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nice colors


Thanks for the comments ‘dalemo’

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Hi This is Clife.

I am very interested in the Theme: http://themeforest.net/item/tangent-business-template/full_screen_preview/66207

I am an internet marketeer and I want t add 5 menu’s , with many submunu’s. What is possible with the Theme. The service overvieuw caan I add also submenu’s

What looks great is that you have the signup bottum ( is this a plugin) there and the slide show, but can I also add a video presentation.

Can I use this Theme for Wordpress?

Do you have experience with directories , because I am also searching for a theme similar to this: http://preview.ait-themes.com/index.php?bartype=desktop&theme=directory

Or give me your advice if you want

I look forward for your reply


Hi Chiwat,

Sorry for the late reply. About your questions related to the theme:

1. You can add as many menu items as possible as per the space given. So it shows 6 right now an 5 are possible as well. 2. Drop-downs are not supported in this as of now. But yes can be added. 3. Signup is a button not linked to any page. You can link it to a page of your choice. 4. Yes Video could be added, Just need to put YouTube/Vimeo embed code there instead of the slideshow. 5. This is not a WordPress theme, but you can definitely use the HTML and get that converted to WordPress. 6. Don’t have much experience with that but could definitely help you with something. Let me know your thoughts.