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neermind… just too much trouble “finding” things in this template, too many bugs, and template is not fast enough for the limited amount of actual content on the page it takes way too long to load.

Please contact me via PM

FYI : There is no bug and I can assure you everything is perfect, you just need to contact me first before writing such post here.


Well, I apologize that you cant take critical comments as well as “I love this product” comments.. When you incorporate other peoples work in your product you assume the “bugs” because people, like myself, have paid “you” and not them! There is way too many issues with this theme for me to list all.. but here is one for you.. You are using JA Framework right? Well when you get around to updating your template for Google Maps you should correct this for people who will update their JA Framework to the latest instead of older versions that you are selling with your template!

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Browser in /home/...../public_html/plugins/system/jat3/jat3/core/libs/Browser.php on line 139 

The ‘B’ should be lowercase ‘b’.. look in that folder and you will see there is another file that should be lowercase… hint.. PHP 4 and 5! Sure you can put the blame on JA, but ‘you’ are selling your template using their framework, then ‘you’ should make that fix.. ESPECIALLY in your quickstart. And as far as the template being slow.. I’m sorry but it is. The whole template is DJ Slider (some one else’s product), Skitter (some one else’s product), Google Maps plugin (some one else’s product), the rest of the template is just overkill making it even slower! This is MY opinion, and like I said before I’m sorry that I can come on and say “how great this template is”, but I would think you, as a coder/designer, should be able to take comments from people that would help you to better your product.. its called constructive criticism.
Hello. Please take a minute to read and acknowledge:
  • regarding JA Framework – you have to uninstall the JAT3 plugin and install the latest version. This fixes the problem. FYI : this is already very old well known issue I have documented this on my profile page and Google is already bored with it. I thank you for this report but it’s not my problem, it’s developer’s problem. I’ve updated my Quickstart and made sure everything is fine.
  • DNP Skitter is my baby mate, my hard work. (dnp_theme -> dnp module, aside from the original jQuery plugin)
  • The Technik Template is again my baby, one of a kind on the Internet.

In reply to your statement: “When you incorporate other peoples work in your product you assume the “bugs” because people, like myself, have paid “you” and not them!

Sorry I don’t assume anything, please read here why: You only pay for the template really. Everything else is optional. I cannot be blamed for someone’s else faults, it’s non sense. The template only extend it’s styling to make those third part extensions look MUCH better, and nothing more. I am not supposed to provide support for these third party OR fix their problems.

In reply to: “template is just overkill making it even slower” – I know, it’s slow because there are soo many things, indeed. But have you tried to minify and compress all the CSS and JS stuff? I’ve instructed some clients to do so and they said: “wow, magic!”. Did you try this? Another thing is: maybe you have some js conflict, this makes the site almost dead. I can help if so, don’t hesitate to contact me.

FYI : if you download and install the latest version of the Quickstart (except for the B instead of b issue with JAT3 ) everything else is perfect, so please stop making some false claims here. The “way too many issues with this theme for me” is really only for you. Just send me your site link and a Joomla admin, I will do the clean up, but you owe me then apologies and 5 Stars.

FYI : I love constructive criticism but your language is unnecessarily rude and offensive when I did my part to provide high quality templates and professional support in very very short time.

FYI : the future templates are going to be Framework Free with new technologies implemented and very light, so calm down mate, the future is bright!! I take the good part of your criticism and I thank you again for your time.

All best,


How can I add youtube video… When I use the regular way in an article (with old youtube code), the <object>...</object> is removed when I save the article…

You need to use JCE , as TinyMCE uses to strip some mark-up.

Yes, I do use JCE … when I paste the code and toggle the html view, I can see the frame object. When I save, the frame disappear and only the <param> codes are there. ;(

You have to ask for support at developer.

Just to let your users know… You have to remove “text filter” in the global configuration for the user you want to use html code… see :

Thanks for your finding Nguyen, appreciated !!

hello, I wanna buy this template, need to contact you.

