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I win.

Thank you!

Great!!!! Just got it! Thanks so much Mav!!!

Thank you too for purchasing and for your support.

Enjoy the Synthetik!


Perfect sir! Good Luck!

Thank you External!

You bet…I too have been anxiously waiting for this one.

Quickly checked this theme demo out and like what I see.

Thank you all!

Very beautiful and elegant. Great job!

Thank you!

This is awesome :) Good luck!

Thank you so much Kailoon!

wow, great wp theme!

Geat theme :D

But where can i see the theme in red?

Hi Kevin,

You can see the Red skin via HTML version here: http://demo.mattiaviviani.com/html_templates/synthetik/red/

Please note that there’re some little differences between HTML Template and Wordpress Theme, but basically the color scheme doesn’t changes.



Loving it Mav!

Good luck with sales. ;)

Thank you Wppowered!

Fantastic Theme ! Can I see a demo of the white version ?

Yes, the theme allow to do that.

How can I add Photos and Videos in Posts ? Any Admin Screen available ?

Smartphoner, the white version is available.


Great work Mav and thanks a lot for publishing it before the weekend :-)

Just made my purchase.

Looking forward to the full-width page template update ;-)

Will there also come light versions of the blue and red skin?

Hello Biteengines,

Thank you for purchasing Synthetik!

The full width page probably comes out with the next update, no date for now. There will be also with all the skins.


Hi Mav,

Thanks for the quick & positive answer.

Really glad for my purchase of your theme and looking forward to the update ;-)

Amazin theme, love it.

One question before I buy it. Is it possible to have several pages in one portoflio section? for exampleI have 50 images of Exterior, and I want to have NEXT buton, so I could see for example only 10 images and then I can click to see next page with another 10.

Hello Dessano,

Yes you can do that using the pagination, it’s already included in the theme without need a third part plug-in, you can also set the numbers of post to show in any page.


Oh dam, this theme look HOT ! in red

Look good mate ! Simple and right to the point.

Happy sales :)

Thank you DDStudios,

It’s amazing to be supported by authors like you!


Great Theme Mav Any chance of seeing a demo in the white please?

Hi PowerM, can’t provide a working link. It would require several installations for the same theme. I will provide an extensive snapshots section soon.


Hi, May

The demo don’t validate (I closed the frame). Is it a problem just with the demo?

hello Pipaspj, I think so, basically the html is valid.

Hats down gentlemen, the Design Lord is here! ;)

Thank you _freshface ;)