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Before purchasing this beautiful theme, a quick question: is there an easy and fast way to make the slider images ‘clickable’, i.e. to have mobile users reach a specific page if they ‘touch’ the slider image, in case they miss the menu? Thanks!

Sorry but no, there isn’t any feature like that

Ok thanks, pity ‘bout that anyway… :(


Can you make a field and option in the home slider area to make the headline of the slider hyperlinked and a checkbox to open the link to a new window / target _blank?

Some links I will want to open in the same window and others open in a new window/tab.

I would like the title that is used on the lower left side of the slide to take people to a url of my choice for each slide.

If this can’t be a standard feature please let me know how much you would charge me for a edit for my use.

Thanks, Richard Wing 623-505-6302 skype – richardwing

Thanks I just found that and was coming back to say so here. thanks. Sorry for the trouble. You must have just made that post as its dated today. :) Thanks again for your help.

You’re welcome :)

What is the method to link to an artists portfolio if we follow the directions here to have custom portfolio buttons. Basically how do I build a artists link to his portfolio when I have custom portfolio buttons set as instructed on this page. http://help.wp4life.com/2014/02/05/how-to-add-custom-portfolio-buttons-to-artists/

I have a need for some custom links and others linking to a portfolio. I hop that makes sense.

It does the same thing when I change the columns to single column for the edit page. http://screencast.com/t/az0LJ4H7m

You should use single quotation marks ( ’ ) in the code, not double ( ” ). Please look at the article again;


1) Delete everything in the description field

2) Click Update

3) Add correct code

4) Click Update and try again

Thank you again so much!!!


apps2go Purchased

Hi there I am having issues migrating a site using tattoo studio theme. I’ve migrated many sites before, so I’m not sure what the issue is…... everything is working besides the home slider. All slides are there in the back end and have added featured images but all I am getting is the loading animation when I attempt to load the page…... Any suggestions?


There should be a javascript issue. Deactivate all your plugins and try again. If it still doesn’t work, please send me your wordpress admin link, username and password via contact form on my profile page.


apps2go Purchased

Yes that was my first thought but it didnt work. I’m trying a couple more things. What is really weird is when I open the site on an iphone or load it in a small browser window on my mac (to simulate a mobile device) the slider loads and shows the first picture but wont auto play the slide show even though it is checked to do so. I am going to try and new install of wordpress and and new install of the theme try the slider. If it works then I will import my previous data. If that doesnt work I’ll send you login credentials and let you have a look. Cheers Josh

Hi, I”m considering this theme it’s so pretty. Can I designate the width and position of the content box? I also see there is no option for social media buttons or sidebar/footer feeds – am I seeing correctly or does this theme actually provide that as an option?

Hi, I”m considering this theme it’s so pretty. Can I designate the width and position of the content box? I also see there is no option for social media buttons or sidebar/footer feeds – am I seeing correctly or does this theme actually provide that as an option?

Is it possible to directly link to an artists portfolio page?


apps2go Purchased

HI there. I am wondering if you can point me in the direction in the stylesheet where I can change the colour of the divider that you can place in pages with the divider short code? I have been playing with colours, and have changed the theme from a black background theme to white, and having an issue with the left part of the divider not showing on mobile devices. I am assuming its because its white and its trying to show up on a white back ground. Any ideas?

Thanks Josh


apps2go Purchased

Should I be looking in the css stylesheet for it? If so what section? I cant seem to find it :/


apps2go Purchased

OK figured it out. Thanks for the quick reply!

You’re welcome :)

Can I designate the width and position of the content box?

Is there social media share buttons option for the homepage?

Are there sidebar options?

Site looks incredibly beautiful. Just one question before purchasing: do I have the ability to create an online store? In addition to creating artwork I also sell merchandise. Thanks!

No,sorry. Tattoo Studio isn’t compatible with woocommerce or any other ecommerce plugin.

thx for the quick reply. Let me know if you ever add it as a feature!

How do I fix my site from crashing when you view a portfolio in Apple Safari. Whenever a person with an iphone tries to view a portfolio the browser app crashes. Please advise?

I figured out prior to your comment that if I remove some of the images from that portfolio it wouldnt crash. will your suggested fix allow me to add back in all the images I had set for that artists portfolio?

Hi, first of all thanks for your amazing theme. I might be stupid but i’m encountering a big problem, every time i try to change the header logo or background image then click save, if i reload the page i always get the default gothic letters logo and black background. could you help me please ?


1) Deactivate all your other plugins and try again. If you are using a caching plugin, delete all cached pages.

2) There may be a problem on your browser. Try to clear your browser’s cache; http://help.wp4life.com/2014/02/27/how-to-clear-your-browsers-cache/

3) There may be a problem on your server settings (folder permissions). You should contact your hosting provider.

If problem still persists, please send me your wordpress admin panel link, username and password via contact form on my profile page.

We have a question, to complete our requierements before purchasing this template. We need it to be compatible with WPML plugin, because we need to be able to increase the number of different languages whenever asked to do so.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry but it is not compatible with wpml plugin.

Pre Sale question, Is your theme is coming with a .xml or any demo quickinstall? Thanks


Yes, there is a demo xml file in the download.Please look at the help documentation after purchasing the theme;


quick prepurchase question

id like to know if it is possible to add a contact number to the top right of the homepage aligned to the right and in line with the menu? and if so, is it easy to do?


ps theme looks smart by the way! :)


Sorry but no. There isn’t any option like that.

custom css/js ?

Of course it is possible with customization but it is not included in theme price. If you don’t have enough html,css etc. knowledge, you should buy a customization service after purchasing the theme; http://help.wp4life.com/need-a-customization/

in the live demo the site is not responsive

I don’t see any problem on the demo. Try to change window size manually; http://tattoo-wp.wp4life.com/

Hello , I do not see the images gallery . Why? in backend I see then when the public do not see the page images . thanks


I don’t see any purchase data on your profile. You should send me your purchase code and your website link via contact form on my profile page;


Is there a testimonials shortcode I can add to the content so they show up on a short page template under the content?

No,there isn’t any testimonials shortcode

can you please have a look at www.kostastattoo.com.cy ? the menu comes in very late.