Go ahead, here’s where you can get started


Great theme, and excellent design.

yeah…..Whats with this message: “Empty solution not allowed.” (When trying to create/register a new user)

The Administration Control Panel (ACP) has the following Captcha settings in various locations:

Global Configuration: ACP > Site > Global Configuration > Site tab > Default Captcha: Here there are 2 different options: (1) “- None Selected -” and (2) “Captcha – Recaptcha”
Contacts: ACP > Components > Contacts > Options > Form > Allow Captcha on Contact. Here there are 3 different options: (1) “- Use Default “, (2) “ None Selected -“ and (3) “Captcha – Recaptcha”.
Plug In: ACP > Extensions > Plug in Manager > Captcha – Recaptcha plug in: Here one needs to enable the plug in and insert their (1) Public Key and (2) Private Key obtained by registering at
User Manager: ACP > Users > User Manager > Options > Component > Captcha: Here there are 3 different options: (1) “- Use Default “ (2) “ None Selected -“ and (3) “Captcha – Recaptcha”

...Too bad none of those setttings worked out for me. When I disabled the captcha plugin, the site gets broken.

Should I just disable all captchas?

Losing too much time on this =] Appreciate your help, and appreciate your work thus far!

All this is not related to my template. You can ask such questions in the Joomla forum.

Maybe you have a javascript conflict and captcha cannot open as it is javascript driven object. I can help in this case.

In other words, does your server comply with Joomla Minimum Requirements?

Oh- I forgot to mention something strange.

Every time I create a new menu item, to an existing page I get this 404.

....What’s up with that? by the way, Im not a novice with Joomla. I’ve never seen this before, and I dont have SEF URL enabled or apache-rewrite, etc.

An error has occurred. Sorry but the page cannot be found!

This page does not exist because it was recently deleted or maybe you typed a wrong address. Please check the spelling and try again or…

This is pretty nasty one, can you please confirm this happens with another template, if it does, please ask for support at developer, Joomla forum. Thanks

Wow thanks for pointing me to the Joomla forum, thats about as useful as telling me I have an error lol

It keeps happening, and sadly, you’re no help !

Did you try another template? If the same error occurs, it’s not my fault, maybe your server does not comply. So for Joomla related issues you go to Joomla developers for help.

Another thing is: you are not allowed to change that to Designed by Boston Web Group, please check documentation.

Hi, Custom file. Where can I add a call for a custom css file ? Tried to put it in the \css directory, can see my css file in the “Template Manager: Customise Template” but no effect.

Thank you.

Thanks, I solved the problems on my own.

Im getting a skitter error, its saying: “error loading images. One or more images cant be found”

The images are there, and this happened out of no where when I was disabling some of the lower modules.

Reminds me of a yootheme where you cannot disable the main article or the whole template breaks.

PS: Hoping you can say something better than “go check joomla forums”

lol thanks in advance.

Why don’t you contact me via PM and solve things out?

Hi, great template..

I want to ask, if it support rtl ????


You are so lucky, Technik is perhaps the only on Themeforest with almost all it’s features RTL .


DJ Image slider doesn’t show correctly on Chrome but it shows correctly. Checkout the link below in Chrome and you will notice office image slider on right hand side is misaligned.

I also had a chat with DJ image slider guy and he is saying there is something wrong with your template positions.

Could you kindly advice me on this.

Please contact me via PM for support. Thanks

Great theme but we have found a small bug in Safari 5. The News Show Pro GK4 header on the home page seems to ‘stick’ and only the text slides from left to right when you click the next and previous buttons. Anyway to fix it?

Your support request should go via PM. Thanks

Hi, first of all i would like to commend you and your designers for creating such a great site and designs for everyone to use. I need your help, although the website is running great I recieved this error in the admin panel..

“Model class cpanelModelCpanel not found in file”

Can you assist me with this please…

Thank you,

That’s no big deal, please contact me via PM, Thanks

Actually It kinda fixed itself when I updated the Framework… awesome.. BTW need to PM you I’m new at this.. I don’t know how.. :-)

Is this Template planed to be updated to Joomla 3.0.2 ?

I have in plan updates but hard to know an exact date.

Hi I can count on help in the installation of Russian fonts?

sorry but your last answer not see correctly

OK, now you purchased, now you can contact me via PM for support.

ok, thank you

Thank you for an outstanding template and your support has been sensational! Keep up the good work! :D

Thank you, enjoy :)

Where i can get this font from this template can’t find anywhere and when i be on 3.2 joomla?

Please contact me via PM for support. Thanks

i contact you via PM get no answer till now. And have trouble with multi-language on this template

I replied. You should consider checking your SPAM folder and take into account time zones. Also please acknowledge the support terms.

The contact us page on the demo looks funny, I know I saw the GoogleMap there.. what happened?

The contact form seems fine, well they deprecated GMaps API and now we should find newer versions of the GMaps plugin.

aaaah.. gotcha.. thanks

Please make Responsive and 3.2. Great Job!

Thanks man ;)