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Hi, I know support is provided through the forum but I did not get the password to access through. I am having issues with the tabs shortcodes not displaying the content for each tab correctly, for instance, after adding:

[tabs titles=”1,2,3”] Tab text content 1[/tab] Tab text content 2[/tab] Tab text content 3/tab

I am getting this:


Also, the slider buttons (back and forth) don’t seem to be working:


I would appreciate your help to solve this issues.

We are discussing this issue in the forum, please follow the conversation only in the forum at http://support.mattiaviviani.com. Issue is gone, you are pasting the short code in the wrong way. You are posting here only your opinion in the middle of a support request. The them is well documented and I already provided for you solutions so please follow the conversation in the forum, support works via forum only.

The issue with the tabs shortcode remains, I published more details in your forum. By the way, you mentioned that being able to select a particular tab (other than the first one) being active by default when the page first loads was not a needed feature. Well, it is actually a needed feature for me and I know that you could have easily let me me know how to do it since you developed this theme but you decided not having the courtesy of telling me how and that’s fine, I will find my way around, but I do expect that you fix the tabs bug explained in your support forum.

I already replied to you in the forum. Please, there’s no need to post here and than in the message board, writing different things, besides. It’s confused, and make me answer twice without any benefits. Just to clear for other users: there’s nothing I decided to don’t tell. Posting those info in that way, posting a bit here and a bit there, doesn’t provide anything but confusion. Please, again, I wrote it in any post here with you, follow this conversation in the forum only at http://support.mattiaviviani.com

In that case I will just use this forum and not yours since this could be helpful for other people who is interested in buying a fully functional theme. The way I was using the tabs shortcode is exactly in the same way in which your document shows in the page 11, you have seen that. How hard would it be for you to edit your documentation? If you follow the whole conversation here and in your forum, you never came up with the solution until today. Some times is just better to accept that there is a bug in the theme and fix it or either fix the documentation rather than trying to hide it from potential customers and make those who already bought the buggy theme waste their time. The worst thing is that you say this bugs will be fixed in the next version but you still don’t have an ETA for the new version…

A matter of honesty.

I understand your concern, is not a “hard” update the documentation or provide the package update. Tabs works fine if used in the right way, again, is not a bug to fix. The example I made in your website shows that tabs are working. I’m developing a new plugin for shortcodes so all my themes will need to be updated in order, but I need time to do that, that’s the only reason why I told that there’s no ETA yet.

You may continue to post here, if you wish, but support works only via forum at http://support.mattiaviviani.com so every “buyers” can get benefits from it, not everybody. Forum exist because piracy and because message board here is not searchable.


I purchased you theme and did not receive a username or password. Can you please send to me?

hello, please help in the solution of the problem with the template Synthetik Wordpress Theme, with the addition of new portfolio post in the portfolio of the page displays an error 404 – Not Found, I have the latest version 2.8.2

Hello, our support forum is under redesign, if you need help please send us an email here http://mattiaviviani.com/contact/ and we’ll be back shortly :)

Is there a way to do video in the slider?

The theme doesn’t comes with a video slider, but yep, with a bit of custom work it can be done :)


hi there i was just wondering if there is anyway to add an instagram footer link because there isn’t in the theme when i perched it. If its possible it would be awesome =)

ahhh sweet thanks you helped me out a lot =)

Is this a responsive theme?

Is there any demo xml content files available to start work from? someone please advise asap. Thank yo.

Got the answer via email ;)

No support or answer, to my question. The forum doesnt work, neither does the theme. Thank you for nothing. I want a refund !


iJason Purchased

Hi PixenMedia, Do you have any plans to make this theme responsive?

Hello! Yes! There’s no ETA yet but also Synthetik will be responsive ;)

Checking in on this, it’s been 4 months and with Google’s new push for mobile sites, it’s more crucial than ever to have this theme be responsive. Any ETA on this? If not, I’ll have to find a different theme.

will this template work with the wordpress 4.1?


Where can I find the XML demo content?

http://support.mattiaviviani.com/ is down http://pixen.ticksy.com/?envato_item_id=98244 Won’t allow me to post a thread on the forum because apparently my purchase code is invalid??

Regards, Mark

Hello, support at http://pixen.ticksy.com/ is back online.

Hello, Just bought your theme recently and I’ve noticed it is easy to edit. But there is one more thing i need.

I want the part that says in the portfolio “you may also like” which displays related pictures How do I go about that?

http://highlydemanded.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/like.jpg http://highlydemanded.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/like.jpg

With Google’s new push for mobile sites, it’s more crucial than ever to have this theme be responsive. Any ETA on this?

I too am wondering about making this responsive. An update would be great.