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Great template! One question: Can the background images be videos instead?

No, sorry

hi ! Excellent template! I have a little problem, when a message is sent through the contact form, it is received without the name and email of the sender … Can you help me? thank you


Are you sure that you look at the correct field. I checked it now and it is working properly. This is a screenshot from gmail;

Please try with different email accounts. If problem still persists, contact your hosting provider. There may be a problem on the server side..

hello, I was was wondering if the template provides a dropdown menu, or at least a way to divide the gallery in sub-galleries.

Thank you in advance

Hi, sorry but no..

hello, is it possible to use the homepage slider (backround image) to an internal page? For example by making a portfolio page that has the same big-backround image transition as the homepage’s.


Sorry but there isn’t any feature like that. It is only available on the front page.

Of course it may be possible with customization;

the ARTIST doesn’t display properly in mobile (like your live-mobile preview)

Thank you very much. your support is really helpful. I have a few more questions. 1. how can we add link to the logo (to get the visitor back to the homepage) 2. How can we put links inside the FAQ texts 3. How can we make paragraphs inside the FAQ texts

Thank you in advance.

1) Sorry there isn’t any option like that. You can create a custom menu for inner pages like on my demo, and you can change homepage link text with “back to home”;

2-3) Html tags are not available on that field. You can only add plain texts.

HI there, The contact form is getting slammed with spam mail … is there any captcha i can apply or i can use joomla captcha what should i do???


It is weird… There is a spam link protection in the contact form. It blocks most of the spam emails (most of the spam emails contains links).

Adding a captha isn’t an easy thing. Only a web developer can do this…

If you want you can remove contact form from template settings.

Hi there!

I love this theme, but I’m trying to get it working for Joomla, and I can’t get the background images for the inside sections (About Us, Artists) to appear. It’s just black.

I’m using Joomla 3.3.6 and the latest version of the Tattoo Theme template.

robertjpeterson at gmail dot com


Thank you! That worked!

Hi! Follow-up question: I’ve set my main menu to the “submenu” position and added a Category Blog link to my menu. It’s appearing on the homepage fine:

... but when I click to the blog listing, there’s no background image:

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!!!!



Go to Template settings and edit “Bg Image for Inner Pages” url again like section background images

Yahoo! That worked! Thanks! I LOVE this theme! So excited to launch it!!!

You’re welcome :)

Me again! Is there a way to link the byline on article pages to the author?


Sorry but this option is not available.

OK, thanks anyway!

Hello, 1. is there a way to have-make a sitemap (for google) from this template? 2. is there a way to put tags on photos for google? 3. does the “future articles” section has the above capabilities (1. 2. ) my client really needs to be scanned PROPERLY by google.

thanks in advance


Tattoo Studio is a single page website template. So there is no need to make a sitemap.

You can’t add tags to background images or gallery images. It is impossible.

Hey Egemenerd,

really nice work. Thumbs up. But can you help to get the sub menu working? All steps in documentation (main menu in position sub menu, home button as single article) done, but it still doesn’t work. Even your help here doesn’t help a lot.

If you want to take a look:

Thanks in advance.

Greets Nico


I don’t see any problem. There is a sub menu item (featured articles) on your website…


the point with ‘featured article’ and the back button works now.

But what I have to do so the picture thing will work on ‘featured articles’? This slide with some information about the article.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I bought the Joomla/tattoo-framework and YES, I found all the necessary documentation, delivered with the package and also here to solve all my installation problems. This package makes Joomla much easier to administrate your website. Thanks Tom

Thank you very much