to get some fast revenue, or because they have to sustain their current life style I was determined not to rush anything and just work on it until I felt it was ready.

Yes I am here also for the glory and money and everything that comes with it, but that is on 2nd place.The 1st place is the thrill of creating something that in the end improves the final user website building experience: speed and friendliness.

Having the comments and emails rising every week about the Wordpress I have silently decided to not respond until I have reached the end of my goal.

I know that I might upset some users and I apologize, there are persistent users that I remember their names and I will try to make a mens with each and everyone of them.

I hope the above statement give to all users that were asking and waiting for the Wordpress version some insights and some explanations about everything. If the above doesn’t satisfy you please leave a comment with other questions if there are any.

Thank you!


Synergy | Multi-Purpose Responsive Creative Theme

Pre-release announcement:

1) On 10th or 11th of January I will release some final screenshoots on random features of the Synergy Wordpress theme.

2) Following the 1) between 11th and 14th of January I am expecting the Synergy | Multi-Purpose Responsive Creative Theme to be live and on sale!

3) Some of the Synergy | Multi-Purpose Responsive Creative Theme features:

3.1) Multiple demos like: Multi-purpose, Legacy, One-page parallax, Photography and other( all for you to discover )

3.2) All demos can be installed from the custom “Demo” panel. Just choose a demo, click install and your website will look exactly as the demo you saw on the live example. This has a complete narrated video tutorial on the support website.

3.3) Support website: knowledge based and narrated video tutorials on how install and customize things using Synergy Visual Builder

3.4) Synergy Visual Builder or the most Blazing Fast Builder of them all. Containing over 30+ in-house shortcodes. Sustaining the blazing fast builder statement? Of course: A video tutorial showing you how a 200 Portfolio Gallery build in less then 2 minutes.

3.5) Synergy Super Mega Menu: Custom in-house Mega Menu with options for menu backgrounds, custom menu icons, menu items color and much more

3.6) Synergy Slider: Custom in-house boxed or full-width slider tailored for speed and performance.

3.7) Synergy Multi-Layer Parallax: Custom in-house multi-layer parallax

3.8) Menu position: Left, Center and Center-sticky( all are shown in the demos )

3.9) Menu and logo custom positions( all are shown in the demos )

3.10) Revolution slider( the well known slider)

3.11) Soundcloud builder shorcode

3.12) Vimeo, Youtube and self-hosted videos

3.13) Portfolio types: Normal, Masonry, Wall and Photography

3.14) Blog types: List, Card, Masonry

3.15) Custom scrollbar ON/OFF activation.

3.16) Infinite Portfolio and Blog ajax loading

3.17) Settings panel to customize from menu background to scrollbar color, font-size, font-family and much more

3.18) Full AJAX Woocommerce Shop. Yes exactly super fast shopping experience

3.19) Google Fonts and Icomoon Fonts all to a grand total of over 1600+ icons to choose from and put it into your content.

3.20) Carousel Gallery

3.21) Counters – awesome number spin

3.22) Skills ...... .....

And many other features for you to discover. All is opened for suggestions and new features and each of one of you will be a able to suggest on a public special thread created on the support website.

Another post on 10th – 11th of January!

hi, I am not able to install this template on live server even after making the changes in the .js file as you have mentioned in the documentation..

i was able to run it on localhost though.. but not on live server, i am using a linux hosting service (000webhost.com)

please reply..


Hi kashyap03,

Please read the Announcement on the ‘Item Description Page’. Thank you!


houarim Purchased

Hi, I have purchased this HTML template so I can get used to it and customise it a bit. Please let me know when the new version is coming out, with the video tutorials, installer, and other things you have mentioned.

Thank you very much for this great HTML work and design!

houarim Purchased

Also, I know you have discontinued support for this item, however, many many many people have asked questions and they were directed to send a private e-mail. If we had access to the answers you have sent we could use them to make modifications. Example: so many buyers have asked how to replace the logo. I am asking the same question… Is there a forum, or a link where Frequently asked questions are? Please make the instructions sent to your buyers public, it would help a lot and we wouldn’t bother you with questions, since we would have the answers. Thanks for your consideration…


Hi houarim,

1)Thank you for your appreciation! :) I just posted a new comment with a sneak-peak screen.

