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Looks great! Good luck.


Thank you very much :)

Hi, I’m looking for the instructions for implementing the ‘Mobile/Desktop’ switcher on the home page. I can’t find it in the help file.

Thanks! Mike


Hi mmiikkeeyy,

Please open js/misc.js

Go to line 46 and edit
Append this command
window.location = 'http://www.yourdomain.com'; // replace 'http://www.yourdomain.com' ( within quotes ), with the url you want to open.

Thanks for purchase


Thanks! I haven’t had a chance to try it out but I’m hopeful all will be good.

Hi, me again…I’m trying to implement the contact form and I can’t find any documentation. The input field and stuff is there in the html but it’s not linked to anything. I’m probably missing something.

Thanks, this looks great! On some pages I get a “loading” message that sticks and freezes my screen. I cannot reload or refresh – it just sorta sits there. Any ideas? I am guessing it is some conflict with a .js file…

Otherwise this all works fantastic.

Hi, I’m planning on finishing up the website tomorrow and I’m hoping you can provide the contact functionality info.


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Heyy, hope all is well. I am kind of confused with the append part. I actually added that code to enable the switch to mobile/desktop and when I added the window location command right after the line 46 command, when entering the domain, it automatically forwards you to the desktop and never loads the mobile version. Please help, thank you very much


Please, I would like to visit your web site if you can mail me and tell me the details what kind of function you are using to switch between desktop/mobile.

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Nice code! Thanks.

I have some issues with adding checkboxes or other form elements besides text input types.

Here are some screenshots to indicate what I mean:

Hopefully you can give me some indicators where to start to get this looking a bit better. I was messing now with span with margins around the text next to the checkmarks, but that is nasty of course.

Cheers, Ed

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No support to customers after a purchase? Some things are not documented on the app such as the switch from mobile to desktop button and a few others mentioned.

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I downloaded and unzipped and the gallery page keeps freezing up dreamweaver…. I am using cs4. anyone else having this problem… I tried unzipping the files with the windows unzip, unrar utility, and hamster…. I also downloaded twice…

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I also want to add that I am able to load up the pages in my browser but when clicking to reach another page I get an error loading page message in the top middle. What is up with this?

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Well the pages do link up when previewing in ie and firefox. but not chrome. all though your live demo functions fine in chrome. The gallery page still freezes my computer when trying to open in dreamweaver. It will display in a browser okay. Also noticed the site will navigate in chrome when the java script is disabled. Please put up a new version. Thanks!

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Okay since I got no help from these guys. I thought I would post the fix incase anyone else wants to edit this template with dreamweaver.

The problem is in the main.css The rule gallery-thumb-scroller had a width of 50000 px. this was causing dreamweaver to freeze up. I changed it to 5000 and worked fine.

also the navigation doesnt seem to work in chrome from preview mode in dreamweaver but when uploaded on to my server the navigation works perfect.

Template is good. Support is non-existent.

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never ending with this template. upon reloading or returning to the home page the header graphic with rotating images does not refresh properly it loads all the images on top of one another and doesn’t rotate.

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any idea as to why the home buttons don’t work on Chrome on an android phone? Tried with a different browser and all works fine. Also malyjeff’s problem about the rotating images and text being on top of each other when returning to the home page is also happening to me. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Awesome, very nice!;