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Never mind, I figured it out.

2.6 looks great. Thanks for the update.

did it your way … now still waiting for a answer… you advertised a simple wp

Sorry but I don’t know of what you are talking about. Posting here is not needed at all. I’ve seen that you posted in the forum and I’ve already answered to your question.

Please note that support is not real time, we have different time zone etc… besides, your question has been posted 24 minuts ago…and I’m not clark kent :)


Has anyone had luck creating a child theme for Synthetik? It’s been discussed (briefly) on the theme’s support site, but no answers have been posted. Anyone out there know the solution?


HI, I am very interested in buying this theme. but I wanted to ask if it’s possible to change the background pattern with images or other patterns?


Absolutely, yes you can. The theme comes also with a lot more feature :)


Hey there,

am i allowed to use the Header in a forumtemplate (phpbb3) so that it fits more the blog-design?

How do I prevent the theme from resizing the images I put code into the homepage widgets. for example when I put in a 290-XXX image it automatic sizes it to 290-190 in the 3 column homepage widget. and the same for the bottom 4 column widget… when I want 210-XXX it auto scales it to 210-138. Rather annoying and limits theme flexibility. greatly


Hey mav,

You did a splendid job on the theme. Btw, how come I can’t find a way to use the shortcodes? LOL Thanks in advance.


I already posted my questions here but unfortunately got no response, so I will try again. We are a small video production company. We like your Visual and Synthetik WP themes and would purchase one of them, but before we want to make sure it meets following requirements:

1. Full support of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Correct site presentation on most newest smartphones, incl. iPhone, iPad and Android devices. 2. Our product is videos, so they must run smoothly on modern computers and smartphones. The films can be self hosted or embedded Vimeo videos with fullscreen playback option. 3. Full support of SEO , with a unique search engine metatext for each page.

Please let us know if one of your themes may suit our needs. Thank you!

J. Adrian, Reaction Shot Filmproduktion GbR


First off all thank you for your interest on my items.

1. If you are talking about compatibility all my themes, as specified in the product page, are compatible with IE7 /8/9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. They also works for iPhone, iPad and Android.

2. About self hosted video you should refer to your hosting provider. The theme comes with simple video options for lightbox, also video shortcodes in the case of Synthetik. Visual, instead is currently under redesign, the current version doesn’t supports shortcodes but the new one will.

3. Themes are designed on a stable framework which allow to the themes to be pretty friendly with SEO .

For any further questions please send me an email via this form (I don’t use message board so much).

Best Regards


Great theme; however, I have come across an issue with the theme and the plugin TubePress.

I have installed the shortcode on a page and whilst it pulls in the YouTube videos, I appear to not be able to utilise any features and none of the video’s are clickable for things like display video in pop-up window, modalbox etc.

I have deactivated the theme and used the plugin fine with TwentyEleven, so I assume there is an issue somewhere with the js scripts, or something.

Could you take a look please and advise on a fix.



Theme Support works via Forum only at http://support.mattiaviviani.com/

Thank you

I posted this at the support forum but my thread was locked and i was told to search for the support forum for information. I had actually already searched the support forum before i posted. None of the information in the search was helpful so i am posting here hoping that one of the users may know what the issue is since there isnt a FAQ covering the issue.

Images are not showing up in the slider at this site. http://www.crestrongui.com . Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Thanks.

I’ve already reply to you in the forum: http://support.mattiaviviani.com/topic/slider-image-not-showing

The following topic has been closed because duplicated: http://support.mattiaviviani.com/topic/slider-image-not-showing-in-theme-posting-again

The issue has been discussed a lot and it already has a solution, anyway I’m following the conversation with you. Here to help, as always ;)


Can you add video to the top portion instead of the images?

Hello, nope, feature not available for this version, slider images can display images only (for now).


that is good theme. before i purchase i would like to know… option panel can change the menu bar color? if want red menu bar can i modify it?

what is the option panel detail feature. thanks.

Hello, first off thank you for your interest in Synthetik.

Sure, via option panel you may change menu bar links colors and a lot more, since setup template pages, layout, homepage setup, footer etc.. it’s also pretty easy to use :)

Best Regards

Hi Team

I am using synthetik theme to my website. I like portfolio option. But I need lot of page contain portfolio option. But iam not able to find the way to do that. Plz suggest & If not kindly process the refund request

Regards Prince Chugh

Hi MAV ,

can you theme support buddypress? if cannot what should i make it compatible. thanks.

hi Mav,

how to turn off page comment section? also i want to change “What do you think?” to my own words at blog. thanks

Hello, theme support works via forum only at http://support.mattiaviviani.com


can we use gallery with this theme?

Delete Me! Problem solved

Hello for some reason when I add a portfolio item it doesnt actually add to the page. Why is this?

I set up my portfolio categories and everything



Your website is returning js errors. Theme support works via forum only at http://support.mattiaviviani.com

Best Regards, Mattia

Hi, I have a some pre-sales queries: 1. Can you create an additional navigation menu in the header? 2. Can you change the drop down menu on the main menu from vertical to horizontal? 3. Does your theme work with the wordpress membership plugin? 4. Does your theme work with the wordpress newsletter plugin? Thank you for your time Maya

Is there anyway to change the “Synthetik a Wordpress Theme” at the top of the page to something different?