2) Yes, and also so many buyers already managed to do that. It is a raw HTML template and some knowledge of HTML is required. I will consider adding a section of ‘General FAQ’ on the new support website that will be launched when the Synergy Wordpress is out. If time will be kind I will try and put on the tasks list some video tutorials also for the guys that will handle the support. Kindly remember me this after the Synergy Wordpress is online.



To all interested in the upcoming Synergy Wordpress version, find bellow a sneak-peak:

Next announcement will be when it is out. Fingers crossed ;) Cheers,


First of all, Congratulations por the template. I’m working on it, end I would like to know how I can add extra content under the Vimeo or YouTube video in Our Projects project detail.

Thank you in advance.



Hi lor_vader,

I have replied to your email.


I understand you are not supporting the HTML/CSS template anymore but I was hoping that either yourself of someone on here could help me with a JS issue I am having with the deep linking.

To recap I followed the following in the documentation: 1: Change urlCharDeeplink 2: customPageStartURL 3: change navigation links 4: comment meta

This worked for the first pages that loads on the site http://theembark.com/DE_Folio/ but if you click any other link it starts loading like it’s going to change pages but the URL path changes to /#!! and you can’t get away from the home page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Great theme by the way – nice but not super heavy and impossible to use. -Kevin

P.S. I also admire the fact that you want to do the wordpress template correctly and not cut corners and throw it up! As a designer and developer it saves us all headaches. Nothing worse than a good looking theme that you can’t even figure out how to use when you expect your client to.


Hi kdigennaro,

Send me please an email from the profile page.


Hello, I read that you no longer support this anymore, but, since I bought it and need to use it, your help is necessary. Google Maps API error appears everytime I load the page. Got an API key, did all the steps in Google but seems like something is wrong in the site. Perhaps the API changed? Please help me. The last option could be disable Google Maps in Synergy. I don’t know. Thanks


Hi lujandesign,

Please send me an email from the profile page and include a link. The link to the profile page is: http://themeforest.net/user/mediacreed


Hi I really like your theme! One question, does it support videos on my ftp? I want to click-to-play them on overlay layers like lightbox for vimeo/youtube (not open up a new page). I’ve been searching this feature for so long… Thank you!


Hi Lindelea,

It supports both youtube and vimeo but I would recommend to wait for the Wordpress because that will support Soundcloud and Vine also.

The same in a lightbox as in portfolio.


I am not affiliated with the creation of the theme but do own it and I am a web developer with some experience to hopefully help the two of you.

Google Maps API error appears everytime I load the page. Got an API key, did all the steps in Google but seems like something is wrong in the site. Perhaps the API changed? Please help me.
Could you provide a link to the site and perhaps some more information on exactly what you did? Sometimes there may be step that may seem small but is the difference between it working and not. @Lindelea
One question, does it support videos on my ftp?
The quick answer is yes it does. But keep in mind that the developer is selling this as an HTML/CSS theme. You may have difficulty with this theme if you do not have much experience with HTML. The sample videos on the theme are from Vimeo but with knowledge of the HTML embed feature you could store the videos anywhere. I would recommend reading http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_embed.asp on how to embed video before purchasing.

The next version (the preview in the comments above) will be for wordpress so if you have 0 HTML experience you would be better off waiting for mediacreed to release the theme (looking forward to it myself).

Hope that helps in the meantime.



Hi Kevin,

Thank you for taking the time of answering to the previous two comments.

I have replied to your email.


Savy07 Purchased

Any news as to when the Wordpress theme will be available to purchase!? :)

I canĀ“t open the index file with Adobe Dreamweaver CS4. I work firts with Dreamweaver CC however now i have to worw with CS4. Send a message error Runtime C++ and close the aplication.