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Hello, I have two pre-purchase questions.

This might sound simplistic, but is there a way to move the article title onto the picture (in the lower third) and make it, say white? I like that look. Also, can I make the front page without the one-post-per-category layout, so it just lists posts by date?

Thank you very much. Great work!



1. Not by default. It requires to add your own customization.

2. You can have any layout you want on your home page. You can find available layouts here: http://demo.tdwp.us/tdminimal/ http://demo.tdwp.us/tdminimal/home-example-2/

Yes, it display the recent blog posts sorted by date.

Thanks :)


Hello Taras, thanks for the super quick answer.

1. I am aware that this requires customization. Yet, since this is a rather expensive theme for ThemeForest (and the first I’d ever buy) and since you seem to already have employed the styles necessary in the front slider, would there be a chance for you to add the customization? I know I’m out on a branch here, but I would greatly appreciate the help. I’m not too good at HTML and CSS.

2. Great, thanks.

Thanks again!


If it requires only a simple css customization then sure I can help you (but not file modifications). Could you email me @ http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d and tell me more about the title customization. Then I can tell you if we can solve it with a simple css.

It’s weird that on the mobile device you have to click the + to work a dropdown, and there are down arrows next to the menu items that have dropdowns. It’s confusing to the user. Is there a way to just make it so when you click the menu item the drop down just goes down, without having to click the +?


Hello, Menu item may also have a link and when you click on it then it will redirect you to the different page. So, that’s why there is a ”+” button. If you want to change it then you need to do your own customization. Sorry but theme does not support it. Thanks.

What is the template file to edit for the Full Width blog template? I can’t figure it out and I am trying to make a child theme to make some adjustments. Thanks!


Hi, Could you email me @ http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d . Thanks.

strn Purchased

Hi Taras,

Love this theme!

Can you help me to get (some of the) portfolio items on the home page? It doesn’t work when I insert the portfolio value in the ‘category ID’.

Any suggestions?



Hello Maaike, Thank You for purchasing my theme. Could you please email me @ http://themeforest.net/user/taras_d . Thanks.