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looks and feels great :)

Thank you John for your perfect work :)

Thanks buddy

Wow, this theme is amazing and i really am considering purchasing but one question tho, would this theme be alright to use as a tutorial site, rather than a portfolio as im after creating one and this style fits perfectly!

Also is there a wordpress version?

Thank you

Hi Shawmiester,

Thank you for your comment, we really appreciate it!

This theme can be used for every need you see reasonable, even if it is for tutorial site or news magazine. You may consult to other designers if this fits best to your needs.

The WP Version will be released soon, its matter of days (maybe two or three weeks).

Nice stuff Good luck for sales ;)

Thank you, lets hope for it!

Damn, I just brought the psd version of this _

Sorry to hear that, because the HTML version is listed under another profile :(

I just tested this theme with Javascript disabled and looks great, except for the header popup menu, which is not shown. With Javascript on, when hovering over Blog it shows the popup menu but if Javascript is disabled no menu is shown. Any easy way to fix this?

Hi smartins,

Thanks for your suggestions. We will fix this issue in the next update.


I would really appreciate it if you can find a valid PHP contact form that works with your design. I tried to look for some, but the integration is harder then I thought and I would like to use AJAX success div that you provided in the layout. Can you create this for me?


I’m waiting for the Wordpress Theme… C’mon. I need it!

Hi demstudio,

We are on development process of Tauno WP edition, and it will come online very soon. Please follow us and you’ll see the new WP version on Envato account homepage

We have applied for WP version if everything is fine i next 24 you can purchase, thank you for patience.

I added 41 elements and now it freezes when switching categories in the portfolio page with no error.

The float also look out of place when you have divs of different sizes.

Please use isotope instead of quicksand in the future, it positions much better and also sorts better.

Now I have to convert that on my own…sigh

Hi winterlighting

I didn’t knew that Isotope sorter is better than quicksand, I have learned this from you. I will switch these plugins in the next update. I am sorry for errors, if you want to know anything else I would be pleased.

Thanks for purchasing this theme

are you going to add some gallery template?

Hi, a gallery template is planned to be included in a future update. Thanks for the purchase.

Hi, have been keeping an eye out for the WP theme for a while now, any indication for a release date yet? Noticed the comments above said you were aiming to get it out a couple of months ago? Would really like to purchase this theme and get started on a site but if the WP version isn’t far off I will wait. Thanks.

We have applied for WP version if everything is fine i next 24 you can purchase, thank you for patience.

As said above, any news on a WP version? Thanks

We have applied for WP version if everything is fine i next 24 you can purchase, thank you for patience.


Probably a stupid question, but do I need to add a captcha to the contact form, and if so, how do I do it. I have used a few different types but they all cause the form to freeze.


Hi, I have question regarding playing videos. Is there any way to stop slider to go to next video after playing one? For example, my first video is 5mins long and slider only displays first few seconds before skipping to next one….

thank you

Hi, I cannot get contact form to work, could you please let me know how to set it up to message go to my email adress. Thank you

Great Theme, but got a problem with quicksand and Prettyphoto Js. when use quicksand to my portfolio and later try to preview a image. PrettyPhoto is off, don’t show the box with the image.

How can a fix that?


How is the WordPress coming along? I noticed it was mentioned.

would also be interested in a WP version of this great theme! any news?