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I have not updated my site in a very long time and the google map out of nowhere has issues where it is loading outside of the contact area showing on several areas it should not show up on as you scroll down the page. It is also happening on your demo page so I’m not sure what happened. Very strange. If you could let me know how to fix it that would be great.

Send link to your site on


Many clients tell me that it lacks many products on the pages of my site, for example:

see Attachment I have to refresh the page to bring up the products it happens once or 2 times missing some products see attachment 2. It’s really strange, so I can not use my website as I entent you have a tip as it is very boring.

My host told me that he could come javascript that displays the images asynchronously after the page is loaded. and he told me that should try to remove the asynchronous loading, but I do not know how.

Sorry for my bad english i’am french

Thank you in advance

after reading the reviews I changed the js and css but it still does not work, sorry HELP me. My e-mail is

Sorry for long delay. Situation in my country little bit complicates support. I will answer on your question on monday . Thx

Hi, This theme use jQuery “load” method, he can stuck page loading if page have some not exist or broken urls.

I have 2 solution for this problem: Solution 1:

We can use
$(document).ready(function() {
$(window).load(function() {

You need: 1. Open theme.js 2. Change code on line 600 3. Minify file 4. Save to theme.min.js

Solution 2:

Use page load library. Example

But I need make some changes to js and css files.

Can you perform Solution 1. If your client does not like it, we can try Solution 2.